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Domino Records


Adem (2006)

Launch Yourself
Appealingly gentle folk electronica on second single from second album from the under-rated Adem

Adem (2004)

Ringing In My Ear
Melancholic folk-inspired rock from former Fridge bassist and London-based home recorder , Adem, whose debut album 'Homesongs' has proved to be one of the albums of the year

Adem (2004)

Excellent debut album from former Fridge star now-turned singer-songwriter Adem Ilhan, on which he merges acoustic music with electronica

Animal Collective (2007)

Splendid new single from the Animal Collective, the first on Domino Records

Animal Collective (2009)

My Girls
Enthralling, long overdue breakthrough single for New York-based electro pioneers, Animal Collective

Animal Collective (2009)

Merriweather Post Pavilion
Vibrant eighth album from Baltimore-based avant-garde act Animal Collective, upon which while they have not compromised their experimental sound proves to be their most accessible and commercial release to date

Animal Collective (2007)

Strawberry Jam
Fantastic collection of warped psychedelic folk-pop on latest album from the critically praised Animal Collective

Anna Calvi (2011)

Anna Calvi
Captivating and distinctive eponymous debut album from timeless-sounding London-based singer-songwriter, Anna Calvi

Archie Bronson Outfit (2010)

Accomplished third album from London band the Archie Bronson Outfit which finds them moving away from their garage rock roots and in a more experimental direction

Archie Bronson Outfit (2007)

Dart for My Sweetheart
Enjoyable but hardly essential reissue of garage rock trio the Archie Bronston Outfit's 'Dart for My Sweetheart' single, re-released to coincide with a British tour

Archie Bronson Outfit (2006)

Dart For My Sweetheart
New single from West Country garage blues band the Archie Bronson Outfit, which finds its dull A side far outclassed by its two B sides

Archie Bronson Outfit (2006)

Cherry Lips
Rollicking 60's-influenced garage rock from the Archie Bronson Outfit on latest single from their excellent 'Derdang Derdang' album

Archie Bronson Outfit (2010)

Shark's Tooth
Instantly addictive latest single, the first from their forthcoming second album, from London-based psychedelic/dance trio, the Archie Bronson Outfit

Arctic Monkeys (2009)

Challenging third album from the Arctic Monkeys, which finds them growing out of and far beyond the upbeat indie tunes of their beginnings

Arctic Monkeys (2006)

When The Sun Goes Down
Appealing, articulate latest single from the Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys (2007)

Favourite Worst Nightmare
Engaging second album of Northern cynicism from Sheffield group the Arctic Monkeys, which succesfully surpasses all of its massive hype

Arctic Monkeys (2007)

Fluorescent Adolescent
Appealing latest single from bestselling Sheffield group the Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys (2011)

Suck it and See
Respectable, yet faintly uninspired retro pop on fourth album from the Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys (2013)

Hyperactive but forgettable fifth album from the much acclaimed Arctic Monkeys

Austra (2011)

Feel It Break
Dramatic and epic-sounding new wave electronica on debut album from Toronto-based act Austra, the project of opera-trained singer Katie Stelmanis

Austra (2013)

Uninspiring and tediously dull second album of disco pop from once promising Toronto-based electronic act, Austra

Beautiful New Born Children (2005)

Hey People
Lo-fi garage punk on debut album from new German band Beautiful New Born Children, whose main members can usually be found making electro music

Benjy Ferree (2010)

Come to the Five and Dime Bobby Dee Bobby Dee
Unique-sounding second album from soprano-voiced Washington DC-based singer-songwriter Benjy Ferree, which takes its inspiration from the story of tragic child actor, Benjy Ferree.

Blood Orange (2011)

Coastal Grooves
Fabulous debut album from Blood Orange, the side project of Dev Hynes of Lightspeed Champion

Bonde De Role (2007)

Office Boy
Surprisingly enjoyable multi-mixed new single from Portugese-based dance act and recent Domino signing, Bonde Do Role

Bonde Do Role (2007)

Solta O Frango
Anthemic singalong from Portugese electronic rockers bound to end up soundtracking every football programme imaginable

Bonnie Prince Billy (2007)

Cold and Wet
Amblingly enjoyable new single from the much acclaimed Bonnie Prince Billy

Bonnie Prince Billy (2001)

Ease Down The Road
What can I say about the ever-prolific Will Oldham which hasn't already been said? As usual. his new album is a complete stunner, but is also easily his most joyous. Oldham's last full length 'I S

Bonnie Prince Billy (2011)

Wolfroy Goes to Town
Unflatteringly-titled and covered, but heartbreaking and profoundly moving latest album from Bonnie Prince Billy, which proves to be one of his greatest works

Bonnie Prince Billy (2009)

Surprisingly vibrant new album from Will Oldham, under his moniker of Bonnie Prince Billy, which, while losing none of his usual darkness, proves to be more hopeful in its tone than his past work

Bonnie 'Prince 'Billy (2008)

Is It the Sea ?
Captivating melding of Appalachian country and Caledonian folk on new live album from the ever prolific Will Oldham, who for this album is playing under the mantle of his alter ego, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang (2010)

The Wonder Show of the World
Melancholic and heartfelt, but monotonous and dull folk/soul on latest album from Bonnie Prince Billy, one of the many monikers of the prolific Will Oldham

Bonnie Prince Billy/matt Sweeney (2005)

I Gave You
Bittersweet, understated and compelling new single from Will Oldham in his Bonnie 'Prince' Billy persona and guitarist Matt Sweeney

Cass Mccombs (2009)

Outstanding third album from Californian-based singer-songwriter, Cass McCombs, whose voice drawss comparisons with Roy Orbison

Cat Power (2024)

Cat Power Sings Dylan
Accomplished covers album from Cat Power, in which she recreates Bob Dylan’s famous 1966 concert at the Manchester Free Trade Hall

Chief (2010)

Modern Rituals
Dull and monotonous-sounding folk rock on debut album from New York-based band, Chief

Clearlake (2001)

I don’t think that I am pessimistic about the state of the modern music scene, unlike many people. Last year was a great year overall for music and I bought many albums that continue to impress (and I

Clearlake (2003)

Dark, mood-inducing indie rock on second album from Brighton's Clearlake, which, produced by former Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde, "establishes them as serious contenders for the reclamation of classic English pop"

Clinic (2007)

If You Could Read Your Mind
Neurotic, but pleasing latest single from the otherworldly Clinic

Clinic (2007)

Energetic and eclectic 10th anniversary collection of B-sides and curiosities from the ever inventive Clinic

Clinic (2008)

The Witch
Appealing first single from Liverpool electro act Clinic's forthcoming and excellent fifth album

Clinic (2010)

Epic and memorable psychedelic pop on sixth album from Liverpool-based group, Clinic

Clinic (2008)

Do It
Intense, but thoroughly appealing latest collection of psychedelia from the ever dysfunctional Clinic

Dirty Projectors (2010)

Bitte Orca
Attention-grabbing latest album from falsetto-voiced New York-based experimenal art rockers, Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors and Bjork (2011)

Mount Wittenberg Orca
Brief, but wonderful collaboration on seven track album between Bjork and equally eccentric Brooklyn-based band, Dirty Projectors

Elliot Smith (2010)

An Introduction to...Elliot Smith
Breathtaking and often surprising compilation album which succeeds in being the perfect guide to the career of the late American singer-songwriter and musician Elliot Smith

Elliott Smith (2004)

From A Basement On The Hill
Last studio album album from the late, great Elliott Smith, which while unfinished at the time of his death last year, shows itself to be "one of his most well rounded and focused works"

Eugene McGuinness (2008)

Eugene McGuinness
Introverted, but compelling lo-fi folk pop on first full-length album from Irish singer-songwriter, Eugene McGuinness

Fall (2010)

Your Future Our Clutter
Demanding and obtuse, but yet wonderful latest album from the Fall

FFS (2015)

Hit and miss album from FFS, a collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks

Four Tet (2008)

Ringer EP
Pleasant-on-the-ear, but repetitive and dull latest EP from the usually reliable Four Tet

Four Tet (2005)

Everything Ecstatic
Stunning follow-up to the classic 'Rounds' from leading light in the electronica scene, Four Tet

Four Tet (2006)

Delicious double CD compilation of remixes from Four Tet of other electronica-based acts such as Bloc Party and Pole

Four Tet (2010)

There is Love in You
Predictable, but accessible latest album from Four Tet, the much acclaimed project of former Fridge member Keiran Hebden

Four Tet (2001)

One thing that has to be said is that Kieran Hebden keeps himself busy! As a core member of Fridge and doing his own thing as FourTet, he has released two full lengths and at least 2 or 3 singles this

Francois and the Atlas Mountains (2012)

E Volo Love
Glorious third album, sung in both French and English, from Bordeaux-based based band Francois and The Atlas Mountains

Franz Ferdinand (2004)

Franz Ferdinand
Excellent debut album from the much acclaimed Franz Ferdinand, which more than lives up to the hype

Franz Ferdinand (2003)

Take Me Out
Strong second single from Glasgow hip makers Franz Ferdinand, which recalls the Teardrop Explodes

Franz Ferdinand (2005)

You Could Have It So Much Better
Uninspired and disappointingly mainstream second album from Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand (2009)

Turbulent dub reworking of Franz Ferdinand's recent 'Tonight : Franz Ferdinand' album, which finds the Glaswegians stretching imaginatively in a new direction

Franz Ferdinand (2009)

Radio-friendly, but strictly-by-routine first single from their new third album from Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand (2009)

Tonight : Franz Ferdinand
Innovative third album from Franz Ferdinand, upon which while they experiment with various genres, shows that that they have lost none of their ability to write superb pop tunes

Franz Ferdinand (2009)

No You Girls
Fine latest single single from Glaagow-based rockers, Franz Ferdinand

Hood (2001)

Home Is Where It Hurts
Those of you who have been reading the Pennyblackmusic magazine over the past few months may remember that I wrote a "Favorite Album" article about Hood's 'Cabled Linear Traction' LP. Hood covered a

Hood (2001)

Cold House
In a year where pop/rock music saw less play on my stereo than ever (this was a blinding year in d'n'b), one of my all time favorite bands came through not once, but twice. Earlier in the year, Hood

Hot Chip (2012)

In Our Head
Over polished and often soulless fifth album from much acclaimed London-based electronica band, Hot Chip

James Yorkston (2012)

I Was a Cat from the Book
Flawless sixth studio album from acclaimed Fife-based folk musician, James Yorkston

James Yorkston (2008)

Tortoise Regrets Hare
Understated and unlikely new single from folk-influenced Scottish singer-songwriter James Yorkston

James Yorkston (2008)

When the Haar Rolls In
Immaculate, matured folk rock on fourth album from James Yorkston, which proves to be his most accomplished recording to date

James Yorkston and the Big Eyes Family Players (2009)

Folk Songs
Outstanding covers album from Scottish folk artist James Yorkston and the Big Eyes Family Players, the project of Sheffield-based musician James Green, which collects together both some of the traditional and the skiffle songs that have inspired them

Junior Boys (2007)

So This Is Goodbye
Overtly melancholic and self-pitying debut album from Canadian bedroom electronic album Junior Boys, now re-released with an extra album of remixes

Junior Boys (2009)

Begone Dull Care
Diverse combination of electronica and rhythm and blues on third album from Ontario/Berlin-based duo, the Junior Boys

Kieran Hebden And Steve Reid (2008)

Chaotic, but compelling and rewarding third and allegedly final collaboration between electronic artist Kieran Hebden and American percussionist and jazz veteran Steve Reid

Kills (2008)

Cheap and Cheerful
Disappointingly mainstream second single from their forthcoming third album, 'Midnight Boom', from usally excellent punk/new wave duo the Kills

Kills (2008)

Last Day of Magic
Catchy and surprisingly commercial-sounding third single from their 'Midnight Boom' album for garage punk duo the Kills

Kills (2008)

Tape Song
Excitable and unpretentious new single from the Kills, which has been taken from their recent 'Midnight Boom' album

Kills (2008)

Midnight Boom
Pop-influenced, somewhat more commercial-sounding third album from abrasive lo-fi rockers, the Kills

Kills (2008)

URA Fever
Dark rock 'n' roll on stunning vinyl only new single from the Kills, which preceeds their third album which is due out in March

Kills (2002)

Black Rooster Ep
Debut EP from forceful new Portland group, strongly reminiscent of Sonic Youth, the Strokes and White Stripes

Kills (2003)

Keep On Your Mean Side
"Raw" debut offering from the Patti Smith and P.J. Harvey inspired Kills, who were Primal Scream’s main support band on their recent British tour

Kills (2005)

No Wow
Slightly unnecessary new single, taken from their 'No Wow' album, from London/New York anti-heroes The Kills

Kills (2005)

Love Is A Deserter
Strangely disappointing new single from the usually dependable Kills

Kills (2005)

No Wow
Second album from British-American duo the Kills, who have taken influences such as Warhol, the Beats, the Velvet Underground and Edie Sedgewick, and recaptured them into "a kind of cool that seems to now be missing"

King Creosote (2005)

Rocket D.i.y
King Creosote is more usually known as Kenny Anderson, of Fife’s Fence Collective. Fence is a ‘rag-tag amalgam of bands, DJs and solo artists’ whose numbers also include Lone Pigeon and folk troubadou

King Creosote (2009)

Flick the Vs
Overtly morose and eventually tedious electro-infused acoustic folk on latest album from King Creosote

Last Shadow Puppets (2008)

The Age of the Understatement
Faithful yet captivating 60s'influenced debut album from Last Shadow Puppets, the side project of the Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner

Last Shadow Puppets (2008)

My Mistakes Were Made For You
Melancholic, but dull and forgettable third single from the Last Shadow Puppets' much acclaimed and hyped debut album

Lightspeed Champion (2007)

Midnight Surprise
Fantastic single of loved-up, violin drenched, acoustic pop from Lightspeed Champion, the new project of former Test Icicles star Dev Hynes

Lightspeed Champion (2008)

Falling Off The Lavender Bridge
Powerful and addictiver debut album from Lightspeed Champion, the moniker for former Test Icicle Dev Hynes, who combines seductive melodies with downbeat lyricism on a par with Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave

Lightspeed Champion (2010)

Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You
Theatrical, first-rate second album from Lightspeed Champion, the project of Dev Hynes, which sounds like the soundtrack to a classic lost 70's musical

Magnetic Fields (2012)

Love at the Bottom of the Sea
Stunning tenth album from Magnetic Fields, which finds Stephin Merritt returning to the synthesizer sounds of his earlier records

Matt Elliott (2003)

Mess We Made
Haunting, disorientating solo debut album from former Third Eye Foundation frontman, Matt Elliott, the Marilyn Manson of post-rock

Max Tundra (2001)

Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be
Max Tundra is an oddball who has had releases on most of the UK's prestigious labels. His reputation within the maverick music-industry as the Wizard of Oz is confirmed on his debut for the Domino l

Max Tundra (2002)

Surprisingly radio friendly new single from electronics wizard, Max Tundra

Max Tundra (2008)

Parallax Error Beheads You
Fabulously rich pastiche of eurodisco ditties and off-kilter top-40 music on first album in six years from American electronic artist and humorist, Max Tundra

Max Tundra (2008)

Will Get Fooled Again
Strong new single from the ever experimental and distinctive Max Tundra, which does not appear to be especially clever at first but which only turns out to be after repeated plays.

Movietone (2001)

The Blossom Filled Streets
The care put into the making of the album is obvious. Maybe there's a hippie-appeal to it but it's best described as tender, warm and humid, if the latter can be said of a gramophone record. "The Blo

Movietone (2003)

Sand And The Stars
Subdued, relaxed rock from Bristol's Movietone, portions of which were written on a beach under the stars, whose quietness is its very power

Neutral Milk Hotel (2005)

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Timely re-release for Neutral Milk Hotel's 1998 album, 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea', which has been an influence on the likes of Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand and Caribou

Owen Pallett (2010)

Orchestral and melancholic first solo album for Final Fantasy man Owen Pallett, which reveals a new seriousness

Pajo (2005)

First album under his own moniker for former Slint, Papa M and Tortoise guitartst David Pajo, which finds him putting aside some of the abtractness of his past work, but also in the process laying "claim to be a great songwriter"

Patrick Watson (2012)

Adventures in Your Own Backyard
Introspective, but uninspiring fourth album from Montreal-based singer-songwriter, Patrick Watson

Pavement (2006)

Wowee Zowee : Sordid Sentinels edition
Impressive extended double CD version of Pavement's classic 1995 album, 'Wowee Zowee'

Pavement (2010)

Quarantine the Past:The Best of Pavement
Fine compilation from the influential Pavement, which provides a wonderful taster for the reformed group's forthcoming ATP and summer shows

Pram (2001)

Museum Of Imaginary Animals
If Pram ever decided to name an album 'Music Has The Right To Children', it would be justified. With Pram doing the educating, your kids would definitely grow up decently. Pram's second album is not

Pram (2007)

The Moving Frontier
Minimal, but appealing jazz-orientated electronica on the latest album from the much rated Pram

Pram (2008)

Prisoner of the 7 Pines
Somewhat dull and unnecessary collection of remixes from Birmingham-based elecronic group, Pram

Psapp (2007)

Tiger, My Friend
Catchy and quirky indiepop on reissue of 2005 debut album from British/German electronic duo, Psaap

Pyramids (2007)

Hunch Your Body Love Somebody
Tuneless debut single from the Pyramids, the side project of vocalist/guitarist S. Windett and drummer Arp from the Archie Bronson Outfit

Pyramids (2008)

Enjoyable psychedelic garage rock from the Pyramids, the side project of the Archie Bronson Outfit's Sam Windett and Mark Clevelkand, which nevertheless sounds a little too much the same as their main group

Quasi (2010)

American Gong
Exuberant and imaginative indie rock on tenth album from Quasi, the other project of Built to Spill guitarist Sam Coomes, and Janet Weiss, the drummer for both Sleater Kinney and Stephen Malkmus

Real Estate (2011)

Relaxed, but hypnotic and compelling second album from New Jersey-based indie pop trio, Real Estate

Robert Wyatt (2007)

First album in over four years and debut album on the Domino label from former Soft Machine vocalist and the increasingly less than prolific Robert Wyatt which proves itself to have been worth the long wait

Robert Wyatt (2014)

Different Every Time
Definitive double CD compilation from eccentric but brilliant English singer-songwriter, Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt and Bertrand Burgalat (2008)

This Summer Night
Joyous old time soul on new single from Robert Wyatt, who has teamed up with French composer and musician, Bernard Burgalat

Royal Trux (2018)

Live - Platinum Tips + Ice Cream
Excellent live 'best of' from Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema who after fifteen years apart reformed Royal Trux for gigs in New York and LA.

Sebadoh (2007)

The Freed Man
Rambling and ragged, but stimulating re-release with extra tracks of spearheads of the lo-fi movement Sebadoh's mid 1990's album, 'The Freed Man'

Smog (2005)

A River Ain't Too Much To Love
Lyrically engaging latest album from Bill Callahan aka Smog, which deserves to be regarded as one of the his best

Sons And Daughters (2007)

Gilt Complex
Driving psychedela on celebrity culture-bashing new single from Glaswegian rock/pop outfit Sons and Daughters

Sons And Daughters (2008)

This Gift
Superb, reto-influenced third album from Glaswegian electronica quintet, Sons and Daughters, have toughened up their sound so that they now sound like a Gothic version of the Shangri-La's

Sons And Daughters (2008)

This Gift
Dark and surf-rockabilly influenced latest single from Sons and Daughters, taken from their bestselling album of the same name

Sons And Daughters (2011)

Mirror, Mirror
Bleak and introspective, yet rewarding latest album from Scottish band, Sons and Daughters

Stephen Malkmus (2008)

Real Emotional Trash
Great, thoroughly enjoyable pop-rock on fine fourth solo album from former Pavement star, Stepehn Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus (2005)

Face The Truth
Characteristically lo-fi and bitterly laconic latest solo album from former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus (2003)

Pig Lib
Slick second solo album from former Pavement star, Stephen Malkmus, which, while "full of wacky surprises", also manages to remain "pretty conventional"

Stephen Malkmus (2001)

Stephen Malkus
Despite being heralded as the new R.E.M, Pavement called it a day last year. Yours truly was the first person ever outside the US to join their fanclub. It was a juvenile sin, but I have no regrets

Stephen Malkmus (2020)

Traditional Technqiues
Stunning return to form from former Pavement front man who is aided by critically acclaimed guitarist Matt Sweeney

Stephen Malkmus (2014)

Wig Out at Jagbags
Eccentric but wonderful return to form on sixth album from ex-Pavement front man Stephen Malkmus and his present band the Jicks

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks (2011)

Minor Traffic
Fiery and disorientating new album from Stephen Malkmus and his current band the Jicks, which while embracing the new and the unexplored, never quite escapes his past with Pavement

Stephin Merritt (2011)

Splendid collection of rarities and unreleased tracks from the last twenty years from Magnetic Fields' front man, Stephin Merritt

Television Personalities (2006)

My Dark Places
Stunning first album in 11 years from the Television Personalities, which finds frontman Dan Treacy after a spell in prison still emotionally scarred but back on top songwriting form

To Rococo Rot (2010)

Accessible electronica on eighth album from experimental and continously evolving Dusseldorf-based trio To Rococo Rot

To Rococo Rot (2004)

Hotel Morgen
Futuristic and worthy fifth album from much-acclaimed post-rockers, To Rococo Rot, which finds them returning to their art-school experimental sensibilities, and examining the concept of travel

To Rococo Rot (2007)

Soft-edged, but innovative new mini album from experimental German trio To Rococo Rot which takes its inspiration from the 50th anniversary of the Helvetica typing and computer font

Tortoise And Bonnie Prince Billy (2005)

Brave And The Bold
Surprisingly ill-advised and ill-executed collection of covers on joint collaboration from the usually more reliable Bonnie Prince and Tortoise

Tricky (2009)

Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew
Sublime reworking of trip hop star Tricky's 2008 album 'Knowle West Boy' by American production duo South Rakkas Crew into upbeat dance numbers

Tricky (2008)

Knowle West Boy
Pulsingly creative and versatile comeback album from Bristol trip hop artist, Tricky, which named after his birth place and merging hip hop, punk and rock, shows itself to be an excellent night time record

Triffids (2010)

Wide Open Road: The Best of the Triffids
Excellent compilation and also introduction to highly regarded 80's Australian band the Triffids

Various (2010)

Black Hole (Californian Punk 1977-80)
Fascinating 26 track compilation of first wave of well known and obscure 1970's Californian punk acts, compiled together by music journalist Jon Savage

Various (2007)

Hallam Foe : The Original Soundtrack
Dull soundtrack album to new Jamie Bell film 'Hallam Foe', which features acts such as Orange Juice, Blueboy, Sons and Daighters, Woodbine and the Bill Wells Trio

Various (2008)

Dreams Come True (Classic First Wave Electro 1982-87)
Classy collection of botgh well-known and more obscure 80's electronica, compiled together by music journalist and author of 'England's Dreaming' Jon Savage

Villagers (2010)

Becoming a Jackal
Extraordinary and dizzying pop on stunning debut album from Irish act, Villagers

Von Sudenfed (2007)

The Rhinohead
Catchy, but tense-sounding second single from Von Sudenfed, the project of German techno/trance outfit Mouse on Mars and the Fall's Mark E Smith

Von Sudenfed (2007)

Fledermaus Can't Get It
Dance-orientated vinyl only first single from Von Sudenfed, the new project of the Fall's Mark E Smith and Mouse on Mars

Von Sudenfed (2007)

Tromatic Reflexxions
Intriguing, but somewhat hit and miss electronic collaboration between the Fall's Mark E. Smith and Mouse on Mars' Andi Thoma and Jan St Werner

Wierd War (2002)

Wierd War
"Very welcome" union in new project of former Royal Trux punk guitarist Neil Michael Hagerty with bassist Michelle Mae and vocalist Ian Svenonius, both from R&B soul insurrectionists the Make-Up

Wild Beasts (2008)

Limbo, Panto
Operatic and often carefreeingly daft, but enjoyable debut album from new indie outfit, the Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts (2011)

Ezquisite-sounding, yet imperfect third album from the Mercury Prize-nominated Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts (2009)

Two Dancers
Inventive-sounding pop on quicly released second album from Cumbria-formed indie guitar group, Wild Beasts

Will Oldham (2001)

Guarapero : Lost Blues 2
Guarapero Lost Blues 2 is the companion to the Palace Music singles released a few years ago called: Lost Blues (and other songs). Guarapero is essentially Volume 2 in what may prove to be a running s

Wyatt, Atzmon and Stephen (2010)

For the Ghosts Within
Unusual, but totally enthralling jazz collaboration between former Soft Machine frontman Robert Wyatt, sxaophonist Gilad Atzmon and violinist Ros Stephen

Yo Majesty (2008)

Club Action EP
Explicit hyperventilating hiphop on new EP from much hyped lesbian Afro-American trio, Yo Majesty !

Yo Majesty (2008)

Futuristically Speaking...Never Be Afraid
Intelligent hip hop from on debut album from Florida-based duo Yo Majesty, which, in spite of the hype and controversy surrounding them for being Christian lesbians, proves to be a breath of fresh air

Yo Majesty (2008)

Club Action
Winning collection of vinyl remixes of their last single from controversial American lesbian Christian hip hop act Yo ! Majesty

Young Marble Giants (2007)

Colossal Youth
Superb reissue on Domino Records of Young Marble Giants' seminal only album , which comes with a whole extra CD of tracks



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