Pennyblackmusic Presents: Johny Brown (Band of Holy Joy) - With Hector Gannet and Andy Thompson @The Water Rats, London, Saturday 25, May, 2024

Headlining are Johny Brown (Band of Holy Joy) With support from Hector Gannet And Andy Thompson
Hosted at the Water Rats London , Saturday 25th May, 2024. Doors open 7:30pm. First band on at 8:00pm; Admission £15 on the door or £12 in advance from We got Tickets
Located at ....... Click here to view in Goggle Maps We look forward to seeing you on the night. For more information Click here

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Maarten Schiethart


Maarten Schiethart finds the new documentary by Anton Corbijn ‘Squaring The Circle' about the Hipgnosis sleeve design company striking.

Hardcore Never Dies
Lee "Scratch" Perry
Toots Hibbert

Maarten Schiethart introduces us to an unusual Dutch crime drama set against a 1990s hardcore rave backdrop.
Maarten Schiethart looks back on the life and career of Jamaican producer and musician Lee "Scratch" Perry who died in August.
Maarten Schiethart highlights some of his favourite 7 inch and 12 inch releases of the year.
Maarten Schiethart reflects upon the life of pioneering reggae artist Toots Hibbert, who died in September.

Live Reviews

Ergo Phizmiz - Arcola Theatre, London, 16./8/2015

Ergo Phizmiz
Maarten Schiethart enjoys avant-garde musician Ergo Phizmiz's offbeat and surreal opera about Salvador Dali at the Arcola Theatre in London

Melt Banana

Triple bill! Me, Rah Bras, both pretty crap, and then the long awaited debut on a Nijmegen stage of Melt Banana. One of the most innovative bands of the decade, Melt Banana released the impressive 'Teeny Shiny' earlier in the year which hinted at an occa

Favourite Albums

Andreas Dorau
Anthony Moore
Ty Segall

Andreas Dorau's re-released 2005 LP finally makes sense to Maarten Schiethart
Maarten Schiethart finds that, while receiving lukewarm reviews at the time, Anthony Moore's 1979 now seminal solo album 'Flying Doesn't Help' strikes hard after over forty years.
Maarten Schiethart examines unfathomable King of Garage Punk Pop Ty Segall's thirteenth album, which was released at the end of last year.


Profile-Scene is Now

Elliott Smith

Bohemian New York art rockers The Scene is now have released just four albums in their 24 year history. Maarten Schiethart looks back over their erratic career, and examines their latest album, 'Songbirds Lie'
Maarten Schiethart pays a personal tribute to the American singer-songwriter, Elliott Smith, who died in October

Joy Zipper

Not available from Pennyblackmusic, but still definitely worth checking out, Joy Zipper's lo-fi second album 'American Whip' is the latest release of David Holmes' 13 Amp records. Maarten Schiethart writes about one of the early great albums of the year
Rataplan is an alternative Dutch radio station which specialises in playing independent and dance music, and that transmits from the town of Nijmegen in the South East of the Netherlands. Its radio


Chouk Bwa and The Ångströmers

Haïtian big band trance frenzy on second album from Chouk Bwa and The Ångströmers
Splashing dream-pop on third album which proves a change of direction for Spanish group Melenas
With personnel changes German supergroup Automat's fifth album proves dull and unimaginative
Pamphlet truths on poignant punk EP from Italian band BAu

Titi Bakorta
Black Dice
Batida (feat. Mayra Andrade)

Backfiring melodies on stunning avant Afro-pop debut from Titi Bakorta
First LP after a ten year hiatus marks the return of witty and eerie New York City trio Black Sice
Addictive single from Angolan-Portuguese musician Batida with guest vocals from Mayra Andrad which proves to be this summer's catchiest anthem
Magical fourth album from Sølyst. the solo project of Kriedlier drummer Thomas Klein

Diemen Sniep
Craig Fortnam

Enjoyable mini-album from US/Belgian foursome Diemen Sniep, who while having strong Sonic Youth and Swans' influences, also show some originality
Appealing 70's pop disco on new EP from Brussels-based outfit Colver
Confrontational single sided 7 inch from Berlin-based experimental artist Peaches
Glorious orchestral avant garde and tongue-in-cheek English pop on debut solo album from North Sea Orchestra frontman Craig Fortnam

Don Zilla
Snapped Ankles
La Jungle

Baffling avant garde wizard electronica from Kampala-based musician and producer Don Zilla which is graced with a divine touch
Environmentally=concerned third album from Snapped Ankles who mourn forest demise with a set of cracking tunes.
Urgent punk disco pop from French speaking Belgium band La Jungle
Re-issue of abstract and new wave compilation from 1984.on Belgian label Crammed Discs

Last Days Of April
Eric Malmberg
Jimi Tenor

Dull and cliched harmonic rock on latest album from Norwegian band Motorpsycho
Appealing indie pop on tenth album from Stockholm popsters Last Days Of April who reveal increasing maturity
Excellent seven inch single which takes two tracks from Swedish composer from a 2007 album
Excellent anthology of unshelved material from the 1990s from Jimi Tenor who has helped to shape the course of electro jazz

Mouse On Mars
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Khalab and M'berra Ensemble
Kasai Allstars

Computed coordinated chaos on anarchic latest album from German electronic duo Mouse On Mars
Pessimistic and misconstrued indie Americana blues from Philadelphian project Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Italian DJ Khalab and Malian refugees the M'berra Ensemble fuse traditional desert sounds and buzzing electronics.
Appealing fourth album from Congo collective Kasai Allstars which finds them returning to basics

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