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Maarten Schiethart


Short Benefit Agency

Maarten Schiethart highlights some of his favourite 7 inch and 12 inch releases of the year.

Toots Hibbert
Aurlus Mabele
Florian Schneider
Pete Shelley

Maarten Schiethart reflects upon the life of pioneering reggae artist Toots Hibbert, who died in September.
Maarten Schiethart looks at the career of Soukous' star and Le Groupe Loketo singer Aurlus Mabélé who died in March.
Maarten Schiethart reflects on the groundbreaking career of the late Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider
Our Dutch writer Maarten Schiethart pays tribute to Pete Shelley who died in early December, and reflects on his late 1970's and early 1980's career both as a solo artist and as lead singer with Buzzcocks.

Live Reviews

Ergo Phizmiz - Arcola Theatre, London, 16./8/2015

Ergo Phizmiz
Maarten Schiethart enjoys avant-garde musician Ergo Phizmiz's offbeat and surreal opera about Salvador Dali at the Arcola Theatre in London

Melt Banana

Triple bill! Me, Rah Bras, both pretty crap, and then the long awaited debut on a Nijmegen stage of Melt Banana. One of the most innovative bands of the decade, Melt Banana released the impressive 'Teeny Shiny' earlier in the year which hinted at an occa

Favourite Albums

Disco Zombies

Maarten Schiethart reflects upon Finnish maths pop pioneers Rubik’s under-rated third album ‘Solar’, which has its tenth anniversary this year.
Disco Zombies, who were post-punk proteges of John Peel. get an essential reissue – and send Maarten Schiethart on a trip down memory lane.
Maarten Schiethart reviews a retrospective of vintage synthesizer nostalgia from Berlin duo Lapre.


Profile-Scene is Now

Elliott Smith

Bohemian New York art rockers The Scene is now have released just four albums in their 24 year history. Maarten Schiethart looks back over their erratic career, and examines their latest album, 'Songbirds Lie'
Maarten Schiethart pays a personal tribute to the American singer-songwriter, Elliott Smith, who died in October

Joy Zipper

Not available from Pennyblackmusic, but still definitely worth checking out, Joy Zipper's lo-fi second album 'American Whip' is the latest release of David Holmes' 13 Amp records. Maarten Schiethart writes about one of the early great albums of the year
Rataplan is an alternative Dutch radio station which specialises in playing independent and dance music, and that transmits from the town of Nijmegen in the South East of the Netherlands. Its radio


Eric Malmberg
Jimi Tenor
Mouse On Mars
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Excellent seven inch single which takes two tracks from Swedish composer from a 2007 album
Excellent anthology of unshelved material from the 1990s from Jimi Tenor who has helped to shape the course of electro jazz
Computed coordinated chaos on anarchic latest album from German electronic duo Mouse On Mars
Pessimistic and misconstrued indie Americana blues from Philadelphian project Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Khalab and M'berra Ensemble
Kasai Allstars
Raoul Vignal
Hedvig Mollestad Trio

Italian DJ Khalab and Malian refugees the M'berra Ensemble fuse traditional desert sounds and buzzing electronics.
Appealing fourth album from Congo collective Kasai Allstars which finds them returning to basics
Exquisite and rich folk on latest album from French singer-songwriter and guitarist Raoul Vignal
Baffling and energetic cross genre album from Norwegian act Hedvig Mollestad Trio, which combines loud krautrock, prog, jazz and garage punk rock

Fanfara Awantura
Virginia Wing
Sharhabil Ahmed

Sweetly jangling but flawed fourth album from London-based band Coldharbourstores
Ingenious blend of brass and techno music from Polish act Fanfara Awantura
Fifth LP which captures the present difficult times from experimental Manchester trio.Virginia Wing
Festive frenzy funk on compilation album from 1970's era Sudanese musician Sharhabil Ahmed

Urlaub in Polen
Pose Dia
Half Japanese

Impressive sixth album and first in nine years from Cologne new wave krautrockers Urlaub in Polen
Energetic new digital only single from Scottish dubstep pioneer Kode9
Cinematic but flawed debut album from Pose Dia, the project of Hamburg-based DJ Helena Ratke
Impressive and enjoyable nineteenth album from America's unlikeliest pop band Half Japanese

Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids
Harmonious Thelonious
Wild Hares/Tracy Santa

Enthralling seventh double album from Chicago jazz wizard Idris Ackamoor and his band the Pyramids
Elegant mental and physical music on seventh album from shy Düsseldorf techno wizard and DJ Harmonious Thelonious
Outtakes and rare singles recorded over a fifty year period between 1968 and 2018 from America's best bar band, NRBQ
Lo-fi and twisted indie rock on ten inch split LP from Boston-born musician Tracy Santa upon which he appears both with his current band Wild Hares and also as a solo performer

Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge
Philip Bradatsch

Outstanding and elegant debut by odd Berlin-based electro pop duo Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge
Excellent fourth album in forty years from reformed socially aware punk surrealists, the Cravats
Enjoyable and timely reissue of Essex-based electronic duo Junkboy's underrated 2014 album
Neo-retro latest album which is sung in German from Hamburg -based wordsmith hobo Philip Bradatsch

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