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Joy Zipper - American Whip

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 15 / 2 / 2003

Joy Zipper - American Whip


Not available from Pennyblackmusic, but still definitely worth checking out, Joy Zipper's lo-fi second album 'American Whip' is the latest release of David Holmes' 13 Amp records. Maarten Schiethart writes about one of the early great albums of the year

Joy Zipper's gentle wit on 'American Whip' disguises a magnificent flower power element. Whoever said happy loving couples are boring must check out this. Joy Zipper still mess up, but never, however, make a mess. The harmony from 'American Whip' , well I'm afraid its is made only in America, has a dizzy yet catchy quality. Care free confusion is what's left after listening to Joy Zipper's second attempt at offbeat stardom. 'Alzheimer' is the evergreen - with snippets from a dialogue on ageing woven into a pattern of Tabi-and has angelic words. Fun and fragility make 'American Whip' a compulsory listening session. Opting out is allowed but you'll look stupid. You'd better get Joy Zipper's debut as well.

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