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Dave Goodwin


UK garage punk band the Flaming Stars have two of their old John Peel sessions out on vinyl for the first time. Frontman Max Décharné talks about the importance of John Peel for the band, its high output career, and the impact of early MP3s on small bands and labels.

Party Day

Dave Goodwin speaks to Mick Baker and Carl Firth from 80’s indie/goth band Party Day about their history and new compilation, ‘Sorted!’
Dave Goodwin speaks to UK/French electronic duo Scenius about their 80's-influenced debut album, 'Enough Fears'.
Dave Goodwin speaks to Neil Arthur from seminal electronic group Blancmange about their 80's-influenced new and twelfth album, 'Mindset'.

British IBM
Secret Affair

Dave Goodwin speaks to Aidy Killens, the frontman with indie guitar rock trio and games enthusiasts The British IBM, about their third album, 'Play the Game'.
Dublin-based musician Peter Fitzpatrick talks to Dave Goodwin about his synthpop project Circuit3 and its second album, 'The Price of Nothing and The Value of Everything'.
With his debut album 'Between a Dream' out under his new name of Phonseca, Matthew O'Connor talks to Dave Goodwin about it and his musical background.
Secret Affair guitarist and founder member David Cairns chats to Dave Goodwin about the band’s early days, the late 1970s Mod movement and their upcoming fortieth anniversary which sees the group tour the UK.

Luxury Stranger
Servants of Science
Moscow Circus
Orphan Boy

Nottingham-based alternative rock outfit Luxury Stranger speak to Dave Goodwin about their new line-up, intensive touring schedule and playing Europe.
Dave Goodwin talks to Stuart Avis, the keyboardist and main songwriter in new Brighton-based band Servants of Science, about his band's debut album 'The Swan Song', which is a concept record about an astronaut witnessing the end of the world from outer space.
Dave Goodwin talks to Moscow Circus front man Jonathan Beckett about Casio keyboards, his mum and their new album 'Resounding'
Dave Goodwin speaks to indie rock band Orphan Boy about their reformation, recent third album 'Coastal Tones' and heavy touring

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Luxury Stranger
Luxury Stranger

In the third of our series 'Is This Your Year?', in which we will be following the fortunes of five acts over the course of a year, Dave Goodwin speaks to Nottingham-based 60's and 70's-influenced rock act, Lois
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark' front man Andy McCluskey speaks to Dave Goodwin about their 1984 fifth album 'Junk Culture', which has just been reissued in a new double CD edition
In the first part of this interview we found Simon York in not very good health as he had a really bad touch of the man flu. There seemed to have been something bothering Simon, and it was all about t
In a frank two part interview with Simon York, the front man with Nottingham-based alternative rockers Luxury Stranger, he speaks about his band's career, his anger with the music industry and their forthcoming third album


Pocket Gods

Dave Goodwin finds 'Weird: The Life and Times of a Pocket God' to be an indie-rock documentary which has a lot going on below the surface as it reflects on front man Mark Lee's battle with depression.

Capitol Northern Soul 45s
Nick Elliott
Style Council

Dave Goodwin reflects upon 'Capitol Northern Soul 45s', a pricey but first-rate seven inch collection of both well-known and lost Northern Soul singles
Dave Goodwin talks to photographer Nick Elliott about his two recent books of music photography and his role as photographer at the Cambridge Folk Festival
Dave Goodwin attends a new exhibition of photographs on The Who at The Proud Galleries in London
Dave Goodwin examines Paul Weller's band the Style Council's latest box set, which compiles together all six of their original albums

Live Reviews

Deerstock Festival

Up and coming rapper Berwyn Du Bois commands a small Nottingham stage, proving he’s destined for bigger ones.
Returning for the first time since 2019, Dave Goodwin reports from family festival Deerstock.
Dave Goodwin finds that the debut album by storied producer former Exit Calm leader Rob Marshall is realised live on stage with superb effect.

Favourite Albums

Flaming Stars
Cuban Boys

Dave Goodwin reviews a pair of delightful John Peel sessions from The Flaming Stars , beautifully packaged by Precious Recordings of London in this vinyl release.
English electronic group and production team, The Cuban Boys, get high marks from iDave Goodwin for this release on Precious Recordings of London for their 1999 John Peel session..
In our Re: VIew section, in which we look back at records from the past, Dave Goodwin examines two Peel Sessions from 1995 and 1996 from Scottish indiepop trio Bis, which have just been released on 10" vinyl by Precious Recordings of London.


In Vinyl Stories Dave Goodwin takes a morbid but jovial look at various of his friends choice of songs for their funerals.
In 'Vinyl Stories' Northeastern Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter Chris Hludzik talks to Dave Goodwin about his work in a recording studio led to his obsession with vinyl.

Best of Vinyl 2023
Is Vinyl Too Expensive?
Chris Bade
Bill Wellwood

Rounding up what Pennyblack contributors have been spinning on the turntable this year, Dave Goodwin brings us his own list and commentary on a eclectic selection of vinyl purchases
Dave Goodwin in 'Vinyl Stories' dives headfirst into a debate about the cost of new records, via a detour on the number 52 bus
Dave Goodwin in ‘Vinyl Stories’ talks to New Jersey music fanatic about his discovery of a long-lost acetate of the 1967 only album by New York Latin band The Nitty Gritty Sextet.
In 'Vinyl Stories' Dave Goodwin chronicles the start of a beautiful friendship based on a love of vinyl records.


Future Islands

Dave Goodwin photographs Future Islands at a show at Rock City in Nottingham


My Life Story
Chris Hludzik

Anthemic second comeback album from Britpop pioneers My Life Story
Impressive first release in three years on new EP from Pennsylvanian solo artist Chris Hludzik
Epic and diverse second album from acclaimed Nottingham-based band Herds, who were previously known as The Amber Herd
Eclectic indie rock and pop on debut album from Sands, the project of London-born multi-instrumentalist Andrew Sands

Cult Figures
French Boutik
Apollo Suns

Excellent post-punk on third album from Midlands-formed band Cult Figures
Intriguing combination of French and English original tracks and covers on third album by American-Anglo-French act French Boutik
Excellent funk and soul-driven latest album from acclaimed Australian nine-piece band, The Bamboos
Appealing mix of jazz, rock and psychedelia on fourth album from Canadian nine-piece instrumental collective Apollo Suns

Hannah Aldridge
Bitter Moon and After 5.08

Long-awaited and thought-challenging second album from alternative rock band Cairo
Dark but impressive fourth album from classically-trained country artist Hannah Aldridge
Exciting synth pop on second album from UK/French duo Scenius who look like they have a promising future
Ambient and dreamy synth pop on collaborative album recorded in Berlin between European duos Bitter Moon and After 5.08

Beady Belle
British IBM
Piaggio Soul Combination and Lakeetra Knowles

SAblime ninth album from Nowegian singer-songwriter and musician Beady Belle
Polished and humorous fourth album from Cambridge indie trio The British IBM which took its genesis from a series of acoustic streams they started during lockdown
Excellent electronica on distinctive new single from French-UK duo Scenius
Stunning Northern Soul-influenced album from Italian mods The Piaggio Soul Combination and Arkansas-based singer Lakeetra Knowles

Oneiros Way
Aeon Station
Freya Beer
Vapors of Morphine

Experimental and distinctive electronica on debut album from Milan-based duo Oneiros Way
Harmonic and thought-provoking debut album from Aeon Station, the solo project of ex-Wrens' member Kevin Whelan which was fourteen years in the making
First-rate debut album from alternative and Gothic rock-influenced West London singer-songwriter Freya Beer
Haunting and original post-rock on latest album from Morphine offshoot, Vapors of Morphine


Atmospheric and cinematic fourth album of electronic ambience for Grouse, the project of Dublin-based musician Ronan Carroll
1980s synth-pop progenitors Blancmange maintain their highly prolific release rate with a solid new addition to their discography
Highly impressive compilation that pays homage to ground-breaking early 1980s club Blitz which created the New Romantic movement
Reflective and thought-provoking seventh album from influential Dunedin indie act The Chills

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