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Dave Goodwin - Reviews

McKenzie FIX

Pandora's Box
Over-polished but eclectic debut album from the McKenzie FIX, the new project of acclaimed Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Ewan McKenzie

Conny Frischauf

Die Drift
First-rate synth pop which combines modern and vintage sounds on debut album from Viennese electronic artist Conny Frischauf

Rats on Rafts

Excerpts from Chapter 3: The Mind Runs a Net of Rabbit Paths
Unusual but brilliant psych pop on long-awaited third album from Rotterdam-based group Rats On Rafts


Moods and Dances 2021
Flawed but promising electronica on new album from Hamburg-based DJ RVDS


Enough Fears
First-rate debut album from 80's-inspired French/British electronica hybrid Scenius


Dark and sinister but compelling 80's-influenced third album from Portugese trio IAMTHESHADOW

Green Child

Shimmering Basset
Impressive electropop recorded on vintage synths on second album from the Green Child which promises much for the future

Plants and Animals

The Jungle
Eclectic and eccentric alternative rock on fifth album from Montreal-based trio, Plants and Animals


Fine 80’s-influenced synth pop on fourth album from German electronic trio Unhappybirthday


Musik Music Musique
Essential and insightful three CD box set focusing on the groundbreaking year in synth pop of 1980 from Cherry Red

Aksak Maboul

Eclectic and unclassifiable new double album after thirty years away from avant-garde Belgian group Aksak Maboul

Love Songs

Nicht Nicht
Improvisational electronica and experimentalism on impressive debut album from Hamburg trio Love Songs


Roots, Rock, Reggae
Superb late 1970's reggae compilation re-released on double CD by Cherry Red with extra tracks

Nick Corbin

Sweet Escape
First-rate Northern Soul-influenced debut solo album from former New Street Adventure frontman Nick Corbin

Warm Digits

Flight of Ideas
Thought-provoking electronic space rock on fourth album from Newcastle/Manchester-based multi-instrumentalists Warm Digits

Flat Worms

Powerful punk on third album from Los Angeles band Flat Worms which provides hope despite these difficult times

John Foxx And The Maths

Fantastic fifth album from experimental electronica act John Foxx and the Maths, which finds Foxx reuniting with his former Ultravox bandmate Robin Simon

Proper Ornaments

Mission Bells
Excellent second album in nine months from London-based electronic pop outfit the Proper Ornaments


Fabulous twelfth album from synth pioneers Blancmange which returns to their early poppy 80's heyday

Little Hands of Asphalt

Half Empty
Classic pop on third album and first in almost a decade from the Little Hands of Asphalt, the project of Sjur Lyseid who is a Norwegian-based singer-songwriter and musician

Extradition Order

American Prometheus
Unusual but brilliant combination of Northern Soul, psychedelia and indie from London-based band Extradition Order on concept album about Robert J. Oppenheimer, who developed the first atomic bomb


Hypnotic and exhilarating pop on long-awaited album from experimental and promising Welsh trio Islet

King Solomon Hicks

Stunning album from 24-year old blues guitarist and vocalist King Solomon Hicks on which he pays tribute to his Harlem upbringing

British IBM

Play the Game
Fabulous third album from Cambridge outfit the British IBM, who return to their indie roots in powerful form

Black Marble

Bigger Than Life
Fantastic 80's-influenced synth pop on third album from Black Marble, the project of American musician Chris Stewart


Beneath the Floors
Addictive and original art punk in second album this year from Toronto-based outfit Deliluh


If Confronted Just Go Mad
Fabulous fifth album from acclaimed indie guitar band the Twang which finds them moving in a new direction


Kinshasa 1978: Originals and Reconstructions 1978
Excellent double album which contains previously-unreleased recordings originally recorded in 1978 of four influential World Music bands from Kinshasa in the Congo in Africa.


Go Mod
Marvellous double vinyl compilation of classic 60's Mod recordings on the always excellent Charly Records


In Shadow
Haunting and experimental synthpop on second album from duo Fader, the side project of Blancmange’s Neil Arthur


The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing
Excellent second album of late 70's/80's-influenced synthpop from Circuit3, the project of Irish musician Peter Fitzpatrick


Ambient soundtrack from Fenella, the new project of electronic composer Jane Weaver, which is a re-imagined soundtrack to 1981 cult animation film ‘Fehérlófia’


Reissue on vinyl of post-punk Melbourne trio HTRk's 2004 abrasive mini-album debut release

Vampire Weekend

Father of the Bride
Eclectic and much anticipated fourth album from critically acclaimed New York-based indie group Vampire Weekend

Lunch Lady

First-rate 80's-influenced new wave/post-punk on debut album from Los Angeles group Lunch Lady

Alice Tambourine Lover

Down Below
Excellent psychedelic blues on comeback sixth album from Bologna duo, Alice Tambourine Lover

Friedrich Sunlight

Sag Es Erst Morgen
Superb Northern Soul-influenced electronica on new single from San Francisco-born but German-based pop artist Friedrich Sunlight

Death and Vanilla

Are You a Dreamer?
Eerie combination of 60’s pop and 80’s electronica from Malmo-based band, Death and Vanilla


Blessed is the Boogie
Fantastic potential breakthrough third album from Western Australian psychedelic-blues act Datura4

Carnet de Voyage

Melo Disko
Experimental but compelling vinyl only debut album from avant garde two-piece Carnet de Voyage


Bizarrely marvellous concept album from Blabbermouth, the new project of Public Image Limited and the Damned’s Lu Edmonds and the Godfathers’ Mark Roberts


In the End
Poignant final album from the Cranberries which completed after her death proves a sublime testimony to their singer Dolores O'Riordan who died in 2018


Kept in the Dark
Beautifully packaged and versatile debut album from Stoke-on-Trent political folk rockers Headsticks


Between a Dream
Fabulous 80's-influenced electronica on debut album from Phonesca, the project of Bristol-based synth artist Matthew O'Connor

Proper Ornaments

6 Lenins
Fantastic psychedelic-influenced pop on third album from critically acclaimed London indie band the Proper Ornaments


Between a Dream
Fabulous 80's-influenced electronica on debut album from Phonesca, the project of Bristol-based synth artist Matthew O'Connor


Guns of the Governor
Versatile and diverse second album from Nottingham-based rock and roll-influenced band Lois

Lara Smiles

All for You
Flamboyant and versatile debut album from London-based singer-songwriter Lara Smiles which combines indie and electronica

Christine and the Queens

Firts-rate, funk-influenced second album from much acclaimed French act Christine and the Queens, the project of experimental musician Héloïse Letissier


Demanding but compelling second album from Nottingham-based experimental drum and vocal duo Rattle

Lucid Dream

Impres sive Acid House-influenced fourth album from acclaimed Carlisle-based psychedelic rockersthe Lucid Dream

Macy Gray

Impressive tenth album from much acclaimed R and B and soul musician Macy Gray, which finds her working with a succession of major pop artists and producers


Marvellous debut album from Afterhere, the new band of Heaven 17's Glenn Gregory and singer Berenice Scott


Appealing and experimental electronica on new album from enigmatic Scottish bedroom artist Admlithi

Bad Sav

Bad Sav
Addictive alternative rock from Dunedin trio Bad Sav, which is the other band of Death and the Maiden's Lucinda King and Hope Robertson

Death Notes

The Black EP
Fantastic download only EP from Nottingham-bases alternative rock band, the Death Notes.


Free Rein
Polished but laidback sixth album from bestselling and critically acclaimed Californian reggae act Rebolution


Disques Debs International Volume 1: An Island Story
Excellent compilation, the first in a series, of early tracks recorded between 1960-1972 from extraordinary French-Caribbean label Disques Debs International

Death and the Maiden

Melancholic but haunting 1980's-influenced post-punk on second album from Dunedin-based group Death and the Maiden


Eclectic and experimental live album from critically acclaimed Toulouse avant-garde outfit Aquaserge

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