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Pennyblackmusic: May 2024


The Church

Steve Kilbey, the vocalist and guitarist with Australian psychedelic/indie rock band The Church, talks to Denzil Watson, about his group’s long history and their forthcoming new album, ‘Eros Zeta and the Perfume Guitars’.

Near Jazz Experience

Fiona Hutchings talks to Mark Bedford and Terry Edwards about their limited-edition RSD release, 'The Character Actor EP', and much more besides.
Vocalist Colin Blunstone talks to Lisa Torem about the Zombies’ upcoming UK and US tours, special guests and how the music business has changed since the Sixties.
Former Love and Money and Friends Again keyboardist Paul McGeechan speaks to John Clarkson about his orchestral project Starless and their third album 'Returning 'Home'.

Robin Trower
Sami Sumner
Flaming Stars
Secret Shine

When British guitarist/songwriter Robin Trower tours the UK and the US in 2024, he will feature songs from his 1974 gold record, ‘Bridge of Sighs,’ which is being meticulously reissued in May. Lisa Torem talks to him about the tour and the reissue.
London-based multi-instrumentalist Sami Sumner talks to Julie Cruickshank about his songwriting process and how he managed to achieve releasing twelve albums in one year.
UK garage punk band the Flaming Stars have two of their old John Peel sessions out on vinyl for the first time. Frontman Max Décharné talks about the importance of John Peel for the band, its high output career, and the impact of early MP3s on small bands and labels.
Kathryn Smith, the vocalist with Bristol indie pop/shoegazing group and former Sarah Records band Secret Shine, speaks to John Clarkson about her band's long career and its appearance on both the 'Under The Bridge' compilations.

Vetchinsky Settings
Leaf Mosaic
Little Girls
Jack Roscoe

Orchids frontman James Hackett and former St. Christopher guitarist Mark Tranmer talk to John Clarkson about their project Vetchinsky Settings, and its contribution to the 'Under The Bridge 2' compilation.
Former Sugargliders vocalist and guitarist Josh Meadows talks to John Clarkson about his memories of Sarah Records, his new band Leaf Mosaic and 'The Branch Line', its contribution to the new 'Under The Bridge 2' compilation.
Caron and Michele Maso from early 1980's Los Angeles satirical group The Little Girls speak to John Clarkson about their new compilation 'Valley Girls'.
Singer-songwriter Jack Roscoe talks to John Clarkson about releasing his first album 'Out of the Woods' at the age of 57 and the heart attack that changed his life for the better.

Rain Parade
Anthony Phillips
X Ray Spex
Autumn 1904

Matt Piucci and Steven Roback from Rain Parade chat with Kimberly Bright about their creative process, history, and enduring legacy.
Founder member of Genesis, guitarist Anthony Phillips chats to Eoghan Lyng about his long, eclectic solo career and recent reissue of 1970s works.
Andrew Twambley speaks to Paul Dean, the bassist with iconic punk act X-Ray Spex about the vinyl reissue of their lost second album, 'Conscious Consumer'.
Keyboardist Allan Dumbreck talks to John Clarkson about his Edinburgh-formed post-punk outfit Autumn 1904's return forty years after they broke up and the recent release of their album. 'Tales of Innocence'.

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Nick Dent-Robinson pays tribute to Cockney Rebel frontman Steve Harley, who died in March.

Dodson and Fogg
Simon Heavisides
Mary McGlory and Sylvia Saunders

Malcolm Carter reflects on two new stunning albums from Chris Wade (aka Dodson and Fogg, which showcase all sides to his many talents.
Eoghan Lyng examines the late 60's/early 70's career of Nico and the recent reissue of her two albums. 'The Marble Index' and 'Desertshore'.
John Clarkson examines Simon Heavisides' sympathetic biography of Sound frontman and solo artist Adrian Borland
Nick Dent-Robinson enjoys Mary McGlory and Sylvia Saunders’ new book about their experiences in The Liverbirds, one of the few UK all-girls 60’s groups.

Live Reviews

Liam Gallagher and John Squire
Echo & The Bunnymen

Eoghan Lyng enjoys a brief but versatile set from Liam Gallagher and John Squire at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.
Paul Clark watches a flawed but compelling set from Echo And The Bunnymen at a hometown gig at the Liverpool Empire.
Steev Burgess enjoys an enthralling free set at Camden Market in London from cult musician Yungblud.

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Favourite Albums

Close Lobsters
Flaming Stars
Doug Dillard Expedition

In our Re:View section, in which we look at recordings from the past, Dixie Ernill looks at the recent release on 10 inch vinyl by Precious Recordings of London of three radio sessions by Scottish indiepop band The Close Lobsters.
Dave Goodwin reviews a pair of delightful John Peel sessions from The Flaming Stars , beautifully packaged by Precious Recordings of London in this vinyl release.
Julie Cruickshank is impressed by a legendary 1970 performance from bluegrass band The Doug Dillard Expedition, captured live at the Fremont Hotel, Las Vegas.


In his ''In Dreams Begin Responsibilities' column Steve Miles talks to former Public Image lLd bassist, solo artist and practising Buddhist about his top tips for being happy.
In the first of a two part ‘Discography Hagiography’, our series in which we provide a disc-by-disc evolution of music’s greats, Tommy Gunnarsson reflects on the early career of XTC.

Funeral Choices
Fallen Leaves

John Clarkson writes about his ten favourite songs by ReopMen, who were Sheffield's longest-serving indie band.
In Vinyl Stories Dave Goodwin takes a morbid but jovial look at various of his friends choice of songs for their funerals.
In his film column Not Hollywood' Maarten Schiethart reflects on Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki's absurdist romantic comedy 'Fallen Leaves'.
In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem reflects on Andy McArthur's new book 'The Byrds: Every Album, Every Song'.


In the first of two galleries, Andrew Twambley takes photos of Paloma Faith at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.
Andrew Twambley in the second of two galleries takes photos of Paloma Faith at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

Ian Dunn photographs Belfast punk band Stiff Little Fingers at the O2 Academy in Birmingham.

Happy Mondays
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Dead Poet Society

Andrew Twambley takes photos of Happy Mondays at a homecoming gig at the 02 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.
Andrew Twambley takes photos of influential electro act Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark at the first of two gigs at the 02 Apollo in Manchester to promote their new album, 'Bauhaus Staircase'.
Ian Dunn photographs American rock band Dead Poet Society at the 02 Institute in Birmingham

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Hillbilly Moon Explosion
Ian Hunter
Vampire Weekend
Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

Swiss rock band Hillbilly Moon Explosion’s tenth studio album embraces influences ranging from rockabilly to reggae
Lyrically rich glam rock from former Mott The Hoople singer Ian Hunter, the second in a proposed trilogy
Innovative and existential fifth album from acclaimed New York group Vampire Weekend
Strong and emotional fifth album from Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes which embraces various shades of rock

Pearl Jam
Lewis 'Burner' Pugh
Smalltown Tigers
Kula Shaker

Punchy twelfth album from grunge rock pioneers Pearl Jam
Solo album from The Burner Band’s Lewis ‘Burner’ Pugh tells stories of social and political injustice through an enjoyable melange of folk, bluegrass and co
Italian trio Smalltown Tigers make their full-length debut and rock in the classic punk way
Energetic and innovative merging of Indian music and psychedelia on seventh album from Kula Shaker, the first to feature their original line-up in twenty-five years

Ty Segall
All The Bees
Erlend Apneseth Trio with Maja S.K. Ratkje

Tedious garage rock on latest double LP from over-prolific San Francisco-based musician Ty Segall
Ramshackle but effective first album in nine years from The Libertines
Environmentally-conscious indie folk on debut album from promising duo All The Bees
Experimental and adventurous sonic jazz and folk from Norwegian act Erlend Apneseth Trio who have worked on this album with improvising vocalist Maja Ratkje.

My Life Story
Black Crowes
David Cross Band
Kaiser Chiefs

Anthemic second comeback album from Britpop pioneers My Life Story
Excellent first album in fifteen years and welcome return for blues rockers The Black Crowes
Veteran progressive violinist David Cross leads fresh renditions of his own band’s songs and two King Crimson classics
Eclectic and crowd-pleasing eighth album from Kaiser Chiefs, which combines retro-disco dance tracks with electronica, rock and indie-pop

Texas and Spooner Oldham
Sone Institute
Sheryl Crow

Stripped down but impressive joint album between Glasgow band Texas and veteran keyboardist Spooner Oldham
Tense electronica on latest album from Sone Institute, the project St Albans' musician and producer Roman Bezdyk
Vibrant and exhilarating twelfth album from Sheryl Crow, which proves unexpected as in 2019 she announced that she would not bring out any more albums
Surprising new album from Beyonce which confounds expectations by combining elements of country rock with her roots in R and B and dance

Caity Baser
Sami Galbi

Disorientating but compelling new album from jazz-influenced punks Inutili
Irreverent yet versatile new album from rising Southampton-based musician Caity Baser
Bipolar mayhem on Burial's first EP for XL Recordings
Dance-friendly vinyl debut single from Swiss-Moroccan singer Sami Galbi

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