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Eoghan Lyng


Founder member of Genesis, guitarist Anthony Phillips chats to Eoghan Lyng about his long, eclectic solo career and recent reissue of 1970s works.

Red Eye Pariah
Steve Hackett

Rising Northern Irish band Red Eye Pariah talk to Eoghan Lyng about their unusual influences, touring and eventual plans for an album.
Prog guitar legend Steve Hackett talks to Eoghan Lyng about his new album ‘The Circus and the Nightwhale’ and his years with Genesis,
Sharks’ frontman and 70’s punk influence Steve ‘Snips’ Parsons talks to Eoghan Lyng about their new film documentary, ‘Not A Rock Doc (A Shark’s Tale)’.

Robert Davi
Jeff Moller
Tim Arnold
Michael Lindsay Hogg

Actor Robert Davi speaks to Eoghan Lyng about his other career as a singer and playing a Bond villain in ‘Licence to Kill’.
American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Moller talks to Eoghan Lyng about his classic rock-inspired debut album, ‘Sigh Baby’.
Acclaimed solo artist Tim Arnold talks to Eoghan Lyng about his recent diagnosis of autism, and his new album 'Super Connected', which seven years in the making, reflects critically on technology.
Eoghan Lyng talks to filmmaker and director Michael Lindsay-Hogg about his work on The Beatles' 'Let It Be', 'Brideshead Rvisited' and The Rolling Stones' 'Rock and Roll Circus'.

Demian Dorelli
Harvey Lisberg
Hugh Cornwell

Eoghan Lyng chats to Nick Drake-influenced pianist Demian Dorelli about his critically acclaimed new album, 'My Window'.
Legendary rock manager Harvey Lisberg chats to Eoghan Lyng about is new memoirs 'I'm Into Something Good' and working with 10cc, Herman's Hermits and The Yardbirds.
Ex-Stranglers singer/guitarist Hugh Cornwell chats to Eoghan Lyng about his recent ‘Moments Of Madness’ LP and upcoming UK and Ireland shows.
Frontman Dave Wakeling talks to Eoghan Lyng about The Beat's political as well as his musical influences and his group's forthcoming British tour.

Robyn Hitchcock
Hamish Stuart
Chris Connelly

Singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock talks to Eoghan Lyng about his new album 'Shufflemania!' and how both The Beatles and XTC have influenced his work.
Guitarist to the stars - and Ringo Starr - Hamish Stuart brightens Eoghan Lyng’s night with some great anecdotes from the rock era.
Edinburgh-born but now Chicago-based singer-songwriter Chris Connelly talks to Eoghan Lyng about his new concept album 'Eulogy to Christa', which is about the life of Velvet Underground singer Nico.
Squeeze guitarist Glenn Tilbrook talks to Eoghan Lyng about his long songwriting partnership with Chris Difford and the band’s new ‘Food For Thought’ EP.


Eoghan Lyng examines the late 60's/early 70's career of Nico and the recent reissue of her two albums. 'The Marble Index' and 'Desertshore'.

Harvey Lee
David Hamilton Golland
Kenneth Womack
Dan Callahan

Eoghan Lyng enjoys entrepreneur Harvey Lee's book about his business experiences in rock.
Eoghan Lyng reflects on a new book by David Hamilton Golland about piano balladeering 1970's/1980's American rock band Journey
Eoghan Lyng assesses Kenneth Womack's latest book about Beatles road manager Mal Evans.
Eoghan Lyng reflects on Dan Callahan’s ambitious new book about Bing Crosby and some of the other major artists of the 1940 and 1950s.

Live Reviews

Liam Gallagher and John Squire - Olympia Theatre, Dublin, 16/3/2024

Liam Gallagher and John Squire
Eoghan Lyng enjoys a brief but versatile set from Liam Gallagher and John Squire at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.


Eoghan Lyng enjoys Squid’s unusual brand of prog at Vicar Street in Dublin.

Favourite Albums

Andrew Gold
T. Rex
George Harrison

Eoghan Lyng examines classic singer-songwriter Andrew Gold’s recently reissued 1997 psychedelic album, ‘The Fraternal Order Of The All - Greetings From Planet Love’,
In our 'Re:View' section, Eoghan Lyng examines a new four CD box set which assesses T. Rex and Marc Bolan's work in the prolific year of 1973.
In the second of two articles Eoghan Lyng finds that George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ “is the most thoughtful and fully-realised" of all The Beatles' solo debut albums.


In ‘Raging Pages’ guest reviewer Eoghan Lyng enjoys The Auteurs and Black Box Recorder Luke Haines’ satirical overview of pop in his first book in a decade, ‘Freaks Out!: Weirdos, Misfits and Deviants – The Rise and Fall of Righteous Rock ’n’ Roll'.
In 'Raging Pages' guest reviewer Eoghan Lyng contends that author Dafydd Rees ‘apes the lexicon of the era’ when focusing on the Beatles history in his new book ' The Beatles 1963: A Year in the Life'.

Boomtown Rats

Eoghan Lyng selects ten favourites from Dublin pioneers The Boomtown Rats, moving from punk into New Wave, Eighties pop and the recent comeback album
In 'The Image That Made You Weep', in which our writers write of the personal impact of a photo or image on them, Eoghan Lyng writes of a photo taken at Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach's wedding in 1981.
Eoghan Lyng selects tracks by punk legends The Clash for this month’s edition of 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' Following the band’s progress, the cuts chart the outfit’s progress from London upstarts to their incorporation of many of the musical trends that came to define the 1980s.



Remarkable debut album and concept record from Dublin singer-songwriter Keeley, which is about 18-year old German student Inga-Maria Hauser who was murdered in Ireland in 1988

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