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Adrian Janes


Adrian Janes talks to Yorkshire-based musician Richard Adams about his band The Declining Winter's first album in five years, 'Really Early, Really Late'.

Genius Steals
Roger Chapman

London-based post-punk musician and producer Pat Rowles talks to Adrian Janes about his latest project Genius Steals’ debut album ‘Nobody Knows Anything’, and working with Adrian Borland on his final album, ‘Harmony and Destruction’.
Robert Hampson, the guitarist and vocalist with alternative rock band Loop, talks to Adrian Janes about ‘Sonancy’, their first album in thirty years, and his passionate views on the music industry.
Legendary singer and songwriter and former Family frontman Roger Chapman talks to Adrian Janes about his long career and his first album in seven years ,'Life in the Pond'

Xan Tyler
Mad Professor
Jah Wobble
Ist Ist

Singer-songwriter and musician Xan Tyler speaks to Adrian Janes about her new album 'Clarion Call' upon which she has collaborated with dub pioneer Mad Professor.
Adrian James chats to acclaimed dub produce/remixer Mad Professor about his long career and work on Xan Tyler's new album 'Clarion Call'.
Acclaimed musician and songwriter Jah Wobble talks to Adrian Janes about his time as the original bassist in Public Image Ltd, his musical and philosophical heroes and his band the Invaders of the Heart.
Andy Keating of Manchester's Ist Ist talks to Adrian Janes about the band's influences, music and future.

Zoe Howe
Celeste Bell
Grand Blue Heron

Adrian Janes speaks to singer and bass player from Arizonian post-punk band Audra about their fourth album and first release in ten years, 'Dear Tired Friends'.
Music writer Zoë Howe talks to Adrian Janes about ‘Dayglo: the Poly Styrene Story’, which is about the late X-Ray Spex vocalist and songwriter Poly Styrene and which has been written in close collaboration with Poly’s daughter Celeste Bell.
Celeste Bell, the daughter of late X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene , talks to Adrian Janes about her mother and ‘Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story’, the new music biography which she has written in collaboration with music writer Zoë Howe.
Adrian Janes speaks to Paul Lamont of Belgian rock band Grand Blue Heron as they release their new album, ‘Come Again’.

Zoe Howe
Robert Wyatt
Morgan Delt

In the wake of their exciting 2017 mini-album, Adrian Janes interviews psych-grunge maestros Brooders to ask about their influences, the Leeds scene and their progress to this point.
Music writer Zoe Howe talks to Adrian Janes about her first novel, 'Shine On, Marquee Moon', her biographies of the Slits and the Jesus and Mary Chain, and why self-publishing is punk
With the release of a collection of 1960s Canterbury Scene band the Wilde Flowers and associates, founder member Robert Wyatt reflects on those early years, his subsequent musical career, collaborations and political commitment
Adrian Janes speaks to American singer-songwriter Morgan Delt about his outstanding new self-titled debut album


Adrian Janes examines Swedish academic Per Nilsen's new book which provides a gig-by-gig account of The Stooges' chaotic career.

Alison Moyet

Adrian Janes reflects on two new books on 1970's punk, one on the legendary Roxy Club and the other on punk fanzines and writing
The reissue of Alison Moyet’s first four albums gives Adrian Janes the chance to reappraise a versatile singer whose initial embrace of blues and electronica grew to include many other influences
Adrian Janes finds that the thirtieth anniversary reissue of Alex Cox's film about the tortuous relationship of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen depresses as much as it compels
Adrian Janes finds that the Punk 1976-78 exhibition in the British Library, though by no means exhaustive, succeeds in conveying something of the fraught circumstances in which the punk movement arose in the UK and the excitement and great creative energy it unleashed

Live Reviews

Vive Le Rock Awards
Gang Of Four

Adrian Janes finds UK rock magazine Vive Le Rock’s awards once again paying punky homage to heroes and icons.
Adrian Janes watches influential post-punk the Gang of Four in a show at the Borderline in London play a fiery set to promote their new album 'Happy Now'.
On the 20th anniversary tour for 'Gran Turismo', Adrian Janes shares in the Cardigans' warm embrace of their past.

Favourite Albums

Asian Dub Foundation

Adrian Janes assesses an expanded version of a 1997 career compilation of Bill Bruford’s jazz combo Earthworks, which covers both studio and live tracks.
In our 'Re:View' section, in which our writers examine albums from the past, Adrian Janes reflects on a new reissue of Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera’s 1975 first solo album 'Diamond Head', which mixes styles and star guests to often impressive effect.
In our 'Re: View' section, in which our writers look back on albums from the past, Adrian Janes finds that Asian Dub Foundation's superb 1998 second album 'Rafi's Revenge;, which has now been reissued, criss-crosses genres to create truly multicultural music.


Tim Buckley


In 'The Image That Made Me Weep' Adrian Janes examines the melancholic back cover photograph of Tim Buckley's 1974 last studio album, ‘Look at the Fool’.
Adrian Janes, who has written for Pennyblackmusic since 2012, reflects upon ten of his favourite acts and songs during his time writing for us.

Jeff Buckley
Tim Buckley

In 'Ten Songs that Made Me Love...' Adrian Janes writes of ten of his favourite songs from 1967 and tracks by artists including the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Doors and Jefferson Airplane
Adrian Janes in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' reflects on his ten favourite songs by Jeff Buckley
Adrian Janes, in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...', reflects on his ten favourite drum tracks
In our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a favourite band or artist, Adrian Janes reflects on some of his favourite songs by Tim Buckley


Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
David Cross Band
Smalltown Tigers
Rita Braga

Strong and emotional fifth album from Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes which embraces various shades of rock
Veteran progressive violinist David Cross leads fresh renditions of his own band’s songs and two King Crimson classics
Italian trio Smalltown Tigers make their full-length debut and rock in the classic punk way
Fourth album from Portuguese singer Rita Braga is a strange mixture of the past and anticipations of the future. Rita Braga is a Portuguese singer and multi-instrumentalist. In these songs she has

Death and Vanilla
Declining Winter
Neverland Ranch Davidians

On their third album, Meatraffle mix various musical influences and the strangest names since the Magic Band with a dash of Marx, in a poprockjazz cocktail.
Latest album from Swedish dream pop trio Death and Vanilla ranges from engaging fare to a touch too much vanilla
Tenth album from Yorkshire-rooted UK band The Declining Winter who, under aegis of Richard Adams, combine rock, folk, classical, electronica and jazz in beautiful musical mosaics.
On their debut, The Neverland Ranch Davidians blend rock and roll, funk and a pinch of psychedelia in a spicy stew

Martin Rev
Anton Barbeau
Pure Assassins

First album in fifteen years from Italian band ALIX who draw upon past styles of rock to create a satisfying sound for now.
Cocktail of electronica and dance from Suicide’s Martin Rev proves inventive in parts, but disappointing overall.
Enjoyably varied blend of pop, rock, psychedelia and Anglophilia from prolific American underground artist Anton Barbeau
Formerly on the drum and bass scene with Calyx, Chris Rush now goes rock with Pure Assassins but doesn’t truly slay

Genius Steals

First album in many years from former Adrian Borland sideman Pat Rowles with his new project Genius Steals features pop-rock songs as melodic as they are honest.
Fifth album from German synth outfit unhappybirthday has sci-fi roots but isn’t quite kosmische.
Seventh album from Franco-British nu reggae exponent Flox is a soundtrack for Summer
First album in over thirty years from Loop combines the band’s riff-laden power and psychedelic production enhancement in classic fashion. ‘S

Brandy Alexanders
Modern Stars
Ty Segall

Expanded and excellent edition of the eclectic Leicester band Family's 1970 third album
Claiming to be a heady brew of psych rock, Canadian band The Brandy Alexanders’ debut dilutes the idea and turns it into something more like pop.
Second album from Italian band Modern Stars which at its best is intriguing mixture of Western drone rock with Indian sitar, dull at its worst.
Impressive and exciting mash-up of garage rock and electronica from prolific cult musician Ty Segall.

Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters
Lou Barlow

Mixed bag of styles and quality in this compilation of early reggae from Joe Gibbs, who became one of the music’s pre-eminent producers.
Album of electronica-dominated instrumentals from former Engineers Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters is a sleek but disappointing construction.
Fourth solo album from Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh member, folky and lo-fi in style, only partly justifies its existence.
Debut from Canadian progressive band with European and Middle Eastern roots Derev is both musicianly and heartfelt

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