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Adrian Janes - Reviews


Seventh album from Franco-British nu reggae exponent Flox is a soundtrack for Summer


First album in over thirty years from Loop combines the band’s riff-laden power and psychedelic production enhancement in classic fashion. ‘S


A Song for Me
Expanded and excellent edition of the eclectic Leicester band Family's 1970 third album

Brandy Alexanders

The Brandy Alexanders
Claiming to be a heady brew of psych rock, Canadian band The Brandy Alexanders’ debut dilutes the idea and turns it into something more like pop.

Modern Stars

Second album from Italian band Modern Stars which at its best is intriguing mixture of Western drone rock with Indian sitar, dull at its worst.

Ty Segall

Impressive and exciting mash-up of garage rock and electronica from prolific cult musician Ty Segall.


Straight to the Head: Jogibs Records Presents Knockout Sounds
Mixed bag of styles and quality in this compilation of early reggae from Joe Gibbs, who became one of the music’s pre-eminent producers.

Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters

Destiny Waiving
Album of electronica-dominated instrumentals from former Engineers Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters is a sleek but disappointing construction.

Lou Barlow

Reason to Live
Fourth solo album from Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh member, folky and lo-fi in style, only partly justifies its existence.


Leap of Faith
Debut from Canadian progressive band with European and Middle Eastern roots Derev is both musicianly and heartfelt

Kevin Hewick

Never Give Up On a Song
Musically varied tenth album from Leicester singer-songwriter Kevin Hewick proves a strong collection concerned both with connection and its lack

Ja, Panik

Die Gruppe
Intriguing sixth album from Austrian rock band Ja, Panik after several years’ absence, which mixes musical approaches with German and English lyrics.

Black Pistol Fire

Look Alive
Canadian duo Black Pistol Fire offer impassioned and energetic rock with some subtle twists and turns

Gary Lucas

The Essential Gary Lucas
Wide-ranging retrospective on eclectic career of guitarist Gary Lucas reflects his roles as Gods and Monsters band leader and adventurous collaborator with such as Jeff Buckley and Captain Beefheart

James Williamson and Deniz Tek

Two to One
Stooges guitarist James Williamson and Radio Birdman frontman Deniz Tek team up to make solid rock

Izzy and the Black Trees

Trust No One
Varied and strong debut from Polish rock band Izzy and the Black Trees


Ultra Mono
Third incisive barrage from critically acclaimed Bristol band IDLES

Professor and the Madman

Fourth album from US/UK punk rock veterans draws on 1960’s and 70’s influences to create entertaining but ultimately lightweight album

Hermetic Delight

F.A. Cult
Debut album from French band Hermetic Delight who try to merge rock and pop, and at their best produce deep pleasure


Nothing Belongs to Anything
Strong debut EP from French post-rock and noise purveyors Cosse

Ist Ist

Strong debut album from post-punk Mancunians Ist Ist, who while they have Joy Division in their DNA reveal themselves to be no clones

Bobby Lees

Skin Suit
Lust for life garage rock with the engine running, on Jon Spencer-produced debut from New York’s The Bobby Lees.


Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth
Outstanding fourth album in five years from melodic Brooklyn indie supergroup SAVAK who have hardcore roots

Andrew Hawkey

Long Story Short
Veteran Cornish singer-songwriter Andrew Hawkey's reflections of where he’s been and where the world is going on his fourth album


Dear Tired Friends
Impressive fourth album from Arizona-based post-punk group Audra, their first in a decade

Richard James Simpson

Deep Dream

Richard James Simpson

Deep Dream
Second solo album from American musician Richard James Simpson who mixes soundscapes with energetic rock but rarely unites them

Filthy Friends

Emerald Valley
Passionate second album from Oregon-based Filthy Friends counts the cost of human and environmental exploitation


French rock band’ FTR’s second album mixes melody, noise and strong rhythms to sometimes formidable effect

Hedvig Mollestad Trio

Smells Funny
Norwegian group Hedvig Mollestad Trio skilfully blend jazz and rock in music that reaches the head before the heart


Third album from British dream-pop quartet Coldharbourstores has light and warmth but doesn’t fully catch fire

Matthew Sweet

Blue Sky on Mars/In Reverse
Reissued brace of underrated late 90's albums by American singer and guitarist Matthew Sweet offers both power and pop

Stuart Anthony and Larry Beckett

Love and Trial
Often moving collaboration in which Larry Beckett, famed co-writer of songs with Tim Buckley, recites both ancient and modern words while Stuart Anthony composes and sings them on this

Moon Relay

Second album of experimental rock from Norwaegian outfit Moon Relay is repetitive yet compelling

Art Theefe

Dig Deep
Disappointing debut album from Oxford-based trio Art Theefe mixes rock, country and folk with more art than heart

Grand Blue Heron

Come Again
Powerful and fiercely performed second album from energetic Belgian rockers Grand Blue Heron

Tekstu TV-666

Aidettu Tulevaisuus
Debut from Finnish six-piece rock band Teksti-TV 666 which is a more than promising start

Sharon Gal

The Garden of Earthly Delight
Prolific sound artist Sharon Gel's latest album which yields some strange but appealing fruit


Firm but Fair
Third album from Bristol band the Brackish shows melodic sense and musicians who listen to each other

Scottish Enlightenment

Potato Flower
Thoughtful songs with tough heart on second album from Scottish post-rock band the Scottish Enlightenment


Time Elastic
Mildly impressive second album from Laish that in the end is too mild-mannered for its own good

Buffalo Tom

Quiet And Peace
Reflective ninth album from Boston alternative rock band Buffalo Tom which shows they can still rouse their original energy

Zombie Picnic

Rise of a New Ideology
Self-styled ‘post-rock progressive’ band from Ireland Zombie Picnic who offer echoes more than originality, although well-played

Cold Spells

The Cold Spells
Folk at heart but with psychedelic hints, the Cold Spells’ first album works a fitful magic.

Modulus III

Modulus III
Improvised music from post-jazz electronica Bristol trio Modulus III which makes little impression


Excellent new album from New Zealand duo Miniatures whose music creatively echoes the Cocteau Twins


Introduction to Escape-ism
Latest guise of Nation of Ulysses veteran Ian Svenonius proves to be a stripped-down vehicle of rock and roll dissent


Third album from Toronto duo Beliefs is an unsettling mixture of both rock and electronica


The Moral Crossing
Fine second album from Leeds post-punk band Autobahn which challenges and excites

Graham Reynolds

A Scanner Darkly: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Graham Reynolds’ reissued soundtrack to Richard Linklater’s film proves both poignant and powerful

62 Miles From Space

Time Shifts EP
Moscow-based Internet collaborators 62 Miles From Space take off to discover a psychedelic past in the present

I Speak Machine

Zombies 1985
American music and film duo I Speak Machine’s journey back to the 1980s which proves more dead than alive

Jane Weaver

Modern Kosmology
British musician and singer Jane Weaver creates an ambitious tapestry of electro, pop, rock, folk and jazz on sixth album


Welcome Home
Emerging Suffolk indie quartet Superglu rattle through rambunctious release

Green Seagull

Scarlet/They Just Don't Know
Enjoyable new single from London psych-pop band Green Seagull which alternately soothes and swings

Black Angels

Death Song
First album in four years from Texan psychedelians the Black Angels rages superbly against the dying of the light


A Pink Sunset for No One
Imaginative new album from Noveller, the nom de plume for exploratory American guitarist Sarah Lipstate

Georges Kaplan Presents

Four Card Trick
Debut EP from London-based jazz duo Georges Kaplan Presents who conjure some dexterous musical magic


Debut mini-album from Leeds-based Brooders has its roots in 1990s rock but is infused with a fresh energy and passion


The Shape of Drums to Come
Italian musician Davide Compagnoni’s first solo effort as Khompa proves to be a Big Beat fusion of punk and progressive

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