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Steve Miles


In the third part of his four part series, Steve Miles continues his interview with Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, putting his writing process under the spotlight, and looking at how focus on mental health plays a key role in the band’s bond with the audience.
In the fourth and final part of his series on music and mental health, Steve Miles talks to Heavenly’s Amelia Fletcher, on the band and the tragic death of her brother in 1997.

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

In this special article spread over four parts, Steve Miles discusses the role of intimacy and belonging in music. He begins by remembering encounters with Joy Division and New Order, and starts to conduct an extensive and wide-ranging interview with The Hold Steady frontman, Craig Finn.
In the second part of this four part article Steve Miles examines the links between religion and fandom with The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, and ponders the effect of gigs by The Smiths, The Libertines and The Dandy Warhols as he continues to find an answer to the question of why and how music matters so much.
In 'In Dreams Begin Responsibilities' Steve Miles assesses and talks to Marlody about her extraordinary debut album. ''I'm Not Sure At All'.
‘In Dreams Begin Responsibilities’ Steve Miles looks at the world of work, and with reference to Lou Reed, The Ramones, The Fall, Generation X, 999 and Patrik Fitzgerald, asks why so few songs have otherwise been written about it.

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