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Anthony Dhanendran


James Yorkston

Anthony Dhanendran speaks to folk singer James Yorkston about his third and latest album 'The Year of the Leopard Song', his musical and other influences, and his recent decision to play shorter tours

House Of Love

Back together to play some 'Don't Look Back' shows and having had their first EP and album just reissued, Anthony Dhanendran chats to Guy Chadwick from the House of Love about his influential band's destruction in the 1980's by the recording industry itself and their future recording plans
Anthony Dhanendran attends a press conference with Grinderman, the new band of Nick Cave and Dirty Three and Bads Seeds violinist Warren Ellis, at which they talk about their self-titled debut album and their first ever live performance at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival
Tunng's song-driven folk electronica albums has won them ectastic acclaim, especially for their second album 'Comments of the Inner Chrous'. Anthony Dhanendran catches up with singer/lyricist Sam Genders and producer Mike Lindsey in London on their first ever tour.

Pere Ubu
Scout Niblett
David Kitt

Siberian rockers and throat singers Yat Kha have just released 'Re-Covers', an album of covers of songs by largely British artists including Led Zeppelin and Joy Division. Anthony Dhanendran talks to front man Albert Kuvezin about it
Pere Ubu have just re-released their 2002 album 'St Arkanas' and are about to embark on a new British tour. Frontman and founder David Thomas chats to Anthony Dhanendran
Nottingham-born but now American-based hardcore singer-songwriter Scout Niblett has just released her third album 'Kidnapped by Neptune'. She talks to Anthony Dhanendran about moving to America and the new album
Much acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter David Kitt has recently released a collection of cover songs, 'The Black and Red Notebook'. On the eve of a British tour, he chats to Anthony Dhanendran about it and his four album career

Ella Guru
Misty's Big Adventure
Wonder Stuff
I Am Kloot

Fragilely melodic, but sprawling Liverpool act released one of the albums of the year with their debut album, 'The First Album'. Frontman John Yates speaks to Anthony Dhanendran about it, and the band's new single 'Park Lane Speakers'
Quirky Birmingham eight piece Misty’s Big Adventure have just released their debut album. Frontman Grandmaster Gareth talks to Anthony Dhanendran about it and the band's eight year history
One of the big names of the early 90's, the Wonder Stuff have recently reformed and have a new album, 'Escape from Rubbish Island' out. Frontman Miles Hunt chats to Anthony Dhanendran about the new album and being back together
In the second part of our interview with acclaimed Manchester group I am Kloot, frontman Jonny Bramwell talks to Anthony Dhanendran about playing Glastonbury and the band's recent collaboration with Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston

I Am Kloot
Aleister Crowley
Fonda 500
Phobos 3

One of the leading lights of the Manchester music scene, I am Kloot recently played a one-off show in London . In the first of a two part interview frontman Jonny Bramwell speaks to Anthony Dhanendran about his band's hard touring schedule
Also a member of cult electronica group Fridge, Adem has recently released his debut solo album 'Homesongs' and has been touring it up and down Britain. He speaks to Anthony Dhanendran about his new solo career
Battling against the perils of a soundcheck and an over enthusiastic DJ, Anthony Dhanendran's interview with Fonda 500 at a recent London gig goes disastrously wrong, but still manages to come to a happy conclusion
Steve Jones and Richard Pushong tasted mainstream success in the mid-1990's as Elixir. When their studio was ransacked, they formed a new post-rock band, Phobos 3. They talk to Anthony Dhanendran about the problems and benefits of running two bands


Anthony Dhanendran finds fascinating Mike Hipple's new book 'Lived Through That: 90s Musicians Today' in which he talks to and photographs an assortment of 90's indie musicians.

Ian Dury

Anthony Dhanendran examines 'Sharon Signs to Cherry Red', an eclectic new double CD retrospective which features indie label female artists from 1979 to 1985
Anthiony Dhanendran looks at excellent new box set, 'Millions Like Us', which compiles together tracks of many of the lost bands of the late 1970s and 1980s Mod Revival
Anthony Dhanendran reflects upon Ian Dury's early 1980s albums on the Polydor label, 'Lord Upminster' and '4,000 Weeks Holiday', which have both just been reissued on CD
'Communications 1978-1992' is a new four CD box set dedicated to Factory Records. Anthony Dhanendran examines Factory Records' massive influence and its history

Live Reviews

Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite
Billy Bragg and Joe Henry
Coal Porters

Anthony Dhanendran watches a mixed bag of a show from intriguing blues-rock duo Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite.
Anthony Dhanendran watches Billy Bragg and Joe Henry play both solo and joint sets at a gig at the Union Chapel in London
Anthony Dhanendran watches bluegrass outfit the Coal Porters play a gripping set at an afternoon gig at The Union Chapel in London

Favourite Albums


In our 'Re:View' section in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Anthony Dhanendran examines the Jam's 1982 sixth and final album, 'The Gift', which is about to be released in a deluxe box set edition to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the band's break-up
Anthony Dhanendran reflects upon the various new editions of Nirvana's classic second album, 'Nevermind', which have been released to coincide with its twentieth anniversary
For the latest in our Favourite Albums series, Anthony Dhanendran writes about Queen's classic fourth album, 'A Night at the Opera"


Beautiful South


Anthony Dhanendran argues the case for and reflects on his ten favourite songs by the much maligned and heavily criticised the Beautiful South.
Long-standing writer Anthony Dhanendran, who started writing for our site in 2002, runs through his favourite tracks from Pennyblackmusic's history.

Half Man Half Biscuit

In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...', Anthony Dhanendran writes of his favourite songs by Prince
In our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a favourite band or artist, Anthony Dhanendran writes about his favourite songs by satirical rockers and John Peel favourites, Half Man Half Biscuit
Anthony Dhanendran writes, in our 'Gig of a Lifetime' series, of seeing Oasis in 1995, at a stadium show at the Earl's Court Arena in London.
In the latest in our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' series, in which our writers tell of the personal impact of music on their lives, Anthony Dhanendran tells of the discovery during the Britpop era of the Jam


New Order
Old Man Luedecke
History of Colour TV

Late-90s cult legends Hefner release another beautiful BBC session EP which peels back the years
Disorientating latest album and their first without iconic bassist and founder member Peter Hook from New Order
Witty and country folk/pop on fifth album from award-winning Nova Scotia-based artist, Old Man Luedecke
Extraordinary debut album from shoegazing-influenced Anglo-American Berlin-based act, the History of Colour TV

Phil Martin
Barry Adamson
Mott The Hoople

Unessential collection of remixes of Nick Cave's side project Grinderman's second album
Largely effective solo debut album from English musician Phil Martin, who has adapted several classic poems and set them to music
Uninspiring initially, but ultimately fascinating and rewarding first solo album in four years from former Bad Seeds and Magazine guitarist, Barry Adamson
Fascinating DVD documentary film about 70's band Mott the Hoople, which will appeal to anyone with an interest in British rock

Chris Allen
Nathaniel Rateliff
Willie Nelson
Owen Pallett

Impressively versatile third album of 1980's and 1990's influenced rock from Cleveland-based singer-songwriter, Chris Allen
Slow-burning, but memorable latest album from world weary Missouri-based singer-songwriter, Nathaniel Rateliff
Entertaining collection of traditional recordings from Willie Nelson, recorded with currently in-demand producer T-Bone Burnett
Orchestral and melancholic first solo album for Final Fantasy man Owen Pallett, which reveals a new seriousness

Arthur Walker
Bad Lieutenant
Leo Abrahams
Balky Mule

Energetic and enthusiastic debut album from Plymouth-based four-piece Arthur Walker which, however, is challenging because of its lack of focus and direction
Likeable, but routine-in-sound debut album from Bad Lieutenant, the latest project of New Order's Bernard Sumners
Sometimes excellent, and always pleasant latest album from guitar virtouso Leo Abrahams, who has both a folk and a jazz influence
Endearing merging of lo-fi sounds and electronica on debut album from Balky Mule, the project of Bristol-raised, but now Australian-based musician, Sam Jones

Samuel Markus and the Only Ones
Minotaur Shock
Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

Remarkable Americana on debut album from Californian-based, but Canadian-born singer-songwriter Samuel Markus and his band the Only Ones, which despite swooping through a variety of genres and styles, comes across as surprisingly cohesive
Sparse, intriguing ambience on second album from trained, former chorister, Sonny
Complex but classy folktronica on fourth album from Minotaur Shock, the project of Bristol-based musician David Edwards, who for its digital version has prepared his own pricing scheme of how much he thinks each track is worth
Flawed, but fascinating second album from Mississippi blues and Appalachian hill country-influenced Canadians, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

Sara Berg
This Town Needs Guns / Cats And Cats And Cats
Maximo Park
North Sea Radio Orchestra

Flawed, but eventually satisfying second album from promising Scandinavian singer-songwriter Sara Berg
Innovative post rock on split Cd from two of Britain's best up-and-coming bands, Cats and Cats and Cats and This Town Needs Guns
Lavishly-produced, but nevertheless bitingly sharp second album from Maximo Park, the follow-up to their bestselling 'A Certain Trigger;
Complex and unusual but ultimately highly rewarding folk music on debut album from the North Sea Radio Orchestra

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