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Anthony Dhanendran - Reviews

New Order

Music Complete
Disorientating latest album and their first without iconic bassist and founder member Peter Hook from New Order

Old Man Luedecke

Tender is the Night
Witty and country folk/pop on fifth album from award-winning Nova Scotia-based artist, Old Man Luedecke

History of Colour TV

Emerald Cures Chic Ills
Extraordinary debut album from shoegazing-influenced Anglo-American Berlin-based act, the History of Colour TV


Grinderman 2 RMX
Unessential collection of remixes of Nick Cave's side project Grinderman's second album

Phil Martin

Before We Go To Paradise
Largely effective solo debut album from English musician Phil Martin, who has adapted several classic poems and set them to music

Barry Adamson

I Will Set You Free
Uninspiring initially, but ultimately fascinating and rewarding first solo album in four years from former Bad Seeds and Magazine guitarist, Barry Adamson

Mott The Hoople

The Ballad of Mott the Hoople
Fascinating DVD documentary film about 70's band Mott the Hoople, which will appeal to anyone with an interest in British rock

Chris Allen

Impressively versatile third album of 1980's and 1990's influenced rock from Cleveland-based singer-songwriter, Chris Allen

Nathaniel Rateliff

In Memory of Loss
Slow-burning, but memorable latest album from world weary Missouri-based singer-songwriter, Nathaniel Rateliff

Willie Nelson

Country Music
Entertaining collection of traditional recordings from Willie Nelson, recorded with currently in-demand producer T-Bone Burnett

Owen Pallett

Orchestral and melancholic first solo album for Final Fantasy man Owen Pallett, which reveals a new seriousness

Arthur Walker

Animal Nights
Energetic and enthusiastic debut album from Plymouth-based four-piece Arthur Walker which, however, is challenging because of its lack of focus and direction

Bad Lieutenant

Never Cry Another Tear
Likeable, but routine-in-sound debut album from Bad Lieutenant, the latest project of New Order's Bernard Sumners

Leo Abrahams

The Grape and the Grain
Sometimes excellent, and always pleasant latest album from guitar virtouso Leo Abrahams, who has both a folk and a jazz influence

Balky Mule

The Length of the Rail
Endearing merging of lo-fi sounds and electronica on debut album from Balky Mule, the project of Bristol-raised, but now Australian-based musician, Sam Jones

Samuel Markus and the Only Ones

New Dawn
Remarkable Americana on debut album from Californian-based, but Canadian-born singer-songwriter Samuel Markus and his band the Only Ones, which despite swooping through a variety of genres and styles, comes across as surprisingly cohesive


The Spirit of Elegy
Sparse, intriguing ambience on second album from trained, former chorister, Sonny

Minotaur Shock

Amateur Dramatics
Complex but classy folktronica on fourth album from Minotaur Shock, the project of Bristol-based musician David Edwards, who for its digital version has prepared his own pricing scheme of how much he thinks each track is worth

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

Ten Thousand
Flawed, but fascinating second album from Mississippi blues and Appalachian hill country-influenced Canadians, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

Sara Berg

When I Was Young I Used to Feel Pleasure from Playing with Others
Flawed, but eventually satisfying second album from promising Scandinavian singer-songwriter Sara Berg

This Town Needs Guns / Cats And Cats And Cats

This Town Needs Guns / Cats And Cats And Cats
Innovative post rock on split Cd from two of Britain's best up-and-coming bands, Cats and Cats and Cats and This Town Needs Guns

Maximo Park

Our Earthly Pleasures
Lavishly-produced, but nevertheless bitingly sharp second album from Maximo Park, the follow-up to their bestselling 'A Certain Trigger;

North Sea Radio Orchestra

North Sea Radio Orchestra
Complex and unusual but ultimately highly rewarding folk music on debut album from the North Sea Radio Orchestra


Secret Chiefs
Promising and sometimes special new EP from Northern group Superkings, one of the definite tips for 2007

Juana Molina

Excellent lo-fi electronic folk rock from former Argentinian chat-show host and comedian, Juana Molina


Check The Water
Eclectic 10th anniversary double CD and retrospective from the Leaf label

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Bleak, but beautiful and accomplished fourth album from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, the nom de plume for keyboardist and singer-songwriter Owen Ashworth


Accomplished new single from electronic folk rockers Tunng, which bodes well for their forthcoming second album 'Comments of the Inner Chorus'


Quick And The Deaf
Unpretentious and thoroughly enjoyable three chord garage rock from unpolished Melbourne-based punks, the Specimens


Live At Purr
Superb compilation album from Bath label and club Purr, which chronicles two nights of live gigs featuring some of the best acts on their roster

Vashti Bunyan

Remarkable second album from long-lost folk artist Vashti Bunyan, which marks her return after a 35 year absence from the music inudstry

Devendra Banhart

Cripple Crow
Largely acoustic fifth album from distinctive, quirky Los Angeles based troubadour Devendra Banhart, which finds him moving away from home recordings and venturing for the first time into a proper recording studio


Future Perfect
Sparkingly taut debut album from Los Angeles band Autolux who "sound like the Pixies might sound if they were making new music today"


Twisted: Indie Floorfillers for a Twisted Generation
Mixed double CD collection of dance and house remixes from indie bands currently making waves in the charts


Slow, melodic alt-country rock on new EP from Vetiver, the group of Virginian Andy Cabic, which also features the much acclaimed Devendra Banhart on guitar

King Creosote

Rocket D.i.y
King Creosote is more usually known as Kenny Anderson, of Fife’s Fence Collective. Fence is a ‘rag-tag amalgam of bands, DJs and solo artists’ whose numbers also include Lone Pigeon and folk troubadou


Howlback Hum: We're From Norwich Vol#1
"Vibrant and fun" compilation of Norwich bands, which "hammers home the point that, musically at least, there is life outside the M25"

Geezers Of Nazareth

Songs On The Radio
Quirky, but relaxed debut album from British duo the Geezers of Nazareth, which combines "the best bit of 80's and 90's pop" with "a splash of 90's indie sensibilities"

Brant Bjork

Local Angel
Suprisingly mellow and overtly laid back space folk rock from ex-Kyuss and Fu Manchu drummer, Brant Bjork on a solo outing


Ear To The Ground
Debut EP from new female group, the Vibration, which, despite drawing comparisions with Siouxsie Sioux,Slint and Throwing Muses, remains completely indefinable

Misty's Big Adventure

And Their Place In The Solar Hi-Fi System
Eccentric and whimsical guitar-based pop on debut album from Birmingham-based group Misty's Big Adventure, whose sunny sound proves to be the perfect antidote to the autumn weather

Kate Rogers

St Eustacia
Eerily beautiful and long-awaited debut solo album from the ethereal-voiced Kate Rogers, the former frontwoman with Aim

To Rococo Rot

Hotel Morgen
Futuristic and worthy fifth album from much-acclaimed post-rockers, To Rococo Rot, which finds them returning to their art-school experimental sensibilities, and examining the concept of travel


Milk In My Language
Grey and moody debut album from Scandinavian duo Test, which proves to be "full of ideas and brimming with talent"


Can't Stop, on Fire
Beautiful and mellow Americana from Sussex-based group Chimp, which is deserving of a much wider audience


Excellent debut album from former Fridge star now-turned singer-songwriter Adem Ilhan, on which he merges acoustic music with electronica

Ivory Springer

32 Points On A Compass
Eclectic post-punk from Bristol outfit, Ivory Springer, which soon shakes off its Shellac influences, "to settle down into a more melodic, laid-back vibe"


Under The Skylon
Eclectic fourth album from the ever-thoughtful Candidate, which finds them looking deep back into the recent past for inspiration

Fonda 500

Spectrumatronicalogical Sounds
Life-affirming, infectious and uplifting indie rock from maverick Hull-based popsters, Fonda 500

David Kitt

Square 1
Homely, but totally engaging third album from Irishman David Kitt, now making waves on both sides of the Irish Sea


Long Time Coming
Joyous, jangly retro rock on second single from the much hyped Delays

Man In Formaldehyde

Copper Sulphate Crystals
Flawed, "slightly too anonymous" electronica from one man solo project from the Isle of Wight


Superb electro-pop from Decades, the nom de plume of Greek DJ Pici, which, despite being heavily 80's influenced, "would sound out of place at any other time than now"


Adventurous debut mini-album from Basque trio, which avoids categorisation " elusively skirting between post-rock and a more melodic pop style"

Matt Elliott

Mess We Made
Haunting, disorientating solo debut album from former Third Eye Foundation frontman, Matt Elliott, the Marilyn Manson of post-rock

Gold Chains

Young Miss America
Astonishingly "innovative hip-hop debut from Pennyslvanian rapper, Goldchains, which also takes in elements of 80's electronica, new wave, early house and funk


Tamper Evident
Energetic , "exhaustive" and "uncategorisable" debut album from established Bristol collective, Madnomad

Devendra Banhart

Oh Me Oh My...
Schizophrenic folk rock from latest signing to Michael Gira's Young God label, solo artist Devendra Banhart, who draws comparisions with Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, Jeffrey Lewis and the Moldy Peaches

Golden Rough

Well crafted third album from Australia's Golden Rough which finds them "moving away from the country-rock twang of their first two albums,replacing it with layered keyboards, vocals, strings and horns"

Hitchcocks Regret

Wistful, well-made debut album from Australian four-piece, "with an ear for a sharp melody and a gentle aura"

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