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Decades - First

  by Anthony Dhanendran

published: 27 / 10 / 2003

Decades - First
Label: Poeta Negra
Format: CD


Superb electro-pop from Decades, the nom de plume of Greek DJ Pici, which, despite being heavily 80's influenced, "would sound out of place at any other time than now"

DJ Pici, apparently, is a big cheese on the Thessaloniki scene. Not knowing anything about Greek electro, it’s difficult to judge just how much of his sound here is a result of his “flawless technical skills." 'Decades' is Pici’s “electro-pop project." So far, so last year. But, PR bumf aside, this ain’t yer standard electroclash. In fact, 'The First 'is a perfectly pleasant electro album. It hasn’t even the merest hint of Greekness, but that’s neither here nor there, because what it has in spades are listenable melodies and danceable tunes. On the occasional track when Pici is joined by Kiki (oh, these Greeks and their rhyming names), 'Decades' come across like Ladytron. Otherwise the sound is heavily 80s-influenced – Kraftwerk and early Human League feature large in the mix. It’s not as backward-looking as it sounds, either. While it is heavily-80's influenced, the stylistic flourishes and the sheer polished professionalism of 'The First' would sound out of place at any other time than now. What lifts 'The First' above the average electroclash nonsense is the presence of good tunes, an ear for melody and genuine craft from a DJ who, while he may not have “flawless technical skills”, is pretty good nonetheless. Standout tracks include 'Please Breath', 'Poky Space', 'How Does This Sound' and opener 'Aphrodite Star'. Nothing on this album is going to set dancefloors alight, but, on the other hand, the album is that rare thing – listenable electro music.

Track Listing:-
1 Aphrodite Star
2 Please Breath
3 Little Angel
4 Priority
5 Poky Space
6 How Does This Sound
7 1970
8 Post Sincerity
9 Real Human Beings

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