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The Church

The Church - Interview with Steve Kilbey

Steve Kilbey, the vocalist and guitarist with Australian psychedelic/indie rock band The Church, talks to Denzil Watson, about his group’s long history and their forthcoming new album, ‘Eros Zeta and the Perfume Guitars’.

Near Jazz Experience

Near Jazz Experience - Interview

Fiona Hutchings talks to Mark Bedford and Terry Edwards about their limited-edition RSD release, 'The Character Actor EP', and much more besides.


Zombies - Interview

Vocalist Colin Blunstone talks to Lisa Torem about the Zombies’ upcoming UK and US tours, special guests and how the music business has changed since the Sixties.


Starless - Interview

Former Love and Money and Friends Again keyboardist Paul McGeechan speaks to John Clarkson about his orchestral project Starless and their third album 'Returning 'Home'.

Robin Trower

Robin Trower - Interview

When British guitarist/songwriter Robin Trower tours the UK and the US in 2024, he will feature songs from his 1974 gold record, ‘Bridge of Sighs,’ which is being meticulously reissued in May. Lisa Torem talks to him about the tour and the reissue.

Sami Sumner

Sami Sumner - Interview

London-based multi-instrumentalist Sami Sumner talks to Julie Cruickshank about his songwriting process and how he managed to achieve releasing twelve albums in one year.

Flaming Stars

Flaming Stars - Interview

UK garage punk band the Flaming Stars have two of their old John Peel sessions out on vinyl for the first time. Frontman Max Décharné talks about the importance of John Peel for the band, its high output career, and the impact of early MP3s on small bands and labels.

Secret Shine

Secret Shine - Interview

Kathryn Smith, the vocalist with Bristol indie pop/shoegazing group and former Sarah Records band Secret Shine, speaks to John Clarkson about her band's long career and its appearance on both the 'Under The Bridge' compilations.

Vetchinsky Settings

Vetchinsky Settings - Interview

Orchids frontman James Hackett and former St. Christopher guitarist Mark Tranmer talk to John Clarkson about their project Vetchinsky Settings, and its contribution to the 'Under The Bridge 2' compilation.

Leaf Mosaic

Leaf Mosaic - Interview

Former Sugargliders vocalist and guitarist Josh Meadows talks to John Clarkson about his memories of Sarah Records, his new band Leaf Mosaic and 'The Branch Line', its contribution to the new 'Under The Bridge 2' compilation.

Little Girls

Little Girls - Interview

Caron and Michele Maso from early 1980's Los Angeles satirical group The Little Girls speak to John Clarkson about their new compilation 'Valley Girls'.

Jack Roscoe

Jack Roscoe - Interview

Singer-songwriter Jack Roscoe talks to John Clarkson about releasing his first album 'Out of the Woods' at the age of 57 and the heart attack that changed his life for the better.

Rain Parade

Rain Parade - Interview

Matt Piucci and Steven Roback from Rain Parade chat with Kimberly Bright about their creative process, history, and enduring legacy.

Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips - Interview

Founder member of Genesis, guitarist Anthony Phillips chats to Eoghan Lyng about his long, eclectic solo career and recent reissue of 1970s works.

X Ray Spex

X Ray Spex - Interview

Andrew Twambley speaks to Paul Dean, the bassist with iconic punk act X-Ray Spex about the vinyl reissue of their lost second album, 'Conscious Consumer'.

Autumn 1904

Autumn 1904 - Interview

Keyboardist Allan Dumbreck talks to John Clarkson about his Edinburgh-formed post-punk outfit Autumn 1904's return forty years after they broke up and the recent release of their album. 'Tales of Innocence'.

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Interview

Ranking Jnr talks to Philamonjaro about carrying on his late father Rankin’ Roger’s legacy with the Beat.

Megon McDonough

Megon McDonough - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to one-woman musical institution Megon McDonough about her long career, from working with John Denver, Harry Chapin and John Prine, to her latest project doing jazz covers of the Burt Bacharach and Hal David songbook.

Shaw's Trailer Park

Shaw's Trailer Park - Interview

Julie Cruickshank talks to Brighton psychedelic/prog collective Shaw's Trailer Park abut their self-titled debut album and their creative process and influences.

Oldfield Youth Club

Oldfield Youth Club - Interview

Bitter Springs frontman Simon Rivers speaks to John Clarkson about his latest project Oldfield Youth Club and their debut album, ‘The Hanworth Are Coming’.

Red Eye Pariah

Red Eye Pariah - interview

Rising Northern Irish band Red Eye Pariah talk to Eoghan Lyng about their unusual influences, touring and eventual plans for an album.

Mark Vennis And A Different Place

Mark Vennis And A Different Place - Interview

Portsmouth-born but now London-based singer-songwriter Mark Vennis talks to Andrew Twambley and John Clarkson about his band A Different Place’s new mini-album ‘Small Town Vampire’, which reflects on the boredom of small town life.

Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett - Interview

Prog guitar legend Steve Hackett talks to Eoghan Lyng about his new album ‘The Circus and the Nightwhale’ and his years with Genesis,

James Whild Lea

James Whild Lea - Interview

Slade violinist and multi-instrumentallst James Whild Lea with his brother Frank Lea talks about his career with the 70's rockers, working with legendary manager Chas Chandler and his and Frank's underrated other band The Dummies.


Bathers - Interview with Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson, the frontman with acclaimed Scottish act The Bathers, speaks to John Clarkson about their first album in 24 years,, 'Sirenesque'.

the black watch

the black watch - Interview with John Andrew Fredrick

John Andrew Fredrick, the frontman with LA cult band the black watch, talks to John Clarkson about his book trilogy, 'The King of Good Intentions', which is about a 90's indie rock band, and his group's two forthcoming albums, 'The Morning Papers Have Given Us the Vapours' and 'Weird Rooms'.

Johny Brown

Johny Brown - Interview

Band of Holy Joy frontman Johny Brown talks to John Clarkson about his group's latest album 'Fated Beautiful Mistakes' and his forthcoming debut solo album 'Gut Feels'.

Jane Duffus

Jane Duffus - Interview

Writer Jane Duffus speaks to John Clarkson about her new book on Sarah Records, 'These Things Happen'.

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn - Interview

The Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn talks to Philamonjaro about his new live CD 'Journeyman' and his recent European acoustic tour.


Sharks - Interview

Sharks’ frontman and 70’s punk influence Steve ‘Snips’ Parsons talks to Eoghan Lyng about their new film documentary, ‘Not A Rock Doc (A Shark’s Tale)’.

Nicola Black

Nicola Black - Interview

Film producer Nicola Black speaks to Andrew Twambley about her new project, ‘The Light Pours Out Of Me. an in-depth film about the life of guitarist John McGeoch,

Roy Moller

Roy Moller - Interview

Edinburgh-born singer and songwriter Roy Moller speaks to John Clarkson about his new album ‘Be My Baby’,which is about his discovery that his birth parents were Canadian and that his mother flew from Toronto to Edinburgh to give birth to and put him up for adoption.

Robert Davi

Robert Davi - Interview

Actor Robert Davi speaks to Eoghan Lyng about his other career as a singer and playing a Bond villain in ‘Licence to Kill’.

Black Hill Transmissions

Black Hill Transmissions - Interview

Experimental musician Mark Scanlan talks to John Clarkson about his project Black Hill Transmissions and its new release 'Transmissions #3'.

Louise McCorkindale

Louise McCorkindale - Interview

Aberdee singer-songwriter and former Only A Ghost frontwoman Louise McCorkindale talks to John Clarkson about her debut solo release, EP ‘Her Art’.

Joe McGrath

Joe McGrath - Interview

1960’s and 1970’s film and television director Joe McGrath talks to Adam Coxon about working with The Goons, The Beatles on promotional films and ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Help!’, Ringo Starr on ‘The Magic Christian’, and also 'Rising Damp -The Movie’.

Jeff Moller

Jeff Moller - Interview

American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Moller talks to Eoghan Lyng about his classic rock-inspired debut album, ‘Sigh Baby’.


Prisoners - Interview

James Taylor, the keyboardist and the organ player, with legendary 80's garage-rock band The Prisoners talks to Denzil Watson about their reformation for a show at The Roundhouse in London and their forthcoming first album in almost forty years.

Ken Loach

Ken Loach - Interview

Adam Coxon talks to film director Ken Loach about his long career and the making of his films including 'Up The Junction', 'Cathy Come Home'. 'Kes' and 'I, Daniel Blake'.

John Philip Shenale

John Philip Shenale - Interview Part 1

Los Angeles composer and arranger John Philip Shenale is associated with Grammy-nominated artists: Tori Amos, Jane’s Addiction, Tracy Chapman and Billy idol. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ‘Night of Hunters,’ he shares excerpted highlights of his five-decade career.

John Philip Shenale

John Philip Shenale - Interview  Part 2

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ‘Night of Hunters’ L.A. composer/arranger/producer John Philip Shenale discusses his role in the intricacies of Tori Amos’s classically-based album, and more.

Eric Bell

Eric Bell - Interview

Legendary guitarist Eric Bell chats to Adam Coxon about working with Van Morrison in Them and Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy, his fifty year career and his autobiography 'Remembering'.

Blue Highways

Blue Highways - Interview

Callum Lury from London-based America trio The Blue Highways, which comprises of three brothers, speaks to Julie Cruickshank about their progress to date and their Bruce Springsteen-influenced second album, ‘Out on The Line’.

Madeline Bell

Madeline Bell - Interview

Former Blue Mink singer Madeline Bell talks to Adam Coxon about her career in the 1960s and 1970s working as a backing singer for artists and producers such as John Lennon, George Harrison, Phil Spector and Giorgio Moroder and her friendship with Dusty Springfield.

Ashley Reaks

Ashley Reaks - Interview

Harrogate multi-talent Ashley Reaks just released ‘Winter Crawls,’ which includes a host of well-known guests, superb imagery and one-off instrumental work. He updates Lisa Torem with the back stories.

Dave Mattacks

Dave Mattacks - Interview

Legendary drummer and percussionist Dave Mattacks talks to Adam Coxon about his on-off career with Fairport Convention, working with The Albion Band and session work with Paul McCartney and Richard Thompson.

Basil Gabbidon

Basil Gabbidon - Interview

Adam Coxon speaks to influential reggae artist Basil Gabbidon about his musical journey, especially with his band Steel Pulse.


NOISE - Interview

New Glasgow-based band NOISE speak to John Clarkson about their experimental debut EP, 'Not Until Tomorrow Night'.

Wreckless Eric

Wreckless Eric - Interview

70's icon Wreckless Eric speaks to Andrew Twambley about his new album 'Leisureland' and being an outsider in the music industry

Nani Noam Vazana

Nani Noam Vazana - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to vocalist, songwriter and instrumentalist Nani Noam Vazana, who is touring internationally in support of fourth studio album, ‘Key Haber,’ a tribute to the Ladino language

Morton Valence

Morton Valence - Interview

Robert 'Hacker' Jessett from 'urban country' group Morton Valence speaks to John Clarkson about their self-titled eighth album and their unusual interpretation of Americana.

Tim Arnold

Tim Arnold - Interview

Acclaimed solo artist Tim Arnold talks to Eoghan Lyng about his recent diagnosis of autism, and his new album 'Super Connected', which seven years in the making, reflects critically on technology.

Michael Lindsay Hogg

Michael Lindsay Hogg - Interview

Eoghan Lyng talks to filmmaker and director Michael Lindsay-Hogg about his work on The Beatles' 'Let It Be', 'Brideshead Rvisited' and The Rolling Stones' 'Rock and Roll Circus'.

Black Duck

Black Duck - Interview

Black Duck is a rising star of a band hailing from Chicago. The trio’s guitarist, Bill D. MacKay, talks to Lisa Torem about their self-titled debut, influences and songwriting.

Richard Cabut

Richard Cabut - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to music journalist Richard Cabut about his reissued debut novel, ‘Looking for a Kiss’ and its forthcoming film adaption.

Declining Winter

Declining Winter - Interview

Adrian Janes talks to Yorkshire-based musician Richard Adams about his band The Declining Winter's first album in five years, 'Really Early, Really Late'.

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