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Malcolm Carter


Chris Wade speaks about his work as Dodson & Fogg, working with actors for his latest project, maintaining a breakneck work rate and why he’s putting the Dodson & Fogg name on hold

Spring '68
Asha McCarthy
Peter Waterman

New York City=based but English-born singer-songwriter Edward Rogers talks to Malcolm Carter about his new project Spring ‘68’s French pop influenced album, ‘Sightseeing Thru Music’.
Asha McCarthy tells Malcolm Carter about 'Epitaph', a shining beacon of an album that came from a place of darkness
Producer Peter Waterman talks to Malcolm Carter about his mobile studio Longcroft Recording, how his career has survived lockdown and working with Southend-on-Sea trio In Earnest on their remarkable New EP, ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’.

Dodson and Fogg
Doghouse Roses
United Bible Studies

Dodson and Fogg's Chris Wade speaks to Malcolm Carter about his recent EP 'Watch the Moon', its accompanying film, and also working with Nigel Planer.
Malcolm Carter talks to Nick Halliwell, Steve Perrin and Mike Finney from underrated new wave band The Distractions about the long-awaited reissue of their 1980 debut album ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ in a two CD 40th Anniversary edition.
Malcolm Carter talks to Paul Tasker, the guitarist with Glasgow-based Americana/folk duo Doghouse Roses about their fourth album, ‘We Are Made of Light’.
Malcolm Carter speaks to David Colohan, Dom Cooper and Alison O’Donnell from psychedelic folk act United Bible Studies about its evolving membership and latest album, 'Cave Hill Ascension'.

Louise Aubrie
Catty Pearson
Karen Jonas
Chris Wade

Malcolm Carter speaks to London singer-songwriter Louise Aubrie about her new solo album 'When I Don’t Love You I’ll Let You Know’ and the surprising influence of Cary Grant on it.
London-based singer-songwriter Catty Pearson answers talks to Malcolm Carter about her her acclaimed debut EP ‘Time Tells Me’.
Much acclaimed and rising country singer-songwriter Karen Jonas talks to Malcolm Carter about combining motherhood with a heavy touring schedule and her just released third album, 'Butter'.
Dodson and Fogg multi-instrumentalist turned film-maker Chris Wade talks to Malcolm Carter about 'Cuentos', his intriguing new surreal short film.

Granite Shore
Chris Wade
Alison O' Donnell

Nick Halliwell found that there was only one way he could vent his anger over the European referendum result - make a new album with his group, The Granite Shore. He tells Malcolm Carter about the influences behind this album, in particular his love of that most European of pop bands, Abba.
Malcolm Carter speaks to author and Dodson and Fogg frontman Chris Wade about his second feature film, ‘Seven Days In Never’.
Alison O'Donnell, the former front woman with 1960's/1970's pioneering folk outfit Mellow Candle, speaks to Malcolm Carter about her forthcoming second solo album,‘Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace’
The recent release of the band's third album, ‘Kindly Leave The Stage’ on the Occultation Recordings label is being promoted as the last Distractions album. Malcolm Carter speaks to Steve Perrin and Nick Halliwell about why they have decided this will be the final word from the Distractions.


Malcolm Carter reflects on two new stunning albums from Chris Wade (aka Dodson and Fogg, which showcase all sides to his many talents.

Kevan Furbank
Reg Meuross
Alison O' Donnell

Malcolm Carter finds that Managing Editor of the Irish Daily Mirror and author of music books Kevan Furbank has issued a fact-filled and entertaining paperback of that most crucial year in music 1967.
Including discs which have been out of print for some time, a new six CD set of Somerset singer-songwriter Reg Meuross’s output from 1996 until 2013 brings all of his work together. Malcolm Carter reviews.
Malcolm Carter examines 'Songlife', a new vinyl box set from 1960's pop/psychedelic act Nirvana, which combines five albums plus a previously unreleased musical.
Malcolm Carter examines folk legend Alison O'Donnell's two new digital releases, a compilation of her 50-year career in music and a new set of songs with Head South By Weaving.

Live Reviews

Sarah MacDougall - Morris, Ängelholm, 25/3/2010

Sarah MacDougall
At the intimate venue of Morris in Ängelholm, Malcolm Carter watches Swedish-born, but Canadian-based country/folk singer invest new meaning into her songs in an emotional and extended acoustic solo set

Favourite Albums

Sam Shinazzi
Sons of Adam

In our 'Re:VIew' section' Malcolm Carter reflects on last year's sixth studio album from Australian singer-songwriter Sam Shinazzi, this time produced by power pop legend Michael Carpenter, which proved an inspired move that has produced Shinazzi’s finest album to date.
In our Re:View section, in which our writers look back at records from the past, Malcolm Carter celebrates a brlliantly produced double CD package of 60's cult band The Sons Of Adam’s complete output.
In our 'Re:View' section, in which our writers look at albums from the past, Malcolm Carter finds that The Who’s finest album, 1967's 'The Who Sells Out', is given the box set treatment it deserves with five CDs, two vinyl 7 inch singles and a book worth the price of admission alone.


Status Quo

Mickey Newbury

In ‘The Image That Made Me Weep’ Malcolm Carter reflects upon a photo taken at a Status Quo gig he attended with his son in 2009.
Malcolm Carter in 'Ten Songs that Made Me Love...' writes of some of his favourite songs by 60's singer-songwriter Mickey Newbury.

Deacon Blue
Miley Cyrus

Despite being uninspired by their earlier records, Malcolm Carter in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' finds much to recommend on Deacon Blue's three recent albums
In our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a particular band or artist, Malcolm Carter reflects on his favourite songs by the often critically derided Miley Cyrus
In our 'Gig of a Lifetime' series, Malcolm Carter recalls the first gig he ever attended in 1969, a show by legendary blues artist John Mayall at the Civic Hall in Guildford
In the latest in our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' series, in which our writers describe the personal impact of music on their lives, Malcolm Carter writes about meeting and falling for his wife against a backdrop of acts such as the Beach Boys, the Chi-Lites, Jim Stover and the Hollies


Groovy Uncle
Kelly Bayfield
Annie Capps
Ian M. Bailey

Tenth album under Glenn Prangnell’s Groovy Uncle banner finds him diverting from his usual musical path
Solo debut from folk singer/songwriter Kelly Bayfiel, which follows on from her album with Kev Walford, is a personal odyssey but one that will connect with many.
Annie Capps follows her eight studio albums with her partner Rod with her first ‘solo’ album, lyrically tracing her journey from the problems of a young girl to learning to let go of hurt and grief
Second album on Kool Kat Musik from Ian M Bailey who along with co-writer Daniel Wylie delivers eleven slices of gorgeous Byrdsian pop/folk

Lizzy Hardingham
Feedback File
Mary Fahl

New album from Lizzy Hardingham touching upon the relationship between music and mental health
Stunning new album from John Almond's The Feedback File which brings to mind classic songwriters such as Burt Bacharach and Jimmy Webb
Haunting new abum from ex- October Project singer-songwriter Mary Fahl who reinterprets ten songs from her youth., making these the definitive cover versions.
Stunning first album in thirty years from under-appreciated and harmonic 1960/1970's American family group The Cowsills, whose time has surely finally come in the UK

Dodson and Fogg
Steve Robinson and Ed Woltil
Dodson and Fogg
Oliver Earnest

Back and sooner than we thought, Chris Wade returns with further journeys into the musical world of Dodson and Fogg
Second album from ex-Headlights and Ditchflowers members Steve Robinson and Ed Woltil provides a dozen slices of perfect pop perfection and is one of 2022’s best
Mainly instrumental album from Chris Wade’s Dodson and Fogg project to accompany his poetry book with the same title proves another stunning work.
Debut solo album from former member of post-punk band Kaufmann Frust, now recording under the name Oliver Earnest, combines a contemporary wall of sound with thoughtful lyrics

Michael Warren
Taylor Young Band
Reg Meuross and Harbottle & Jonas
Spring '68

Excellent mixture of covers and originals from Michael Warren who formally performed Bowie covers as Ziggy Heroe in the 1970s and 1980s.
Uplifting and appealing collection of songs on debut album from the Taylor Young Band which mixes pop, country and power pop perfectly
Perfect collaboration between folk legend Reg Meuross and Harbottle and Jonas featuring their take on ten traditional folk songs.
Highly recommended. album from Spring ‘68, which is inspired by its creator Edward Rogers' fascination with the music and culture of late ‘60s France.

August List
Karen Jonas
Asha McCarthy
Groovy Uncle

Third album from Oxford’s The August List takes their brand of Americana down even weirder, fascinating paths than they have visited before
Four track EP from Karen Jonas featuring a cover of ‘The Boys Of Summer’ but it’s her originals that steal the show.
Fantastic debut album from Asha McCarthy whose cello-playing fusion of Indian, Western and folk music coupled with outstanding vocals is breathtaking
Excellent latest gem from Medway’s Groovy Uncle, this time recorded at home by main man Glenn Prangnell

Tony Tears
In Earnest
United Bible Studies
Firefay and Alison O'Donnell

Compelling new album from Italy’s Tony Tears who deserve more than to be only associated with the dark doom genres and here cover so much more ground
Second EP from Southend On Sea trio In Earnest, a perfect soundscape coupled with lyrics conveying how so many are suffering right now and which proves to be an essential listen.
Impressive two releases from collective United Bible Studies, one a cassette/download only issue, the other a double CD, which prove to essential listening for these worrying times.
Evocative and atmospheric second collection of songs from folk legend Alison O’Donnell with Firefay

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