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Jamie Rowland


Aimee Mann

Jamie Rowland talks to singer-songwriter Aimee Mann about her ninth solo album 'Mental Illness', her songwriting and the influence of film and comedy on her music

Hamilton Leithauser
Kristin Hersh
Golden Orioles

Jamie Rowland chats to ex-Walkmen front man Hamilton Leithauser about his debut solo album, 'Black Hours'
Jamie Rowland speaks to Kristin Hersh about Throwing Muses' first album in ten years 'Purgatory/Paradise' which has been packaged with a book, their UK tour, and her solo career
Jamie Rowland talks to former Das Wanderlust front man and guitarist Andy Elliott about his two new musicial projects, Golden Orioles and Council Tax Band

Arrows of Love
Funke and the Two-Time Baby
Bad Weather California
Nada Surf

Former front man with London-based alt-folk band, Hush the Many (Heed the Few) Nima Teranchi speaks about his abrasive current band the Arrows of Love and their new single 'Honey'
Jamie Rowland chats to Medway-based singer-songwriter Daniel Turnbull about his one-man alt-blues band Funke and the Two-Tone Baby and his recording career to date
Jamie Rowland chats to Chris Adolf, the front man with Denver-based band bad Weather California about their second album which has just been released on Akron/Family’s Family Tree Records, touring and playing back-up for Daniel Johnston
Jamie Rowland speaks to Matthew Caws, the front man with New York-based alternative rock act Nada Surf, about their extensive career and latest album, ‘The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy‘

Pocket Gods
Chris Olley
Shonen Knife

Jamie Rowland chats to Mark Christopher Lee from irreverent St Albans-based indii pop band the Pocket Gods about his group's recent Grammy nomination and new book, ‘Weird – The Life and Times of a Pocket God’
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten speaks to Jamie Rowland in her second interview with us about her forthcoming third album, 'Tramp', collaborating with the National's Aaron Dessner and being made to cry in her dentist’s office by a Hollywood musical star
Jamie Rowland speaks to Naoko Yamano, the guitarist/vocalist and founding member Naoko Yamano with Japanese punks about their thirty years together, and the effect of the Ramones on their work
Jamie Rowland speaks to Seth Olinsky from psychedelic folk act Akron/Family, about his group’s Japanese-influenced seventh album, ‘S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT’, and the video films that have been created to accompany each of the tracks on the new album.

Sarabeth Tucek
Sharon Van Etten
Radio Dept

At a show in London, Sarabeth Tucek speaks to Jamie Rowland about her much acclaimed second album, 'Get Well Soon', and the therapautic nature of her songwriting
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten speaks to Jamie Rowland about touring with the National and the therapeutic nature of music
Jamie Rowland talks to Michael Gira about his recent decision to reform his influential post-punk band Swans, the state of the music industry and his early years as a musician in New York
Jamie Rowland talks to Johan Duncanson from much acclaimed Swedish pop band, the Radio Dept., about his group’s forthcoming third album, ‘Clinging to a Scheme’.


American Honey

Jamie Rowland reflects on new road movie 'American Honey', which is about a girl joining a travelling teenage magazine crew, and its hip-hop-fused soundtrack

Green Peppers

Jamie Rowland findS impressive 'Bayou Maharajah', a new bio-documentary about the tragic life of brilliantly talented bot overlooked one-eyed blues pianist and drug addict, James Booker
Jamie Rowland is impressed by Tom Geens’ new film ‘Couple in a Hole’ which tells of a grief-stricken British couple living in a hole in the French Pyrenees and which includes a soundtrack from experimental group Beak
Jamie Rowland reflects, with albums of its music ‘BBC Radiophonic Music’ and ‘The Radiophonic Workshop’ just having been reissued, upon the history of the BBC's remarkable Radiophonic Workshop studios
Jamie Rowland examines the erratic career of Green Peppers, the solo project of former Soup Dragons' guitarist and Glasgow-based musician, Jim McCulloch

Live Reviews

Sharon Van Etten
Arrows of Love

Jamie Rowland watches Sharon Van Etten somehow makes a sold-out show at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London feel like an intimate performance, with a night of raw, confessional and beautiful music
Jamie Rowland watches Canadian new wave/indie rock band Metric play a fiery, if self-indulgent set at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London
Jamie Rowland is entranced by former Hush the Many guitarist/vocalist Nima Ternachi's current band Arrows of Love in an energetic and intimidating set at the Islington Academy in London

Favourite Albums

Talking Heads

Jamie Rowland examines influential indie rock outfit Pavement's 1997 fourth album, 'Brighten the Corners', which has just been re-released in a new double CD edition
In his first article for us new Pennyblackmusic writer Jamie Rowland examines the still seminal impact 26 years on of Talking Heads' classic 1979 album 'Fear of Music'


John Peel

Gimme Indie Rock

In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...', Jamie Rowland writes of ten songs that he first heard listening to John Peel's late night Radio 1 show
In the second of his Top 5 lists for his 'Gimme Indie Rock', Jamie Rowland provides a list of his five favourite drummers


In 'Gimme Indie Rock', Jamie Rowland talks to Matthew Caws from American alternative rock band Nada Surf about some of the records in his record collection
Jamie Rowland in 'Gimme Indie Rock' examines some of the current seasonal music and explains why crying is okay at Christmas
Jamie Rowland looks back on our Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night on October 29th at the Half Moon in Herne Hill in South London, which saw sets from Morton Valence, Madam, the Doomed Bird of Providence and Rome Pays Off
In ‘Gimme Indie Rock’ Jamie Rowland provides a short guide to creating the perfect compilation CD.


Of Arrowe Hill
Of Arrowe Hill
Sharon Van Etten
Wooden Wand

Promising start to a new project from of Arrowe Hill, who to mark the centenary of the First World War will be releasing one track a year between 1914 and 1918
Deceptively upbeat but lyrically dark download only single from of Arrowe Hill, the band of London-based singer-songwriter Adam Easterbrook
Uncompromising but compelling fourth album from New York-based singer-songwriter, Sharon Van Etten
Dreamy mix of folk, blues and stripped-back psychedelia on latest album from Wooden Wand, the moniker for American musician James Jackson Toth

Dan Haywood
Paper Tiger
Council Tax Band

Impressive rock album from always unpredictable Japanese experimentalists, Boris
Minimal but confident traditional folk on debut album from Lancashire-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Dan Haywood
Versatile combination of instrumental tracks and rap numbers on debut album from Leeds-based hip-hop outfit, Paper Tiger
Deliciously grungy and foul-mouthed debut EP from Bedford-based group the Council Tax Band, which was formed out of the ashes of Dad Wanderlust

Arrows of Love
Story Books
Lupen Crook
Of Arrowe Hill

Abrasive and confrontational vinyl-only third single from London-based grunge act, the Arrows of Love
Accomplished debut EP from acclaimed Kent-based indie guitar outfit, Story Books
Engaging, but deliberately uncomfortable fifth album from Chatham-based singer-songwriter, Lupen Crook
Emotionally intense but thoroughly moving and epic-sounding download only single from of Arrowe Hill, the project of London-based singer-songwriter Adam Easterbrook

Arrows of Love
Loudon Wainwright
School of Seven Bells

Stunning name-your-price download and cassette only single from discordant London-based outfit, the Arrows of Love
Fantastic third album from Peasant, the project of versatile experimental American singer-songwriter and producer Damien DeRose
Poignantly moving and also hilariously funny latest album from Loudon Wainwright III, which as well as of all his five children also includes a guest appearance from Dame Edna Everage
Inconsistent, but sometimes sublime dream pop on third album from New York-based pop act, School of Seven Bells

Bad Weather California
Great Lake Swimmers

Sunny-sounding and summery debut album from West Coast act, Bad Weather California
Despondent and melancholic, but totally affecting debut album from French singer-songwriter and actress, Soko
Atmospheric and cinematic country-infused Americana on second album from Canadian band, Great Lake Swimmers
Intriguing combination of rap, electro and experimentalism on latest album from hip-hop artist, Busdriver

Sharon Van Etten
Nada Surf
I'm Being Good
Merrell Fankhauser

Ambitious and enthralling third album from New York-based singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten, which includes guest appearances from Zach Condon of Beirut, Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner, the National’s Aaron Dessner and the Walkmen's Matt Barrick
Engaging and typically seemingly effortless combination of sing-a-long pop accessibility and quality foot-stomping rock on seventh album from New York-based alternative rockers, Nada Surf
Formulaic first album in six years of over-discordant Sonic Youth-influenced from Brighton-based trio, I'm Being Good
Oddball budget-directed and appallingly-made compilation of 1950's and 1960's surf guitarist Merrell Fankhauser's American cable TV music show

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