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Helen Tipping


March Violets

Helen Tipping chats to Si Denbigh and Tom Ashton from reformed Leeds-based alternative rockers the March Violets about what the future holds for them, and their forthcoming debut album which will be released through Pledge Music.

Chris T-T

Helen Tipping speaks to Stuart Mackay, the organiser and founder of the annual indie pop Indetracks Festival, which is now in its fifth year, about his plans and the line-up for this year's festival
Brighton-based singer-songwriter Chris T-T has spent much of the last year touring with former Million Dead frontman Frank Turner. Helen Tipping chats to him about politics, his recent trilogy of albums about the downfall of London and going out on the road with Turner
The Levellers have just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Helen Tipping speaks to bassist Jeremy Cunningham about it, and the band's forthcoming new album, 'Letters from the Underground'

New Model Army
Kelley Stoltz
Victorian English Gentlemens Club

In our second interview with New Model Army, Helen Tipping chats to frontman Justin Sullivan about his band's tenth studio album, 'High', and recent line-up changes in the group
Ray have been compared to acts such as the Waterboys, Nick Cave and the Chameleons. Helen Tipping speaks to them about their three albums to date, line-up problems and their plans and hopes for a less complicated and simpler future
Country punk Brighton/Glasgow hybrid Brakes have released much acclaim for their second album, 'The Beatific Visions'. Helen Tipping speaks to frontman Eamon Hamilton about its heavy political nature and its recording in Nashville
Cardiff three piece the Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club have recently released their self-titled alabum to good reviews. Helen Tipping speaks to singer and guitarist Adam Taylor about it, and the band's non-stop touring schedule at a show in Leeds

Miss Black America
New Model Army
Tiger Army

iLiKETRAiNS write songs about Antarctic explorers and show films as backdrops to their live shows. Helen Tipping talks to them in their native Leeds at a show to launch their mini debut album, 'Progress Reform'
Miss Black America seemed destined for greatness back in 2002 with their first album 'God Bless Miss Black America'. Helen Tipping talks to them about the problems that felled them after that,new album 'Terminal' and why they continue to be uncompromising
Bradford rockers New Model Army recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Frontman Justin Sullivan chats to Helen Tipping about the past quarter a century ; 'Carnival', his band's first album in five years and his group's legacy
American punks Tiger Army have had to cope with a series of disasters, including their drummer being shot. Helen Tipping speaks to frontman Nick 13 about the group's survival against the odds, and their third album 'Ghost Tigers Rise'

Ella Guru

One man band Bob Log III has just finished touring with Franze Ferdinand and the Kills. Backstage at a Manchester fif, he talks to Helen Tipping about his unique brand of psycho blues


Skinny Girl Diet

Helen Tipping examines rising female noise rock duo Skinny Girl Diet, who have just released their second album 'Ideal Woman'.

New Model Army
Captain Sensible
Rev Hammer

Anarchic folk-punks Chumbawamba have recently announced their decision to split up after playing a short farewell tour, concluding with a date in their native Leeds. Helen Tipping looks back on their extraordinary career
Helen Tipping finds that New Model Army's 30th anniversary box set which comes with an extensive variety of extras provokes a wide range of personal memories
Helen Tipping looks at Damned guitarist Captain Sensible's first two solo albums, 1982's 'Women and Captains First' and 1983's 'The Power of Love', which have both been just been re-released by the Cherry Red label
Originally commissioned for the 2005 'Beautiful Days' festival, Red Sky Coven founder Freeborn John has since played other gigs of his theatrical 'Freeborn John' album, which tells the story of England's first radical, John Lilburne. Helen Tipping finds much to recommend in the new DVD of it.

Live Reviews

Wave Pictures
Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures
History of Apple Pie

Helen Tipping watches acclaimed indie act the Wave Pictures work their magic at a show in Sheffield.
At The Hop in Wakefield Helen Tipping watches former Herman Dune member Stanley Brinks and indie rockers the Wave Pictures play a chaotic but likeable set to promote their new joint album 'Gin'
Helen Tipping finds young London-based band the History of Apple Pie's mix of indie pop and shoegaze to be enormously promising, despite sound problems, at a show at the Cockpit in Leeds on their first headline UK tour


Helen Tipping

Soundtrack of Our Lives

In the latest edition to our new column 'Ticket Rewind', Helen Tipping looks back at concert tickets from her past.
In our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' series, in which our writers tell of the personal impact of music in their lives, Helen Tipping writes about being a 14 year old Adam and the Ants fan


Annie Dressner
Karen Jonas
Jim Bob

Melancholic but also surprisingly upbeat third album from New York-born but now UK-based singer-songwriter Annie Dressner
Over country and western-influenced fifth album from Virginia-based Americana singer-songwriter Karen Jonas
Politically and socially-edged new solo album from former Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine frontman Jim Bob
Anthemic but thought-provoking and science fiction-influenced concept album from Finnish indie band The Holy

Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom
Sergeant Buzfuz
Slow Readers Club
Sam Baker

Thoughtful and lyrically inventive folk/Americana on anti-capitalist second album from Canadian duo, Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Korn
Slightly disappointing latest album from Sheffield/London hybrid Sergeant Buzfuz, who have lost some of their experimental edge
Anthemic fourth album from critically-acclaimed Manchester-based post-punk group the Slow Readers Club
Poetic and emotional live album from Texan singer-songwriter Sam Baker, who will be touring the UK next year.

Eliza Carthy
Holy Moly and the Crackers
McDermott’s 2 Hours Vs Levellers Vs Oysterband
David Cronenberg’s Wife

Understatedand home recorded but heartfelt albumm from acclaimed folk musician Eliza Carthy
Fantastic folk rock on latest album from rising Newcastle-based group Holy Moly and the Crackers
Political and fiery album from Irish punks McDermott's 2 Hours, which features contributions from the Levellers and Oysterband
Literate and narrative 12 inch vinyl EP from London-based anti-folk act David Cronenberg’s Wife

Anne Marie Almedal
Stanley Brinks
Matt Dolphin

Excellent vinyl only album from Burlington, Vermont-based twee pop band the Smittens, which takes as one of its main themes gender fluidity
Multi-layered debut album from Norwegian singer-songqwriter and composer Anne Marie Almedal
Slow-burning but charming and ultimately convincing latest solo album from folk singer and one-time Herman Dune member Stanley Brinks
Melancholic, but promising debut solo album from Kent-based singer-songwriter, Matt Dolphin

She Makes War
She's Hit
I Like Trains
Mark Chadwick

Melancholic and brooding, but ultimately uplifting second album from She Makes War, the project of former Miss Black America member Laura Kidd
Appealing abrasive garage rock on debut album from Glasgow-based group, She's Hit
Atmospheric and thought-provoking latest single from Leeds-based post rockers I Like Trains, which appears in both a vinyl and a digital version
Largely impressive autobiographical debut solo album from Levellers frontman, Mark Chadwick

Dandelion Snow
Frank Turner
Martin Carr
Lydia Lunch

Finely performed, but lacklustre debut album from Dandelion Snow, the project of Pennsylvanian-based singer-songwriter, Roger Harvey
Lively third album of punk folk anthems from former Million Dead front man, Frank Turner
Undemanding and relaxing first album under his own name for former Boo Radleys front man Martin Carr
Violent-in-sound, but integral and brutally honest latest mini-album from the abrasive Lydia Lunch, which finds her on this record collaborating with Gallon Drunk

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