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Helen Tipping - Profiles

Skinny Girl Diet

Skinny Girl Diet - Profile

Helen Tipping examines rising female noise rock duo Skinny Girl Diet, who have just released their second album 'Ideal Woman'.


Chumbawamba - Chumbawamba

Anarchic folk-punks Chumbawamba have recently announced their decision to split up after playing a short farewell tour, concluding with a date in their native Leeds. Helen Tipping looks back on their extraordinary career

New Model Army

New Model Army - New Model Army

Helen Tipping finds that New Model Army's 30th anniversary box set which comes with an extensive variety of extras provokes a wide range of personal memories

Captain Sensible

Captain Sensible - Captain Sensible

Helen Tipping looks at Damned guitarist Captain Sensible's first two solo albums, 1982's 'Women and Captains First' and 1983's 'The Power of Love', which have both been just been re-released by the Cherry Red label

Rev Hammer

Rev Hammer - Freeborn John Live

Originally commissioned for the 2005 'Beautiful Days' festival, Red Sky Coven founder Freeborn John has since played other gigs of his theatrical 'Freeborn John' album, which tells the story of England's first radical, John Lilburne. Helen Tipping finds much to recommend in the new DVD of it.


Levellers - Chaos Theory

The Levellers' new two disc DVD, 'Chaos Theory', features a disc of a live concert at Reading Hexagon, and another disc of extra material. Helen Tipping finds that it makes both excellent and entertaining viewing


Misterlee - Interview

Experimental Leicester band Misterlee recently self-released their second album 'Night of the Killer Longface'. Helen Tipping speaks to them about being part of the anti-folk movement and how they self-promote themselves

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