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Helen Tipping - Reviews

Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell

Ethereal and mystical Nordic-influenced new album from Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell

Low Island

If You Could Have It All Again
Reflective electronic-infused indie pop on debut album from Oxford-based band Low Island

Annie Dressner

Coffee at the Corner Bar
Melancholic but also surprisingly upbeat third album from New York-born but now UK-based singer-songwriter Annie Dressner

Karen Jonas

The Southwest Sky and Other Dreams
Over country and western-influenced fifth album from Virginia-based Americana singer-songwriter Karen Jonas

Jim Bob

Pop Up Jim Bob
Politically and socially-edged new solo album from former Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine frontman Jim Bob


Mono Freedom
Anthemic but thought-provoking and science fiction-influenced concept album from Finnish indie band The Holy

Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom

Never Work
Thoughtful and lyrically inventive folk/Americana on anti-capitalist second album from Canadian duo, Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Korn

Sergeant Buzfuz

Fox Pop
Slightly disappointing latest album from Sheffield/London hybrid Sergeant Buzfuz, who have lost some of their experimental edge

Slow Readers Club

Joy of the Return
Anthemic fourth album from critically-acclaimed Manchester-based post-punk group the Slow Readers Club

Sam Baker

Horses and Stars
Poetic and emotional live album from Texan singer-songwriter Sam Baker, who will be touring the UK next year.

Eliza Carthy

Understatedand home recorded but heartfelt albumm from acclaimed folk musician Eliza Carthy

Holy Moly and the Crackers

Take a Bite
Fantastic folk rock on latest album from rising Newcastle-based group Holy Moly and the Crackers

McDermott’s 2 Hours Vs Levellers Vs Oysterband

Political and fiery album from Irish punks McDermott's 2 Hours, which features contributions from the Levellers and Oysterband

David Cronenberg’s Wife

The Octoberman Sequence
Literate and narrative 12 inch vinyl EP from London-based anti-folk act David Cronenberg’s Wife


City Rock Dove
Excellent vinyl only album from Burlington, Vermont-based twee pop band the Smittens, which takes as one of its main themes gender fluidity

Anne Marie Almedal

Multi-layered debut album from Norwegian singer-songqwriter and composer Anne Marie Almedal

Stanley Brinks

Slow-burning but charming and ultimately convincing latest solo album from folk singer and one-time Herman Dune member Stanley Brinks

Matt Dolphin

Eighth House
Melancholic, but promising debut solo album from Kent-based singer-songwriter, Matt Dolphin

She Makes War

Little Battles
Melancholic and brooding, but ultimately uplifting second album from She Makes War, the project of former Miss Black America member Laura Kidd

She's Hit

Appealing abrasive garage rock on debut album from Glasgow-based group, She's Hit

I Like Trains

Atmospheric and thought-provoking latest single from Leeds-based post rockers I Like Trains, which appears in both a vinyl and a digital version

Mark Chadwick

All the Pieces
Largely impressive autobiographical debut solo album from Levellers frontman, Mark Chadwick

Dandelion Snow

The Grand Scheme of Things
Finely performed, but lacklustre debut album from Dandelion Snow, the project of Pennsylvanian-based singer-songwriter, Roger Harvey

Frank Turner

Poetry of the Deed
Lively third album of punk folk anthems from former Million Dead front man, Frank Turner

Martin Carr

Ye Gods (and Little Fishes)
Undemanding and relaxing first album under his own name for former Boo Radleys front man Martin Carr

Lydia Lunch

Big Sexy Noise
Violent-in-sound, but integral and brutally honest latest mini-album from the abrasive Lydia Lunch, which finds her on this record collaborating with Gallon Drunk


Danger Is
Fast-sounding post punk on new EP from New York-formed, but now LA-based three-piece, the Ettes


Snake Magnet
Dark-sounding debut album from aggressive Manchester-based progressive rock trio, Kong

Men They Couldn't Hang

Devil on the Wind
Formulaic first album in six years from the increasingly Country and Western-influenced Men They Couldn't Hang, which, while starting promisingly, quickly slips into predictability

David Cronenberg's Wife

The Fight Song
Bittersweet surf rock on latest single from darkly humorous and surreal London-based act, David Cronenberg's Wife


Live and Last
Allegedly final live offering on double CD from Gothic group the Mission, which was recorded at one of the bands' final shows in London in 2008

Staff Benda Bilili

Tres Tres Fort
Surprisingly uplifting and funky debut album from Staff Benda Bilili, who are a group of Congo-based paraplegic street musicians


A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism Island
Eclectic and eccentric entirely instrumental album, which featuring tracks by musicians such as Jerry Dammers, Gruff Rhys and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, takes its inspiration from the cartoons of Welsh illustrator and cartoonist, Pete Fowler

Storsveit Nix Noltes

Royal Family-Divorce
Rewarding second album from energetic eleven member Icelandic instrumental group Storsveit Nix Noltes, who have taken a collection of traditional Bulgarian and Balkan folk songs and given them a modern arrangement

Great Crusades

Keep Them Entertained
Hit and miss sixth album from manic Chicago-based band the Great Crusades, who when theyt stick to their rockabilly and blues roots continue to excel

Howling Bells

Radio Wars
Mainstream. long overdue second album from Australian band Howling Bells, which moves away from the some of the darkness that msde them so original and compelling

Sergeant Buzfuz

High Slang
Difficult-to-pigeonhole fourth album from versatile London band Sergeant Buzfuz, which originally began as a solo project for originally Sheffield-based singer-songwriter Joe Murphy but has now extended into a five peice band

Screaming Mimi

Electric Thighs
Satirical country/surf punk on strong second single from Sheffield-based guitar act, Screaming Mimi

Gallon Drunk

Live at Klub 007
Fresh-sounding live album recorded at a gig in the Czech Republic from Gallon Drunk, who while being influenced by the Birthday Party and the Doors, continue to sound original and exciting

Department S

My Coo Ca Choo
Somewhat needless and unnecessary remixes of cover of the old Alvin Stardust song from early 80's band Department S, who have reformed after over 25 years apart

Frank Turner

Long Live the Queen
Infectious new charity single from Frank Turner, which about the death of a close friend from breast cancer is both upbeat and life-affirming

Society of Imaginary Friends

The Moors
Atmospheric and hypnotic soundscapes on new EP from the cinematic and folk-tinged Society of Imaginary Friends

Underground Railroad

Sticks and Stones
Often enthralling 80's influenced post punk on second album from France-formed, but now London-based group, Underground Railraod


Fun with Wizard Stencils
Somewhat clinical-sounding debut EP from self-proclaimed math pop act Wintermute, who shine better as a live act

TV Smith

In the Arms of My Enemy
Fantastic and thoughtful latest solo album from TV Smith, the former front man with the Adverts, who nearly thirty years on since their break-up continues to maintain punk sensibility

Kick in the Eye

Sea of Bitterness
Appealing latest album from Vancouver-based husband-and-wife duo Kick in the Eye who have abandoned the lo-fi rock and roll sound of their past recordings to come back with a bubblegum pop sound

Scaramanga Six

Walking Through Houses
Catchy and dramatic latest single from Yorkshire-based five-piece group, the Scaramanga Six

Sons And Daughters

This Gift
Dark and surf-rockabilly influenced latest single from Sons and Daughters, taken from their bestselling album of the same name


Death in Fiction
Psychedelic and literary-influenced melancholic fourth album from excellent London band, Ray


Accessible and thoroughly enjoyable second album from Nozzle, the project of former New Model Army guitarist Dave Blomberg

3 Daft Monkeys

Social Vertigo
Eastern European influenced folk psychedelia on excellent fourth album from 3 Daft Monkeys


Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
Fine cinema-influenced third album from psychobilly/Gothic Danish band, Horrorpops

Great Crusades

Keep Them Entertained
Angry and energetic sixth album from Chicago-based band, the Great Crusades


Brew Records : Volume One
Diverse compilation and first CD from the new Brew label, which showcases some of the best bands on the Leeds scene

Sons And Daughters

Gilt Complex
Driving psychedela on celebrity culture-bashing new single from Glaswegian rock/pop outfit Sons and Daughters

Danbert Nobacon

The Library Book of the World
Anti-capitalist theatrical rock on appealing debut album from former Chumbawamba frontman Danbert Nobacon, which finds him experimenting with an alt.country and blues sound

Napoleon IIIrd

In Debt To
Enjoyable indie rock on debut album from quirky Leeds-based musician and political agitator Napoleon IIIrd

Von Sudenfed

The Rhinohead
Catchy, but tense-sounding second single from Von Sudenfed, the project of German techno/trance outfit Mouse on Mars and the Fall's Mark E Smith

30 Seconds to Mars

The Kill
Formualic nu-metal on new single from highly touted 30 Seconds to Mars, which is fronted by actor Jared Leto

Kick in the Eye

Rock and Roll Revisited
Fine latest album from American group Kick in the Eye which finds them departing from their previous lo fi sound and exploring rock 'n' roll

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