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Sergeant Buzfuz - Fox Pop

  by Helen Tipping

published: 25 / 6 / 2020

Sergeant Buzfuz - Fox Pop
Label: Blang Records
Format: CD


Slightly disappointing latest album from Sheffield/London hybrid Sergeant Buzfuz, who have lost some of their experimental edge

After the 'Here Come the Popes' trilogy on their fourth album 'High Times' (2009) and then their fifth album 'Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself' (2012), which took their Papal theme to the concept album level, various changes in membership have led to something of a change in sound for Sergeant Buzfuz, sadly in a slightly disappointing direction. Some tracks on 'Fox Pop' are better than others, but they definitely aren't as I remember. I can understand that you wouldn't want to keep on writing songs about Popes, but unfortunately they have lost the experimental edge they had on songs like 'God to Holloway'. Several of the tracks have a very ordinary rock sound to them, which sits starkly in contrast to rest of the album, where there is a more melancholy approach. Front man Joe Murphy's Sheffield roots are showing in 'Who Art in Seven Hills/Rare & Racy', an ode to Sheffield and its lost second hand record shop, Rare & Racy which was shut down, but never knocked down as planned. In fact I believe it is still standing empty. It departs from the rest of the album, starting with a clever spoken parody of the Lord's Prayer using Sheffield place names, before the music starts. 'Clouds in Your Eyes' brings in the multiple instruments played by the seven members, and has a more downbeat feel to it. 'Your Time is Tomorrow' features Polly MacLean on vocals, providing a wistful and slightly '60s sound, that is brought back again on 'In the Folds of Her Robe' where it is given a psychedelic twist. So whilst there are some tracks that are enjoyable, overall I felt it was a disappointing listening experience, probably not helped by me not keeping up with the band's changes in direction.

Track Listing:-
1 There's Idiots, Then There's Idiots With Money
2 Theresa McKee
3 The Tongues They Wag Away
4 Who Art In Seven Hills / Rare & Racy
5 Clouds In Your Eyes
6 Rear View Mirror
7 Fill In The Blanks
8 Your Time Is Tomorrow
9 The Years Dressed In Gold
10 In The Folds Of Her Robe
11 Back To The Willow

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