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Blang Records


David Cronenberg’s Wife (2019)

The Octoberman Sequence
Literate and narrative 12 inch vinyl EP from London-based anti-folk act David Cronenberg’s Wife

David Cronenberg's Wife (2009)

The Fight Song
Bittersweet surf rock on latest single from darkly humorous and surreal London-based act, David Cronenberg's Wife

Matt Dolphin (2012)

Eighth House
Melancholic, but promising debut solo album from Kent-based singer-songwriter, Matt Dolphin

Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences (2016)

Outsider Pop
Darkly humorous and thought-provoking latest album from London-based anti-folk musician Paul Hawkins and his band the Awkward Silences

Sergeant Buzfuz (2009)

High Slang
Difficult-to-pigeonhole fourth album from versatile London band Sergeant Buzfuz, which originally began as a solo project for originally Sheffield-based singer-songwriter Joe Murphy but has now extended into a five peice band

Sergeant Buzfuz (2020)

Fox Pop
Slightly disappointing latest album from Sheffield/London hybrid Sergeant Buzfuz, who have lost some of their experimental edge

Seth Faergolzia (2016)

High Diver
The best so far of an ongoing project to write and record a hundred new song from New York antifolk musician Seth Faergolzia which is a good introduction to an unpredictable talent


Interview with Joe Murphy and Jules Dakin (2015)

Blang Records - Interview with Joe Murphy and Jules Dakin

Owen Peters talks to Joe Murphy and Jules Dakin, the co-owners of London-based indie label Blang Records, about its recent tenth anniversary and 'Lucky Dip', a new celebratory compilation album which features acts from throughout its history

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