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David Cronenberg’s Wife - The Octoberman Sequence

  by Helen Tipping

published: 14 / 1 / 2019

David Cronenberg’s Wife - The Octoberman Sequence
Label: Blang Records
Format: 12"


Literate and narrative 12 inch vinyl EP from London-based anti-folk act David Cronenberg’s Wife

David Cronenberg’s Wife are an anti-folk band based in London. They have been around for a few years, yet so far, despite following a few anti-folk bands, I have failed to see them play anywhere, so listening to this is a first for me. ‘The October Sequence’ appears to be named after a dodgy pick up artist’s "seduction routine". I don’t think that pick up artists are their intended market though. The album starts with ‘Rules.’ The chorus is a list of rules that someone might make when they're younger. The verse, however, is written from someone looking back at those rules later in life when they realise that it's not so easy to stick to them. ‘You Should See’ is about planning on going on a date and how to sound interesting, but the planned actions are more likely to put a girl off than there being any chance of a second date, as the song ends with the narrator going home and m**turbating alone to Czech porn. It's probably a common outcome for the protagonist. ‘The Dude of Love’ is about a meeting on a tube. I enjoyed this one, as the story draws you in, and I found it better to relate to than the other tracks. It begins with a guy on the tube. He sees a girl he likes on a train who makes eye contact and smiles. There's a lot of regretting not saying anything to her. Of course, he'll never see her again. It's an EP of songs that are stories, which is always entertaining and enjoyable. I'll definitely go and listen to more by them, and keep an eye out for them live.

Track Listing:-
1 Rules
2 You Should See
3 Organ Love
4 The Dude Of Love
5 Song For Nobody

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