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Tommy Gunnarsson



Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to Alasdair MacLean, the front man with cult indie pop band the Clientele, about their new compilation,out a compilation called 'Alone and Unreal: The Best of the Clientele', and their past, present and future

Mc Carthy
Laetitia Sadier
Stuart Moxham

Tommy Gunnarsson chats to John Williamson, the bassist with 80's left-wing political indie pop band and C86 act, about his former group's history
Stereolab vocalist Laetitia Sadier talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about the inspirations for her debut solo album, 'The Trip'
Young Marble Giants' main songwriter and guitarist Stuart Moxham speaks to Tommy Gunnarsson about his solo career and recently released compilation album, 'Personal Best'

Whirlpool Guest House
Nik Kershaw
Au Pairs
California Snow Story

Little known in their original lifetime, late 80s Stockton-on-Tees based indie trio Whirlpool Guest House have just had 'Rough Digs', a compilation of all their material, released. Singer and guitarist Carl Green talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about his group
Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to massive 80's star and Live Aid musician Nik Kershaw about his past, present and future and latest album, 'You've Got to Laugh@
Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to Jane Munro, the bassist with 70's Birmingham-based political indie punk/funk group the Au Pairs, about her group's rise and fall
A songwriter and the one-time guitarist with Camera Obscura, David Skirvng's band California Snow Story have finally released their debut album 'Close to the Ocean' five years after their only EP. Tommy Gunnasrsson talks to him about the reasons behind the long delay and his musical career


In this never before published in English interview from 2003, Tommy Gunnarsson talks to Decemberists and Norfolk and Western member and Portland, Oregon musician about her early indiepop band Boycrazy
Long broken up 80's indiepop group Rumblefish have recently had released '1234', a retrospective of their work. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to former frontman Jeremy Paige about the group's sometimes turbulent history
Stereolab's Tim Gaines first band was 80's political indiepop group McCarthy. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to him about it, and the band's three albums
Indiepop group the Essex Green have just released their first album in three years, 'Cannibal Sea'. Tommy Gunnarsson chats to Christopher Zither from the band about the band's musical history and the new record


Back for a second interview with Pennyblackmusic, William Jones, the frontman with legendary British indiepop group Friends, talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about the recording of the band's long-awaited new album, 'Late Night Early Morning'
One of the leading lights in the indie pop genre. Norwich-based group Bearsuit recently released their debut album, 'Cat Spectacular !' Back for second interview with us,they talk to Tommy Gunnarsson about its success and where they plan to go next
The project of former Clientele member Innes Phillips, the Relict released their long-awaited debut album, 'Tomorrow is Again' at the end of last year. Tommy Gunnarsson chats to him about his band's first few years
In the third and final part of our interview with Australian indiepop group the Lucksmiths, Tommy Gunnarsson talks to group members Tali White and Mark Monnone about their influences and songwriting


Aztec Camera’s five albums for the WEA label are being compiled in a massive nine disc box set 'Backwards and Forwards', with four discs of extras! But even though he enjoys it, Tommy Gunnarsson misses their amazing debut album, 'High Land, Hard Rain'.

Stuart Moxham
Fairport Convention
Go Betweens

Tommy Gunnarson examines two new albums by former Young Marble Giants mastermind Stuart Moxham, the first of which 'Interior Windows' is a compilation of unreleased recordings by his project the Gist, and the second 'The Devil Laughs' on which he has teamed up with Louis Philippe once again.
Thirty albums in, Fairport Convention finally get a book dedicated to every song on every album. Tommy Gunnarsson is impressed.
The fifth instalment of Cherry Red’s impressive C box sets is here, this time focusing on the dismal pop year that was 1990. Tommy Gunnarsson is far from impressed with the music, but more so with the compilation itself.
The second instalment of the Go-Betweens anthology series is finally here, and Tommy Gunnarsson delves into a vast content of demo and live recordings, but also enjoys the band’s final three albums in their remastered glory.

Live Reviews

Comet Gain

The last in a trilogy, the Mitt Sista Liv indiepop festival recently took place in a field on the Swedish southeast coast. Tommy Gunnarsson enjoys sets from the likes of Milky Wimpshake, Popundret, the Frenchmen and the Scarlet's Well.
Tommy Gunnarsson waited for more than three years for ballboy to come to Sweden, but finds it has been worth the long wait
Tommy Gunnarsson, seeing Comet Gain in his native Sweden for the first time, finds that they have lost none of their impact and stage presence in the two years since he first saw them in London

Favourite Albums

Neil Innes

Stephen Duffy, sometimes also known as 'TinTin', formed The Hawks after quitting Duran Duran just before they were signed. Tommy Gunnarsson listens to The Hawks' previously unreleased only album 'Obviously 5 Believers', and finds that it isn’t without its charm.
In our 'Re:View' section Tommy Gunnarsson reflects on a new double CD retrospective by influential early indie act The Loft.
In our 'Re: View' section, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Tommy Gunnarsson finds something for almost everyone in Neil Innes' 1972 debut solo album 'How Sweet To Be An Idiot', which is being reissued in an expanded version.


Tommy Gunnarsson


n the latest edition to our column 'Ticket Rewind', our Swedish writer tommy Gunnarsson looks back at some of his old concert tickets and the memories associated with them.
Tommy Gunnarsson takes us on a wonderful stroll through his long backlist of reviews and interviews for Pennyblackmusic, by way of ten indiepop classics - or in some cases should-be-classics.

Magnetic Fields

In '10 Songs That Made Me Love...', Tommy Gunnarsson boils down his love for New York based band The Magnetic Fields to just ten songs, which is easier said than done
In 'Gig of a Lifetime', in which a different Pennyblackmusic writer writes of a once in a lifetime gig, Tommy Gunnarsson describes attending a fan club only R.E.M. gig in Stockhom in 1998
WHICH ALBUMS TO OWN FROM THE C86 ERA Back to the music now. As you probably have understood by now, there are many many albums and singles available from the C86-era, and although many of them are good, and often very good, there are some that are less
When reading about your indie-pop favourites, you have probably quite often stumbled across the term"C86". And maybe you have wondered what it means. Is it a cassette that is 86 minutes long? Is it a guitar model? Is it a drum machine?


Direct Hits
Global Village Trucking Company

Enthralling five CD compilation of songs associated with Apple Records, founded by these Fab Four, proves a great look into the more forgotten parts of the 60's pop scene in the UK
Enjoyable compilation of Mod pop trio Direct Hits’ early recording sessions which are finally released by Optic Nerve Recordings but is mostly targeted at already converted fans.
Impressive double CD anthology on Cherry Red from Iconic communal band The Global Village Trucking Company
Impressive three CD box set from Cherry Red follows up the success of their previous post-punk box sets with this reflection into the more danceable part of the scene

Exploding Flowers
Dupont Circles
Wee Cherubs

Enjoyable but repetitive jangly pop on second album from LA-based quartet Exploding Flowers
Erratic and uneven debut album from US indie band the Dupont Circles which is a compilation of songs recorded during the past thirty years
Enjoyable compilation of largely unreleased material from lost 198'0s Glasgow-based indiepop band, the Wee Cherubs
Excellently presented double CD from Cherry Red which compiles together some of the more obscure and less well known bands of the Britpop era

Pooh Sticks
Monochrome Set
Comet Gain

Enjoyable but flawed fourth album from New York duo The Ballet whih draws but does not match comparisons with the Magnetic Fields
Fabulous vinyl box set which compiles together the first five singles of legendary indiepop band, the Pooh Sticks
First-rate album from indie pop outfit the Monochrome Set, which was inspired by manuscripts from the 15th century
Predictable and formulaic ninth album from shambolic London-based punk pop act Comet Gain

Dot Dash
Essex Green
Carlene Carter
Go Kart Mozart

Enjoyable, nostalgic-rooted sixth album from jangly Washington DC group punk pop Dot Dash
First-rate comeback album from US trio The Essex Green who have returned after a twelve year hiatus with their now classic blend of country/folk/indiepop
Fifth electro-influenced album from country pop star Carlene Carter, which originally released in 1983, does not stand up well because of its extremely dated production
Lo-fi and self-consciously amateurish indie pop on fourth album from Go-Kart Mozart, the latest project of Lawrence Hayward of Felt

Howard Jones
Los Straitjackets

Hit and miss sercond album from the the Gist, the project of Young Marble Giants' songwriter Stuart Moxham, which follows on thirty-five years after their debut album
Fabulous, long-awaited album from melancholic indiepop outfit the Clientele who have returned after a seven year absence this time with a new fourth member
Impressive three CD compilation from 80's superstar Howard Jones which compiles together his entire solo career from 1983 to 2017 for the first time
Fabulous latest record from Nashville-based surf/rockabilly/punk rock band Los Straitjackets, who have toured with Nick Lowe as his backing group and have now recorded an album's worth of instrumental covers of his songs

Jack Lee
Monochrome Set

Excellent new album from folksy Australian indie pop duo Sodastream who are back with their first LP in over ten years
Fascinating and essential compilation which combines together both the solo albums released by Jack Lee, the singer and guitarist in legendary power pop trio the Nerves, in the 1980s
Hit and miss double CD from Grin, the late 60's/early 70's band of solo artist and Bruce Springsteen guitarist Nils Lofgren, which compiles together the three albums they released during their brief lifetime
Variable second raities compilation from the Monochrome Set, which will most likely only appeal to their hardcore fans.

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