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Tommy Gunnarsson - Reviews

Marine Research

John Peel 18.05.99
Post-Heavenly/Talulah Gosh band Marine Research's only recorded session for John Peel gloriously presented as a stunning two-single package


Heroes & Villains – The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-1968,
Excellent three-disc retrospective, which fifty years after the original release of the iconic 'Nuggets' album, compiles together music from the LA scene of 1965-68, and the garage/psychedelic/pop sounds of California

Girls At Our Best!

Classic post punk/indie pop on new three-disc deluxe edition of Girls at Our Best!'s 1981 only album


I Love To See You Strut – More ’60s Mod, RNB, Brit Soul and Freakbeat Nuggets,
Rollercoaster ride of pop melodies and blues rock on long-awaited follow-up to the esteemed RPM mod/freakscene compilations


Revolt Into Style 1979
Enjoyable and eclectic three CD post punk and alternative music from 1979 from Cherry Red


Next instalment in Cherry Red’s successful C-series is ‘C91’, which shows that 1991 was a bad year for indie music, but the compilation itself is a joy to behold

Mike Hurst

In My Time – Recordings, Productions and Songs 1962-1985
Excellent four CD box set from 60s, 70s and 80s musician, songwriter and producer Mike Hurst


The Sun Shines Here: The Roots Of Indie Pop 1980-1984
Essential and delightful five CD box set from Cherry Red which focuses on the roots of indie pop and should be in every pop fan’s record collection.


Good as Gold – Artefacts of the Apple Era 1967-1975
Enthralling five CD compilation of songs associated with Apple Records, founded by these Fab Four, proves a great look into the more forgotten parts of the 60's pop scene in the UK

Direct Hits

The Broadway Recording Sessions
Enjoyable compilation of Mod pop trio Direct Hits’ early recording sessions which are finally released by Optic Nerve Recordings but is mostly targeted at already converted fans.

Global Village Trucking Company

Smiling Revolution
Impressive double CD anthology on Cherry Red from Iconic communal band The Global Village Trucking Company


Shake the Foundations: Militant Funk and the Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984
Impressive three CD box set from Cherry Red follows up the success of their previous post-punk box sets with this reflection into the more danceable part of the scene

Exploding Flowers

Stumbling Blocks
Enjoyable but repetitive jangly pop on second album from LA-based quartet Exploding Flowers

Dupont Circles

In Search of the Family Gredunza
Erratic and uneven debut album from US indie band the Dupont Circles which is a compilation of songs recorded during the past thirty years

Wee Cherubs

The Merry Makers
Enjoyable compilation of largely unreleased material from lost 198'0s Glasgow-based indiepop band, the Wee Cherubs


Martin Green Presents: Super Sonics - 40 Junkshop Britpop Greats
Excellently presented double CD from Cherry Red which compiles together some of the more obscure and less well known bands of the Britpop era


Matchy Matchy
Enjoyable but flawed fourth album from New York duo The Ballet whih draws but does not match comparisons with the Magnetic Fields

Pooh Sticks

7 Inch Box Set
Fabulous vinyl box set which compiles together the first five singles of legendary indiepop band, the Pooh Sticks

Monochrome Set

Fabula Mendax
First-rate album from indie pop outfit the Monochrome Set, which was inspired by manuscripts from the 15th century

Comet Gain

Fireraisers Forever!
Predictable and formulaic ninth album from shambolic London-based punk pop act Comet Gain

Dot Dash

Proto Retro
Enjoyable, nostalgic-rooted sixth album from jangly Washington DC group punk pop Dot Dash

Essex Green

Hardly Electronic
First-rate comeback album from US trio The Essex Green who have returned after a twelve year hiatus with their now classic blend of country/folk/indiepop

Carlene Carter

C’Est C Bon
Fifth electro-influenced album from country pop star Carlene Carter, which originally released in 1983, does not stand up well because of its extremely dated production

Go Kart Mozart

Mozart's Mini Mart
Lo-fi and self-consciously amateurish indie pop on fourth album from Go-Kart Mozart, the latest project of Lawrence Hayward of Felt


Holding Pattern
Hit and miss sercond album from the the Gist, the project of Young Marble Giants' songwriter Stuart Moxham, which follows on thirty-five years after their debut album


Music for The Age of Miracles
Fabulous, long-awaited album from melancholic indiepop outfit the Clientele who have returned after a seven year absence this time with a new fourth member

Howard Jones

Best 1983 – 2017
Impressive three CD compilation from 80's superstar Howard Jones which compiles together his entire solo career from 1983 to 2017 for the first time

Los Straitjackets

What’s So Funny about Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets?
Fabulous latest record from Nashville-based surf/rockabilly/punk rock band Los Straitjackets, who have toured with Nick Lowe as his backing group and have now recorded an album's worth of instrumental covers of his songs


Little by Little
Excellent new album from folksy Australian indie pop duo Sodastream who are back with their first LP in over ten years

Jack Lee

Bigger Than Life
Fascinating and essential compilation which combines together both the solo albums released by Jack Lee, the singer and guitarist in legendary power pop trio the Nerves, in the 1980s


Grin/1+1/All Out
Hit and miss double CD from Grin, the late 60's/early 70's band of solo artist and Bruce Springsteen guitarist Nils Lofgren, which compiles together the three albums they released during their brief lifetime

Monochrome Set

Volume, Contrast, Brilliance….Vol. 2, Unreleased and Rare
Variable second raities compilation from the Monochrome Set, which will most likely only appeal to their hardcore fans.


Alone and Unreal: The Best of the Clientele
Fantastic compilation from London indie trio the Clientele which collects some of their most loved songs from their back catalogue


I Love Bis
Excellently presented compilation of early singles and EPs from chaotic 90’s Scottish noise pop trio Bis, who have not lasted well over time


Fomulaic and over noisy indie pop from Steven Clark from Bis who is releasing his first solo album under the name Batteries


Fine fourth album from Cinerama, the first since 2002's 'Torino', which finds David Gedge and his bandmates reworking the Wedding Present's latest album with an orchestra

Milky Wimpshake

Encore, Un Effort!
On their sixth proper album, Newcastle twee punkers Milky Wimpshake keep on doing what they do best, playing punkpop with clever and political lyrics


Alice in Wonderland and Other Rainy Day
Evocatively packaged but hit and miss double compilation of lost Southern US 60’s pop, garage and psychedelic bands

Robert Wyatt

Different Every Time
Definitive double CD compilation from eccentric but brilliant English singer-songwriter, Robert Wyatt

Dave Edmunds

Live at Rockpalast Loreley 1983
Fantastic live CD/DVD package, recorded at the Loreley Open-Air Festival in 1983 for German television, from singer, guitarist and record prodcucer, Dave Edmunds

David Lewis

Old World, New World
Pleasant but forgettable 60’s and 70’s folk pop on fourth album from London-based singer-songwriter, David Lewis


Live at Rockplast
Appealing live CD/DVD recorded at a show in Germany in 1980 from Rockpile, the late 1970s/early 1980s supergroup of Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds

Karl Smith

Slightly disappointing debut solo album from Australian indie pop duo Sodastream's front man, Karl Smith

Milky Wimpshake

Heart and Soul in the Milky Way
Excellent, if formulaic punk pop on fifth studio album from Newcastle-based group, Milky Wimpshake


Lost in Light Rotation
Instantly catchy, but predictable sixth studio album from seminal Seattle-based indie pop outfit, Tullycraft

Golden Grrrls

Golden Grrls
Oddball mix of the quite promising and awful on debut album from Glasgow-based trio, Golden Grrls

Roger Mcguinn

Born to Rock and Roll
Fabulous compilation of former Byrds' front man Roger McGuinn's 70's solo albums

Evans the Death

Catch Your Cold
Forgettable indie pop on vinyl only single from much hyped London-based band, Evans the Death

Winter Olympics

Profit and Loss
Monotonous 90’s-influenced indie guitar rock on debut album from London-based band, the Winter Olympics

Hit Parade

Pick of the Pops (Vol. 1)
Essential compilation from long-standing and influential London-based indie pop act, the Hit Parade


My Life as a Trashcan
Shambling, but enjoyable Wedding Present and This Poison-influenced indie pop on fourth EP from Manchester-based band Amida, who probably work best as a live act


Lyrically weak, but musically adept debut album from Swiss-based indie pop act, the Dentals

Head Of Light Entertainment

The English Don't Care
Suprisingly mild second album from indie pop act the Head of Light Entertainment, which has expanded from being a solo act into a three-piece on this record


Records and Tea: The Best of
First-rate compilation from lost 80's Brighton twee pop band the Chefs, who were musically years ahead of their time.


Echoes and Rhymes
Enjoyable, but somewhat bland comeback album of often little-known female-fronted cover songs from 80's indie pop act, the Primitives

Magnetic Fields

Love at the Bottom of the Sea
Stunning tenth album from Magnetic Fields, which finds Stephin Merritt returning to the synthesizer sounds of his earlier records

Gilbert O' Sullivan

I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter
Lavishly presented reissue of Irish singer-songwriter Gilbert O' Sullivan's 1973 third album, which, however, because of its use of synthesisers sounds more dated than his other earlier albums

Kick Inside

Ever the Optimist
Fine six song EP from Bristol-based band the Kick Inside which, while lacking the same energy of their live performances, puts life back into the indie pop genre


Stand Upright in a Cool Place
Uncomplicated, but somewhat bland comeback album from 1990's Britpop chart act, Dodgy

Rick Nelson

Stay Young: The Epic Recordings
Poorly presented compilation of American singer Rick Nelson's mid 1970's recordings for the Epic label

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