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Batteries - Batteries

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 22 / 7 / 2015

Batteries - Batteries
Label: Do Yourself In Records
Format: CD


Fomulaic and over noisy indie pop from Steven Clark from Bis who is releasing his first solo album under the name Batteries

Legendary Glaswegian trio Bis have just released ‘I Love Bis’, a new CD, compiling together their early singles and EPs, and coincidently Steven Clark (aka Sci-Fi Steve) from Bis is now releasing his first solo album, under the moniker of Batteries. Now you may ask ”how different is Batteries from Bis then?” Well, not a lot. The record label wants to compare Batteries to Devo and Queens of the Stone Age, and I sort of agree. But I think Devo were absolutely brilliant at their best, and I also think QOTSA have their (rare) moments. When combined like this, though... I'm not so sure. Most of the songs here sound a lot like Bis songs , although slightly heavier. I wasn’t, however, very impressed by this self-titled album, as, even though there are some strong melodies here and there, they are completely drowned out by all the noise and shouty vocals. I more or less gave up half-way through. Suddenly I realised though that this may have something to do with age. Maybe I'm just too old for this stuff now? If so, you might enjoy this record a lot more than I did if you are under 37. I hope so. For Batteries' sake.

Track Listing:-
1 Batteries
2 Flashbacks
3 Human Requirements
4 Suicide Everything
5 Rumour Vs. Lie
6 Wah! Kinder
7 Stuck In the Arteries
8 Cannibals
9 Straight To Video
10 London
11 Anorexia Poster Girls
12 Destroy My Machines

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