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Nicky Crewe


Nicky Crewe talks to Steve J Allen about his new album 'Contrast', his influences and approaches to life and music and moving from Sheffield to the other side of the world,

MG Boulter
Surreal Appeal
Paul J Bolger

Nicky Crewe talks to singer-songwriter MG Boulter about his acclaimed new album ‘Clifftown’ upon which he examines his hometown of Southend-on-Sea.
Nicky Crewe speaks to Sheffield-based ‘psychedelic electronic’ trio Surreal Appeal about their debut album, ‘Gently Deranged’.
Irish singer-songwriter, musician and animator Paul J Bolger speaks to Nicky Crewe about his eponymous first new album in almost twenty-five years, film career and forthcoming graphic novel trilogy.

Loft Club
Food of Love Project
Vashti Bunyan

Nicky Crewe speaks to Exeter indie band The Loft Club frontman Daniel Schamroth about their increasing global success, 60's and early 70's songwriting influences and recent EP 'Heart's Desire'
Nicky Crewe talks to co-curator Tom McConnell about 'The Food of Love Project', a compilation album which compiles together new recordings of Shakespearean and other Elizabethan age songs from a collection of contemporary folk and experimental artists
Nicky Crewe speaks to 60's cult folk legend Vashti Bunyan about her fourth album, 'Heartleap'


Longtime Beefheart enthusiast Opher Goodwin has researched and written an essential reference work for fans old and new. Nicky Crewe takes us through the pages

Ash Gray and the Burners
Georg Purvis
Tanya Pearson
Michael Stuart Ware

Nicky Crewe experiences all the excitement of Ash Gray and the Burners’ latest album, 'LIVE 55', which, out in December, was recorded live at The Dorothy Pax in Sheffield.
The 'On Track...'series is a great resource for any fan. Nicky Crewe find that the latest book from Georg Purvis takes us through the 50 year career of Little Feat with all its twists and turns
Nicky Crewe finds that Tanya Pearson's new book is a fascinating insight into Marianne Faithfull’s life and career by a writer who isn’t afraid to bring her own experience to the exploration of the myth and reality of Faithfull’s story and legacy.
Nicky Crewe reviews Michael Stuart Ware’s must-read for fans of Love and their music, written by one who was there and who has lived to tell the tale with insight and understanding.

Live Reviews

Weeping Willows
Rhiannon Scutt

Nicky Crewe at Cafe #9 in Sheffield watches Melbourne’s The Weeping Willows bring their dark folk songs and close harmonies on tour to promote their third album.
Sheffield-based singer-songwriter Rhiannon Scutt has simultaneously released three new EPs entitled ‘'Facets'. At a launch gig at Greystones in Sheffield, Nicky Crewe finds that they show just how much she is capable of as songwriter and a performer. They are a fantastic introduction to her work and a celebration of her style.
Curiosity took Nicky Crewe to the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards ceremony, where she discovered an evening full of enthusiasm and celebration, with fantastic musicians and surprising guests.

Favourite Albums

BB King, Albert King and Freddie King
Big Eyes Family
Guy Clark

Nicky Crewe finds that this double CD compilation of live performances from three of the most influential US blues guitarists. BB King, Albert King and Freddie King, is both a revelation and a reminder of the story of the blues.
Nicky Crewe examines the not-to-be-missed latest album from Sheffield’s Big Eyes Family, which was first released in the Covid chaos of November 2020.
In our 'Re: View' section, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Nicky Crewe finds that Guy Clark's reissued album, recorded live in San Francisco in 1988, takes you back to a special concert from a singer songwriter whose influence is very much alive today.


Small venues pack a big punch when it comes to supporting live music. They are important for audiences and essential for musicians. Nicky Crewe examines one of the best, Cafe No. 9 in Nether Edge in Sheffield.
Meticulously researched, the On Track series connects us to the bands we know and love. In ‘Raging Pages’ guest reviewer Nicky Crewe finds this exploration and celebration of the music of Spirit is a reminder of just how innovative and influential they were .

Nicky Crewe

In our new series 'The Image That Made Me Weep', in which a different one of our writers or photographers will be reflecting on a favourite photograph, Nicky Crewe writes of a photo taken by Melanie Smith of Mudkiss Photography at a small club gig by Prince in Manchester.
In our 'Ticket Rewind' series, in which our writers reflect on their old gig tickets and their stories, Nicky Crewe wonders when is a ticket not a ticket now we have the ticketless gig and shares memories of a significant paper ticket found as a bookmark.
In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' Nicky Crewe writes of two late 1960's 'Rock Machine' compilations - and ten songs from them - that still have a place in her heart and her record collection.
Nicky Crewe in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' writes of her early teens being brought up in the middle of a Northern pop explosion and some of her favourite 60's soul songs


Ryan Young
Richard Hawley
Rab Noakes and Brooks Williams
Jim Ghedi and Toby Hay

Delayed second album from Scottish traditional musician Ryan Young us a personal triumph as well as a musical joy
Double CD collection from Richard Hawley spans over twenty years of the now legendary Sheffield musician and songwriter’s career, and proves a real treat for fans as well as a wonderful introduction for those only just discovering his music
Rab Noakes’ final recordings with Brooks Williams on this album of Don Everly coversare a poignant reminder of his own talent and his love of a good song
Magical new collection of guitar pieces from Jim Ghedi and Toby Hay showcases the alchemy they create when they collaborate

Brigid O'Neill
Erlend Apneseth
Luke Daniels
Brona McVittie

Excellent new album from Brigid O’Neill, who has been establishing a reputation as one of the best storytelling songwriters around and which will delight her fans and convince new audiences of the truth of her talent.
Erlend Apneseth’s latest acoustic solo album extends the power and range of his chosen instrument, the Hardanger fiddle
Inspiring project from Luke Daniels which brings together dance tunes from the folk tradition with seventies disco
Latest album from Brona McVittie continues her exploration of the possibilities of Celtic-lore inspired folk through original and traditional songs, with ongoing musical collaborations and new experimental arrangements

Angeline Morrison
Brooks Williams and Aaron Catlow
Soup Review
Benedicte Maurseth

Timed for release during Black History Month, this wonderful collection of new songs by Angeline Morrison is a heartfelt tribute to the untold stories of unsung people who are part of our shared heritage.
Fantastic collection of songs with great arrangements and inspired choices that showcase the talents of Aaron Catlow on fiddle and Brooks Williams on guitar.
Extraordinary latest collection from Soup Review about everyday topics will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye
Magical new album by Benedicte Maurseth which. a portal into a world shared by music and nature, wildlife and mountain people, traditional Norwegian folk tunes and contemporary minimalist arrangements, is a highly rewarding listening experience

Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri
John Mayall
Banjo Jen
Martha And The Muffins

Superb latest album from singer Kiki Dee and guitarist Carmelo Luggeri which will delight their loyal fans and is a great introduction to their music for those who haven’t yet discovered it
Latest album from John Mayall reminds us why he is known as the godfather of British Blues, as, working with a fantastic array of contemporary musicians, he proves still has what it takes to please his fans as he approaches his ninetieth birthday next year
Excellent new single from Banjo Jen which proves a great introduction to her take on country and Americana music
This selection from their archives is a reminder of just how great Martha and the Muffins are. Lots of good memories but there’s also a freshness to their music that is sure to win them new fans.

Charlie Dore
Greatest Endangered Thing
Simeon Walker
Serious Sam Barrett

Fine new EP from Charlie Dore who has taken inspiration from the Christmas season, creating songs that will inspire us to consider what it is all about
Sam Taylor and Rebecca Van Cleave have changed the name of their duo, but not their music, which builds on their considerable musical achievements as Ophelia
Excellent EP from pianist and contemporary composer Simeon Walker proves the perfect introduction to his music for new fans and a treat for those who are already familiar with his work.
Fresh and authentic latest album from Serious Sam Barrett which is firmly rooted in the folk tradition and celebrates the part love songs play in that genre.

Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra
Maria Muldaur with Tuba Skinny
Lillebjorn Nilsen and Andy Irvine
MG Boulter

Upliftinga and beautiful collection of songs from Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra that resonate with the mood of the times
Return to her roots for Maria Muldaur with this new album, a collaboration with Tuba Skinny, a young group of musicians who share her enthusiasm for 1920s and ‘30s New Orleans Jazz and Blues
Recorded live in August 1994 at the Telemark Festival in Norway, in front of an appreciative audience, this album from Lillebjorn Nilsen and Andy Irvine is a great reminder that music is a universal language.
Highly personal and evocative new album from M G Boulter which tells of his relationship with his home town of Southend on Sea

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