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Ash Gray and the Burners - Live 55

  by Nicky Crewe

published: 5 / 10 / 2022

Ash Gray and the Burners - Live 55

Ash Gray is a Sheffield-based musician with friendship and family ties to Austin, Texas. Affectionately known as the Texan Troubadour to his friends and fans, he’s a fantastic singer-songwriter and performer. He also has a gift for bringing musicians together, creating links and connections from Sheffield to Austin through trips to the SXSW festival and UK tours. Throughout September Ash Gray and the Burners have been doing a regular residency at The Dorothy Pax, a fantastic canalside bar and venue at Sheffield’s Victoria Quays. As we get back into enjoying live music, it’s an inspired move to record a live album, with all the energy and excitement of a real life gig. There’s a post-Covid party exuberance that is palpable from the musicians and the audience. The album title, 'LIVE 55', refers to the set length on the night. Ash Gray is on guitar and lead vocals. He’s gathered together a band of some of the most talented musicians in town. Johnny Griff, who also plays with Banjo Jen, is on bass and vocals. Tom Townsend, who has recently moved to Sheffield to work with Mark Stoney and Thomas Lebioda (Studio III Recordings) is on drums and vocals. Joe Newman is on keyboards and Tom Jarvis is on guitar and vocals. They both played with Reverend and the Makers. Jim Widdop, from Derby based The Telephones, is on vocals and pedal steel guitar. Live is the perfect way to experience their music. The harmonies and instrumental arrangements are inspired, with each musician able to shine as an individual alongside working together as a band who know exactly what they are doing and enjoy every minute of it. As they chase their cowboy dreams along the two lane black top, through the wide open spaces, the influence of contemporary Americana meets psychedelic country rock in an irresistible set of songs and tunes. It’s hard to stay in your seat when they are playing. Ash puts his creative energies into working on different musical projects with musicians who are very much part of the Sheffield musical ‘family’. During lockdown I joined him for his regular podcasts, recorded at Sheffield’s Cafe#9, 'Ash Gray’s Musical Slice'. If you want an insight into his musical tastes and influences, take a listen to the available episodes. There are twelve tracks on the album, including a drum solo from Tom Townsend. Each song has the potential to be a favourite. 'Sundown' and 'The County Line' show off the band at their best. 'The Creek Don’t Rise' and 'Three Old Guns' are old favourites of mine, and I enjoyed the soulful blues-y intro to 'Back Alive'. Planned release is December 2022, but if you get a chance to see Ash Gray and the Burners live before then, grab it. And don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes. 1. Jeremiah 2.The Creek Don’t Rise 3.Two Lane Blacktop 4.Billy 5.Three Old Guns 6. Chickenwire 7.Drum solo 8.The Other Man 9.Sundown 10.The County Line 11.Back Alive 12.When The Devil Comes Home

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Ash Gray and the Burners - Live 55

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Nicky Crewe experiences all the excitement of Ash Gray and the Burners’ latest album, 'LIVE 55', which, out in December, was recorded live at The Dorothy Pax in Sheffield.

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