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Ahead of the final upcoming UK tour Dastardly talks to original Love guitarist Johnny Echols about his time playing with one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the 1960s.

Tommy Stinson

Dastardly interviews Replacements and Guns n’ Roses bass legend Tommy Stinson about his storming new album with Bash and Pop, ‘Anything Could Happen’


Fontaines DC

Dastardly finds the second LP from Dublin 5-piece Fontaines D.C. splices hypnotic lyrics with rhythmic driving passion

Husker Du
Alan Parsons

Dastardly attends the premiere of a frank but endearing new documentary about New Zealand band The Chills and their frontman Martin Phillipps
Dastardly joins the Time Team crew on a dig through the archive of US punk/alt.rock icons Husker Du with 'Savage Young Du', a new three CD box set.
Dastardly finds the new Beatles documentary by director Alan G. Parker is big on fact, short on music and reveals a 'fascinating panoramic view'
Dastardly soaks up the atmosphere of Studio 2 at Abbey Road while Alan Parsons recounts his time there working with the Beatles and Pink Floyd

Live Reviews

Hollywood Brats
Love Band
Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something

Dastardly watches the first gig by proto-punkers Hollywood Brats for almost half a century.
Dastardly watches The Love Band featuring original guitarist Johnny Echols play their final gig in the UK.
Dastardly discovers the ghosts of Glam Rock alive and well in the shape of Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something in the arches of an East London hostelry.



Goats Head Soup

In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' Dastardly reflects on his ten favourite tracks from 1988.
Dastardly in 'Ten Songs That Made Love...' reflects on all ten songs on the Rolling Stones' 1973 masterpiece, 'Goats Head Soup'.

Bob Mould
Pink Floyd

Dastardly writes about his favourite songs by solo artist and ex-Husker Du and Sugar front man Bob Mould in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...'
In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' Dastardly writes about his all-time favourite guitar chord changes
In 'Gig of a Lifetime', Dastardly writes of attending his first ever gig, one of Pink Floyd's legendary 'The Wall' shows at Earls Court in London in 1980


Desperate Journalist
Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something
Ghost Music
L A Salami

Fourth LP from dynamic 80s postpunk-inspired Londoners Desperate Journalist proves to be a belter
Thrilling debut album from South London's finest DIY genre-blending glampunkers jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something
Ghost Music travel through space and time to present day Southend and stun the locals with a blissful 90's infused debut
Explosive and angry long-awaited debut album from London-based singer-songwriter and musician L A Salami

Apple Rabbits
Bob Mould
Crystal Stilts

Adventurous singer-songwriter Apple Rabbits fuses both electronica and classical composition on new EP
Fantastic return to form on new solo album from former Husker Du and Sugar front man, Bob Mould
Enticing space rock on ninth album from reformed New Zealand-formed act, Bailterspace
Slowed-down but compelling third album from acclaimed Brooklyn-based post-punk band, Crystal Stilts

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