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Bailterspace - Trinine

  by Dastardly

published: 31 / 10 / 2013

Bailterspace - Trinine
Label: Fire Records
Format: CD


Enticing space rock on ninth album from reformed New Zealand-formed act, Bailterspace

Fierce nasal walrus guitar tones, a bristling bass attack and afterthought slacker vocals... New Zealand’s Bailterspace might’ve once relocated to their spiritual home alongside Sonic Youth in New York but their ultimate destination proves to be nowhere on this planet. First active in the late 80's/early 90's on the Flying Nun label before disappearing in 2004, the band are now back in operation again and new album 'Trinine' is proof they haven’t reformed just to play some previous record in full on behalf of a promoter. Instead this album fits neatly into a year which has so far witnessed guitar havoc from Thee Oh Sees, Pissed Jeans and our own homegrown Drenge. While the lack of obvious hooks and song structures might throw off the casual listener, repeated listens reveal yearning Dinosaur Jr. or even Ride-esque melodies hiding just below the guitarmac. That and some great sounds that often happen only the once so you end up listening out for them knowing it’s a now or never taste – a good example is the ending of the third track, ‘Today’ when suddenly all the effects come off and you’re left with one last clean guitar chord shooting off into the ether. If the first few songs have cleared a runway through the forest, then the second half of the album sees the band take off in search of their natural habitat: space. “It’s as if all the stars were falling down,” mutters main man Alister Parker in the intoxicating ‘Open’. “Goodbye world.. see you later.” he says, glancing back through a tiny round window. With the controls set to (the heart of the) stun (sorry), our guitar slung space invaders venture off boldly wherever the songs might take them. And sometimes that’s not very far...‘Gamma Tram’ is all over in forty seconds like a tiny asteroid shooting past. Elsewhere Can-like grooves hypnotise, and ‘Silver’ recalls London post space rockers Spork at their dreamiest. It’s almost a shock when some more straightforward vocals appear again on ‘Films of You’. Then we end back where we began, with the heavy machinery of ‘Tapenzloop’ clearing another runway ready to land.

Track Listing:-
1 Trinine
2 Painted Window
3 Today
4 Tri5
5 In the World
6 Plan Machine
7 Open
8 Together
9 Silver
10 Gamma Tram
11 Films of You
12 Tapenzloop

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