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Fire Records


Bailterspace (2013)

Enticing space rock on ninth album from reformed New Zealand-formed act, Bailterspace

Bailterspace (2012)

Often derivative, but largely enjoyable distortion-influenced indie rock on first album in thirteen years from New Zealand-based trio, Bailterspace

Bardo Pond (2011)

Bardo Pond
Psychedelically intense and lengthy stoner rock on self-titled eighth album from American act, Bardo Pond

Bardo Pond (2017)

Under the Pines
More than welcome return from the American purveyors of psychedelic rock Bardo Pond with an album that rises above all clichés of what fuzzed out guitar noise should sound like

Bardo Pond (2013)

Peace on Venus
Surprisingly subdued, blues-influenced ninth album from American psychedelic group, Bardo Pond

Bark Psychosis (2017)

Rewarding reissue of Essex post-rock band Bark Psychosis' bleak but influential debut album

Bark Psychosis (2004)

Codename : Dustsucker
Compelling first album in ten years from influential and still revolutionary pioneers of the post-rock and electronica movement, Bark Psychosis

Bevis Frond (2018)

We're Your Friends, Man
Enthralling twenty tracker from Nick Saloman’s the Bevis Frond, which, even at over twenty albums,is one of, if not the best, of his work

Black Lips (2020)

Sing in a World That's Falling Apart
Ploughing-up multiple fields of skewed country-rock, Atlanta veterans The Black Lips join up with Fire Records for this gamely-rendered studio return.

Blank Realm (2015)

Illegals in Heaven
Excellent latest album from underground Australian indie rockers Blank Realm finds them making a play for major success with positive results

Blank Realm (2013)

Go Easy
Melodic, yet distorted paranoid post-punk on latest album from Brisbane-based quartet, Blank Realm

Bobby Conn (2012)

Over the top, but stylish and eclectic latest album from Chicago-based musician and protest singer, Bobby Conn

Cardinal (2012)

Superb and long-awaited second album from orchestral pop act Cardinal, which lives up to the expectations raised by their over-rated debut album from eighteen years ago

Chills (2021)

Reflective and thought-provoking seventh album from influential Dunedin indie act The Chills

Chills (2013)

Somewhere Beautiful
Fine live album recorded at a New Year’s Eve party in 2011 from Dunedin, New Zealand-based indie heroes, the Chills

Chills (2014)

Molten Gold/Pink Frost
Exuberant psychedelic pop on 7 inch comeback single from legendary New Zealand band, the Chills

Chills (2014)

The BBC Sessions
Excellent retrospective from underrated New Zealand–based indie pop band the Chills, which compiles together three BBC sessions which they recorded for John Peel between 1985 and 1988

David Hurn (2007)

The Man Who Stayed in Bed Forever
Sorrowful, but intelligent and emotive pop from British-based singer-songwriter, David Hurn

David Hurn (2008)

The Beautiful Trustful Future
Mournful,melancholic indie rock on excellent latest album from London-based singer-songwriter, David Hurn

Death and Vanilla (2015)

To Where the Wild Things Are
Fine UK debut album from psychedelic-tinged Swedish two-piece, Death and Vanilla

Death and Vanilla (2018)

The Tenant
Live soundtrack to the 1976 film by Roman Polanski from Swedish avant-garde group Death and Vanilla

Death and Vanilla (2019)

Are You a Dreamer?
Eerie combination of 60’s pop and 80’s electronica from Malmo-based band, Death and Vanilla

Death and Vanilla (2023)

Latest album from Swedish dream pop trio Death and Vanilla ranges from engaging fare to a touch too much vanilla

Debbie Leggo (2009)

Debbie Leggs
Improvisational, but ultimately captivating debut album from North London-based free jazz/drone rock quartet, Debbie Leggo

Duke Garwood (2011)

Eccentric, but appealing latest album from London-based bluesman, Duke Garwood

ESG (2010)

Dance to the Best of ESG
Comprehensive two disc compilation from South Bronx-based dance and hip-hop innovators and sisters, ESG

Fenella (2019)

Ambient soundtrack from Fenella, the new project of electronic composer Jane Weaver, which is a re-imagined soundtrack to 1981 cult animation film ‘Fehérlófia’

Georgia's Horse (2013)

Weather Codes
Unpolished but ambitious second album from Georgia's Horse, the project of Texan singer-songwriter Teresa Maldonado

Gerry Mitchell And Little Sparta (2005)

Scalpel Slice
Remarkable and unusual mini album which couples together the poetry of former Photographer of the Year Gerry Mitchell with the delicate yearnings of post rock act Little Sparta

Giant Giant Sand (2012)

Underwhelming debut album from prolific Tucson-based songwriter and musician Howe Gelb's new twelve-strong project Giant Giant Sand, which has little to segregate it from his other projects

Giant Sand (2010)

Blurry Blue Mountain
Initriguingly laidback and sparse latest album from Giant Sand, the main focus of Howe Gelb who often credited as being the founder of alt. country is now in the twenty fifth year of his recording career

Giant Sand (2019)

Recounting The Ballads of Thin Line Men
For his second re-recording of an early-Giant Sand album, Howe Gelb leads the way through a skewed refashioning of 1986’s ‘Ballad of a Thin Line Man’

Graham Reynolds (2017)

A Scanner Darkly: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Graham Reynolds’ reissued soundtrack to Richard Linklater’s film proves both poignant and powerful

Half Japanese (2019)

Eccentric but surprisingly mellow latest album from durable American alternative rock band Half Japanese

Half Japanese (2021)

Crazy Hearts
Impressive and enjoyable nineteenth album from America's unlikeliest pop band Half Japanese

Half Japanese (2018)

Why Not?
Discordant and disjointed but compelling latest album from American art rock duo Half Japanese which, e

Hospitality (2014)

Catchy second album from Brooklyn-based trio Hospitality, which fuses indie pop with psychedelia and post-punk

Howe Gelb (2019)

Off-kilter but haunting lounge jazz on new solo album from former Giant Sand frontman Howe Gelb

Howe Gelb (2017)

Future Standards
Surprising new direction for ex-Giant Sand leader Howe Gelb on his first album since the dissolution of his former band

Howe Gelb and Lonna Kelly (2018)

Further Standards
Excellent album from Giant Sand's Howe Gelb which finds him revisiting and reworking with female singer Lonna Kelly 'Future Standards', an album of early 50's-influenced songs that he originally recorded last year

HTRK (2019)

Reissue on vinyl of post-punk Melbourne trio HTRk's 2004 abrasive mini-album debut release

HTRK (2007)

Evocatively desolate debut mini album from Australian group HTRK, who have drawn comparisons with both the Birthday Party and Joy Division

HTRK and Duke Garwood (2008)

Keep Mother - Volume 6
Compelling industrial rock on the latest in Fire Records 10 inch occasional series, a split single which features Australian trio HTRK and London-based experimentalist Duke Garwood

Islet (2020)

Hypnotic and exhilarating pop on long-awaited album from experimental and promising Welsh trio Islet

Jackie O Motherfucker (2008)

The Blood of Life
Effective combination of new material and reworkings of old songs recorded live in Amsterdam by Portland-based oddball and maverick post rockers Jackie O Motherf**ker

Jackie-O Motherfucker (2009)

Ballads of the Revolution
Evocative and lush-sounding tenth album from psychedelic/folk experimentalists, Jackie O Motherfucker

Jackie-O Motherfucker (2011)

Earth Sound System
Erratic and inconclusive latest album from Portland, Oregon-based experimentalists, Jackie O Motherfucker, which lacks the coherence of their previous offerings

Jad Fair (2011)

His Name Itself is Music
Hyperactive and challenging, yet sparkingly original solo album from American avant garde artist Jad Fair, who is also one half of Half Japanese

Jane Weaver (2019)

Loops in the Secret Society
Folding-together key cuts from her last two albums, inside recalibrated casings and amidst new interludes, Jane Weaver intrepidly translates her solo live show into the studio

Jane Weaver (2021)

Optimistic latest album from 'Modern Kosmonaut' Jane Weaver which provides a vision for the brighter future that we all need

Jane Weaver (2017)

Modern Kosmology
British musician and singer Jane Weaver creates an ambitious tapestry of electro, pop, rock, folk and jazz on sixth album

Jo Robertson/Tom Greenwood/David Cunningham (2011)

Bleak and improvised vinyl only single from Blackpool folk musician Jo Robertson, Jackie-O-Motherfucker front man Tom Greenwood and multimedia artist and producer David Cunningham

Josephine Foster (2010)

Graphic as a Star
Sparse and naturalistic latest album from folk musician Josephine Foster, who has set to music twenty six of the poems of nineteenth century poet Emily Dickinson

Josephine Foster (2021)

Understated but melancholic and wintry nineteenth album from singer-songwriter Josephine Foster

Josephine Foster (2018)

Faithful Fairy Harmony
Fascinating and mystical latest album from distinctive-voiced American folk/psych artist Josephine Foster

Josephine Foster (2013)

I'm a Dreamer
Infinite and beautiful-sounding latest album from Colorado-based experimental musician, Josephine Foster

Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band (2012)

Fine latest album from Colorado-based experimental musician Josephine Foster, which, sung in Spanish and performed with the Victor Herrero Band, does not, however, quite match up to the her English language recordings

Josephine Foster and The Victor Herrero Band (2010)

Anda Jaleo
Surprisingly traditional acoustic arrangements by folk musician Josephine Foster and her partner Victor Herrero of songs collected by famous Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca

Kristin Hersh (2024)

Clear Pond Road
Immaculate-sounding yet melancholic latest solo album from Throwing Muses’ frontwoman Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh (2019)

As part of her new label relationship with Fire Records, Kristin Hersh reissues her overlooked 2009 album in a simpler revived form

Las Kellies (2013)

Total Exposure
Unique fourth album from Argentinian all-girl trio Las Kellies, which combines post-punk, dub and reggae and 70’s disco influences

Lemonheads (2019)

Varshons II
Eclectic but frustrating first album in a decade from alt.rock act the Lemonheads which is a collecton of both familiar and obscure covers

Mark Mulcahy (2013)

Dear Mark J. Mulcahy
Upbeat and compelling first album in eight years from former Miracle Legion front man, Mark J. Mulcahy

Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts (2010)

How Snakes Eat
Offbeam folk pop on challenging, but compulsive second album from London-based band Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts

Modern Studies (2017)

Swell to Great
Debut album from Modern Studies, a four-piece band with roots in Scotland and Lancashire, that has taken folk music into unchartered territories

Modern Studies (2018)

Welcome Strangers
Fantastic second album from Scottish folk quartet Modern Studies, whose music combines traditional song writing with technology

Moles (2014)

Beauty Queen of Watts/Chills
Superb download only comeback single from great lost Australian band, the Moles

Moles (2016)

Tonight's Music
Hit and miss first album in twenty years from acclaimed Australian post-punk outfit, the Moles

Noveller (2017)

A Pink Sunset for No One
Imaginative new album from Noveller, the nom de plume for exploratory American guitarist Sarah Lipstate

Noveller (2015)

Fantastic Planet
Evocative and heartfelt latest album from Noveller, the instrumental synthesizer/guitar project of Austin, Texas-based musician and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate

Opossom (2012)

Electric Hawaii
Sunny psychedelic-tinged indie rock on debut album from Opossom, the project of New Zealand-based musician Kody Neilson, who is also the front man with art punks the Mint Chicks

Orchestra of Spheres (2011)

Nonagonic Now
Chaotic, but inventive debut album from eccentric New Zealand-based act, Orchestra of Spheress

Orchestra of Spheres (2018)

Enthralling mix of African, Asian, European and even New Zealand influences on excellent latest album from Orchestra of Spheres

Orchestra of Spheres (2013)

Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music
Initially directionless and messy but ultimately compelling second album from New Zealand avant garde act, Orchestra of Spheres

Orchestra of Spheres (2016)

Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon
Fantastic latest album from eccentric and comical New Zealand band, Orchestra Of Spheres

Pere Ubu (2013)

Lady From Shanghai
Complex, but compelling fourteenth album from Cleveland avant-garde rockers, Pere Ubu

Puerto Muerto (2008)

I Was a Swallow
Dark, but intriguing mix of folk, country and punk on fourth album from sinister Chicago-based duo Puerto Muerto

Puerto Muerto (2010)

Drumming for Pistols
Stunningly offbeat and often disturbing fifth album of new wave country rock from Chicago-based husband-and-wife duo, Puerto Muerto

Puerto Muerto (2007)

Songs of Muerto County Revisited
Eerie, unsettling, and also beautiful-sounding double CD, one of which is a lost soundtrack to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, from husband and wife duo Puerto Muerto

Puerto Muerto (2007)

Heaven and Dirt
Creepy, but beautiful-sounding new double EP from husband-and-wife duo Puerto Muerto with a Texas Chainsaw Massacre obsession

Pumajaw (2008)

Curiosity Box
Distinctive, but unfortunately uncommercial fifth album from Scottish psychedelic-folk act Pumajaw, whose singer Pinkie McLure's multi-octave vocals are in a unique class of their own

Rats on Rafts/De Kift (2016)

Rats on Rafts/De Kift
Unlikely but highly successful collaboration between two very different Dutch groups Rats On Rafts and De Kift which proves a must for lovers of experimental post-punk

Robert Pollard (2013)

Honey Locust Honky Tonk
Fabulous latest solo album from Guided by Voices front man Robert Pollard, which takes its influences from classic 60's and 70's pop

Rocket From The Tombs (2016)

The Black Album
Reinvigorated with new members, pioneering and reformed 70’s band Rocket from the Tombs' resurrection continues on their third album with their original energy and attitude still very much present

RVG (2023)

Brain Worms
Excellent alternative pop from Melbourne-based band RVG who have created something that is familiar and new in equal measures on this third album

RVG (2020)

Sublime second album from Melbourne-based alternative rock band RVG which may prove to be the best album to come from Australia this year

Ryan Driver (2009)

Feeler of Pure Joy
Exasperatingly inconsistent debut solo album from frontman with the Silt and alt. country musician, Ryan Driver

Scott and Charlene's Wedding (2016)

Mid Thirties Single Scene
Fabulous third album from Scott and Charlene's Wedding, the project of Australian-born but now New York-based singer-songwriter Craig Dermody

Scott and Charlene's Wedding (2013)

Karen/1 and 2
Excellent download-only Christmas single from lo-fi Australian garage rock act, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding

Sebadoh (2019)

Act Surprised
Driven by a devil-may-care zeal, this first Sebadoh for Fire Records after a long association with Domino Records, finds the threesome in a rejuvenated yet far looser place

Silt (2008)

Cat's Peak
Rough-edged and leftfield alt.country/avant folk on erratic debut album from Canadian trio, the Silt

Snowblink (2010)

Long Live
Fantastic indie/folk-pop on latest album from experimental Canadian collective, Snowblink

Surf City (2010)

Monotonous and gimmicky stoner pop on debut album from hyped New Zealand-based band, Surf City

Surf City (2013)

We Knew It Was Not Going to be Like This
Laid back and summery surf pop on second album from New Zealand-based band, Surf City

Surf City (2015)

Jekyll Island
Engaging psychedelia on summery third album from New Zealand-based band, Surf City

Throwing Muses (2020)

Sun Racket
Ever-fresh nostalgia on first album in seven years from influential alt. rock group Throwing Muses

Variety Lights (2012)

Central Flow
Eccentric and challenging, but convincing debut album from Varety Lights, the new project of early Mercury Rev front man David Baker

Various Production (2009)

Fine latest 7' vinyl single from Scottish psychedelic act Pumajaw, dramatically reworked and remixed by Various Production

Various Production & Georgia's Horse (2009)

As It Stops Raining
Warm and slow Americana on new 12' inch vinyl single from Texas band Georgia's House, remixed by Various Production

Virgin Passages (2006)

Slow-growing ambient folk rock on first album from new band Virgin Passages, which will appeal to fans of bands like Jackie O Motherfucker and Amps for Christ

Virgin Passages (2008)

Monotonous latest album from drone rockers Virgin Passages which is unfortunately rambling, uncordinated and directionless

Virginia Wing (2021)

private LIFE
Fifth LP which captures the present difficult times from experimental Manchester trio.Virginia Wing

Wooden Wand (2011)

Surprising latest album from Wooden Wand, the project of avant-garde artist James Jackson Toth, which finds him playing Southern roots rock to excellent effect

Wooden Wand (2013)

Blood Oaths of the new Blues
Brooding latest album from Wooden Wand, the moniker for American singer-songwriter James Toth, which moves away from the country rock of his recent work, back to the dark sound of his earlier albums

Wooden Wand (2014)

Farmer's Corner
Dreamy mix of folk, blues and stripped-back psychedelia on latest album from Wooden Wand, the moniker for American musician James Jackson Toth

Wreckless Eric (2016)

Excellent new album from 70's cult star Wreckless Eric, which combines punk pop with Americana



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