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Bardo Pond - Bardo Pond

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 31 / 1 / 2011

Bardo Pond - Bardo Pond
Label: Fire Records
Format: CD


Psychedelically intense and lengthy stoner rock on self-titled eighth album from American act, Bardo Pond

If you are as out-of-your-mind, brain-meltingly high on drugs as Bardo Pond presumably were when they wrote this album – which is how I’d imagine they’d want you to be – then listening to their eighth, self-titled studio album will probably be like making love to a chocolate unicorn while travelling backwards through time on the back of a Jesus made out of ribbons and dreams. For those of us who’d prefer to stick to the crisps and dips thanks very much, Bardo Pond is noisey, it’s psychedelic and it’s amazing. This is wigging-out at its finest; stoner rock taken to a level way above hairy slackers in plaid shirts. It’s an intense listen, with the band building up a wall of sound from the foundations of an acoustic guitar and Isobel Sollenberger’s dreamy vocals and piling layer-upon-layer of rhythm, guitar, flute and synths on top until it becomes too dense to appreciate every part all at once – warranting welcomed repeat listens. It’s not what I would call an easy listen – any album with a track which stretches past 20 minutes in length is unlikely to be – but it is worth sticking with if you’ve got the time to shut yourself off from the world for an hour and just immerse yourself completely in their music. It’s one of those albums that you really need to sink into completely to find its full potential – we’re talking door locked, headphones on, eyes closed, settled on your bed or in a comfy chair, and just letting Bardo Pond take you where they may. I’d imagine smoking copious amounts of marijuana probably helps too. But you know. Don’t.

Track Listing:-
1 Just Once
2 Don't Know About You
3 Sleeping
4 Undone
5 Cracker Wrist
6 Await The Star
7 Wayne's Tune

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