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Bardo Pond


Interview (2007)

Bardo Pond - Interview

Since 1989 Philadelphia space rock act Bardo Pond have recorded countless albums and toured alongside the likes of Mogwai,Dinosaur Jr and Acid Mothers Temple. Guitarist Michael Gibbons chats to Dominic Simpson about the band's latest album 'Ticket Crystals' and the band's unique methods of recording


Under the Pines (2017)

More than welcome return from the American purveyors of psychedelic rock Bardo Pond with an album that rises above all clichés of what fuzzed out guitar noise should sound like

Peace on Venus (2013)

Surprisingly subdued, blues-influenced ninth album from American psychedelic group, Bardo Pond

Bardo Pond (2011)

Psychedelically intense and lengthy stoner rock on self-titled eighth album from American act, Bardo Pond

Ticket Crystals (2006)

Placid-sounding combination of trance, space rock, drone and krautrcck on latest offering from durable Philadelphia-based psychedelic act Bardo Pond

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