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Kimberly Bright


Eight Rounds Rapid

Kimberly Bright talks to three Eight Rounds Rapid members about their backgrounds, art, Southend, and not sounding like anyone else on the planet.

Carol Hodge
Hollywood Stars

Kimberly Bright chats with Huddersfield singer-songwriter and music educator Carol Hodge about her new solo album, songwriting, Crass, touring, teaching, and why introverts might well inherit the earth.
Kimberly Bright chats with singer-songwriter-guitarist Mike Allmayer from the Pedaljets about the Kansas City band’s long history, reunion, second chance and new album 'Twist the Lens'.
Kimberly Bright talks guitarist Ruben De Fuentes and drummer Terry Rae from the early ‘70s LA glam band the Hollywood Stars about reuniting and finally releasing their early work.

Keiron Phelan
Simon Love
Vulgar Boatmen

Ulysses frontman Luke Smyth chats with Kimberly Bright about the history of the band, his personal musical development, songwriting, the current cultural climate and being taken seriously while still being amazingly well-dressed.
Songwriter and composer Keiron Phelan talks to Kimberly Bright about his first solo album 'Peace Signs', as well as Chaucer's 'The Canterbury Tales', liturgical music, and accents.
Kimberly Bright talks to Welsh singer-songwriter Simon Love about the tales behind his recent songs, the Beatles, classic British television, and the art of holding grudges.
Dale Lawrence, the lead singer of US indie outfit The Vulgar Boatmen, chats with Kimberly Bright about the band’s storied back catalogue ahead of a series of re-issues.

Burning Ferns
Chris Haddon
Brainiac 5
Mike Peters

Anthony Gray of rising Welsh stars Burning Ferns talks to Kimberly Bright about the band's influences and songwriting ethic and about the Newport scene.
Kimberly Bright speaks to Chris Haddon, the singer and guitarist for The Minx and Heavy On The Magic, about his new full-time career as a holistic healer.
Cornwall’s reunited the Brainiac 5 chat with Kimberly Bright about their early career, reunion, recent work, and John Peel
While on his 'Spirit of ’86' anniversary tour in North America Alarm frontman Mike Peters discusses with Kimberly Bright his extensive career, punk, technology, his Love Hope Strength Foundation for cancer victims and his Welsh identity

Penny Rimbaud

Crass founder Penny Rimbaud talks to Kimberly Bright about his main musical influences


Kimberly Bright examines The Lewes Ripple, a community of musicians from the small town of Lewes in Sussex, who after a planned week-long multi-venue festival was cancelled there due to the pandemic, have set up an inventive YouTube channel to promote their music.

Karen and the Sorrows
Hollywood Stars
Bram Tchaikovsky

Kimberly Bright reflects upon rising band Brooklyn’s Karen and the Sorrows and finds that with their second LP 'Guaranteed Broken Heart' they have created a minutely authentic and timeless traditional country album on the theme of heartbreak and loss.
Kimberly Bright reflects on the career of the ill-fated and now reformed ‘70s Los Angeles glam rock group the Hollywood Stars, whose lost second album 'Sound City' has been finally released after 43 years.
Kimberly Bright reflects on the undervalued career of 1970’s power pop band Bram Tchaikovsky, whose three albums, ‘Strange Man, Changed Man’, ‘The Russians are Coming’ and ‘Funland’, have just been released in a new Cherry Red box set, ‘Strange Men, Changed Men’.
Kimberly Bright finds that musician John Kruth has an interesting historical take on the recurring theme of the outlaw in popular music from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Favourite Albums

Bitter Springs
Brinsley Schwarz
Sea Nymphs

In our 'Re:View' section, in which we look back at albums from the past, Kimberly Bright finds that the Bitter Springs’ magnificent remastered 2001 masterpiece '(Suburban Crimes of) Every Happiness' hasn’t aged a day.
KImberly Bright examines influential rock act Brinsley Schwarz’s last album, 'It’s All Over Now', which finally sees an official release after forty-two years
Kimberly Bright examines the release, at last, of the Sea Nymphs' long-awaited second album from the early 1990s


Graham Parker

Andy Sumners

In our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a favourite band or artist, Kimberly Bright writes about her favourite songs by English singer-songwriter Graham Parker.
In ‘Ten Songs That Made Me Love…’ Kimberly Bright looks back at ten of her favourite Andy Summers songs, including pre-and post-Police, solo, and collaborations


One Thousand Motels
Conrad Clipper

tvfordogs’ fifth album is a thrillride of educated, articulate, and edgy glam rock
Rat Scabies’ and Christ Constantinou’s second album from their One Thousand Motels project conjures up classic Delta blues, gospel, and R&B
Anonymous German composer Conrad Clipper’s second album is full of wistful piano instrumentals
Haunting sixth album from Birdpen is a protest against technology’s stranglehold on our lives and society

Damn Vandals
Randolph’s Leap
Penny Rimbaud

A year’s worth of pent-up energy and emotion blasts through Damn Vandals' new album with one banger after another
Scottish folk-pop collective Randolph's Leap’s new album is full of catchy melodies and sunny skies
John Rossall releases a solo album of emergency glam rock designed to cheer up the entire clobbered planet
Crass founder, activist, and multimedia artist Penny Rimbaud envisions fighting in the Battle of Verdun with poet Arthur Rimbaud by his side

Keiron Phelan and Peace Signs
Peter Hall
Cunning Folk
Michael McDermott

Multi-instrumentalist Keiron Phelan’s second Peace Signs album is a breezy, reflective collection of classic grown-up pop
Breathtakingly impressive debut EP from singer-songwriter Peter Hall
Cunning Folk’s latest album is part prog rock-cosmic acid folk, part pagan sacred music
Fabulous latest album from Chicago indie singer-songwriter Michael McDermott who has taken advantage of the recent lockdown to create a introspective collection of gorgeous new songs


Angular art rock on excellent debut album from Barringtone which proves to be an immediate classic
Yorkshire-based post-punk act Percy are back with a full-throttle discordant collection of scenes from real life which is ugly, beautiful, funny, and frightening.
Beautiful dream pop on long-awaited debut album from critically acclaimed and melodic Welsh indie/shoegaze outfit Kidsmoke
Excellent and exhaustive Cherry Red box set celebrates the under-rated era of ‘70s UK pub rock


Expanded edition of Squire’s 1984 classic mini-album 'September Gurls' is timeless power pop
Kansas City’s reunited beloved indie rockers Pedaljets return with a well=crafted and energetic third album
Energetic new compilation from mod revivalists Squire traces the evolution of the band from punk to mod in 1977-78
Cherry Red’s new compilation of the UK experimental pop of 1966 that blossomed into psychedelia shows how diverse the style really was

Red River Dialect
Matthew Frederick

Hopeful and upbeat latest single from Manchester-based indie group the Moods
Folk-rock Red River Dialect’s debut on Paradise of Bachelors is soulful and transcendent
Shimmering Southern Californian classic rock on long-awaited latest album from GospelbeacH
Summery second single off his forthcoming and eagerly awaited solo album from Climbing Trees’ Matthew Frederick

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