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Kimberly Bright - Reviews


I Only Wanted to Make You Cry
tvfordogs’ fifth album is a thrillride of educated, articulate, and edgy glam rock

One Thousand Motels

Get In Where You Fit In
Rat Scabies’ and Christ Constantinou’s second album from their One Thousand Motels project conjures up classic Delta blues, gospel, and R&B

Conrad Clipper

Herons' Book oF Dreams
Anonymous German composer Conrad Clipper’s second album is full of wistful piano instrumentals


All Function One
Haunting sixth album from Birdpen is a protest against technology’s stranglehold on our lives and society

Damn Vandals

You Me the Devil and the Sunshine
A year’s worth of pent-up energy and emotion blasts through Damn Vandals' new album with one banger after another

Randolph’s Leap

Spirit Level
Scottish folk-pop collective Randolph's Leap’s new album is full of catchy melodies and sunny skies


Last Glam in Town
John Rossall releases a solo album of emergency glam rock designed to cheer up the entire clobbered planet

Penny Rimbaud

Arthur Rimbaud in Verdun
Crass founder, activist, and multimedia artist Penny Rimbaud envisions fighting in the Battle of Verdun with poet Arthur Rimbaud by his side

Keiron Phelan and Peace Signs

Hobby Jingo
Multi-instrumentalist Keiron Phelan’s second Peace Signs album is a breezy, reflective collection of classic grown-up pop

Peter Hall

There’s Something Wrong With Everyone
Breathtakingly impressive debut EP from singer-songwriter Peter Hall

Cunning Folk

A Casual Invocation
Cunning Folk’s latest album is part prog rock-cosmic acid folk, part pagan sacred music

Michael McDermott

What In The World
Fabulous latest album from Chicago indie singer-songwriter Michael McDermott who has taken advantage of the recent lockdown to create a introspective collection of gorgeous new songs


Bonanza Plan
Angular art rock on excellent debut album from Barringtone which proves to be an immediate classic


Seaside Donkeys
Yorkshire-based post-punk act Percy are back with a full-throttle discordant collection of scenes from real life which is ugly, beautiful, funny, and frightening.


A Vision in the Dark
Beautiful dream pop on long-awaited debut album from critically acclaimed and melodic Welsh indie/shoegaze outfit Kidsmoke


Surrender to the Rhythm: The London Pub Rock Scene of the 70s
Excellent and exhaustive Cherry Red box set celebrates the under-rated era of ‘70s UK pub rock


September Gurls
Expanded edition of Squire’s 1984 classic mini-album 'September Gurls' is timeless power pop


Twist the Lens
Kansas City’s reunited beloved indie rockers Pedaljets return with a well=crafted and energetic third album


Get Ready To Go
Energetic new compilation from mod revivalists Squire traces the evolution of the band from punk to mod in 1977-78


A Slight Disturbance In My Mind
Cherry Red’s new compilation of the UK experimental pop of 1966 that blossomed into psychedelia shows how diverse the style really was


Hopeful and upbeat latest single from Manchester-based indie group the Moods

Red River Dialect

Abundance Welcoming Ghosts
Folk-rock Red River Dialect’s debut on Paradise of Bachelors is soulful and transcendent


Let It Burn
Shimmering Southern Californian classic rock on long-awaited latest album from GospelbeacH

Matthew Frederick

Summery second single off his forthcoming and eagerly awaited solo album from Climbing Trees’ Matthew Frederick

Massy Ferguson

Great Divides
Classic American roots rock on firth album from Pacific Northwest country outfit Massy Ferguson

Hank Marvin

Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin’s fifty years of solo work is captured on a new three-CD collection

Matthew Frederick

Tell Me
Emotionally melancholy yet cheerful new single from Climbing Trees frontman Matthew Frederick, which promises much for upcoming second solo album

Stray Cats

Rockabilly pioneers the Stray Cats return with new material to celebrate their 40th anniversary


On Safari
Bath’s ace glam-rockers Ulysses offer towering sound and non-stop delight on their latest album

Cowboy Flying Saucer

Travel Lodge
Cosmic rhythm-heavy mix of psych, ambient, techno and other styles with mysterious storylines on second album from Cowboy Flying Saucer

Brainiac 5

Back to Shore
Eclectic new thematic album from Cornwall’s Brainiac 5 is filled with literary psych-prog rock and jam band exploration


First-rate fifth album from Nashville-based country rock outfit the Vegabonds that elevates them to among the very best of New South Rock

Whoa Melodic

Whoa Melodic
Welcome dose of upbeat jangle pop on the first full album from singer-songwriter Michael Wood’s project Whoa Melodic

Malcolm Holcombe

Come Hell Or High Water
Beautiful country-folk album from singer-songwriter Malcolm Holcombe that reflects upon his southern roots and the importance of meaningful work, community, love, and family

She Drew the Gun

Revolution of Mind
First-rate new album from Liverpool band She Drew the Gun which is a whirlwind of Louisa Roach's incendiary, political pop-psych and spoken word

Keiron Phelan

Peace Signs
Debut solo album from London-based songwriter and composer Keiron Phelan which is full of delightful relaxed psych pop and elegant character sketches

Schizo Fun Addict

A Shoegaze Bossa Nova
Intriguing new album from Schizo Fun Addict which fuses shoegaze with retro Brazilian music


Ready Set Go
Versatile second album in two years from reformed, still underrated pre-punk supergroup Sharks


The Saving of Cadan
Ambitious double CD and concept album from prog rock band Hanterhir half sung in their native Cornish

Simon Love

Sincerely, S. Love x
Irreverent and offbeat but excellent indie pop on second solo album from former Loves front man Simon Love

Burning Ferns

Public Mono
Second album from Burning Ferns proves to be precisely what 60's pop fans have needed for a very long time.


New sophomore solo release from SLUG, aka Field Music’s Ian Black, proves to be a wonderfully disjointed Dadaist ride


Dresden-based Jaguwar’s debut album, described by the band as 'noise and detail', is destined to become a shoegaze favourite

Yellow Melodies

Spanish indie power pop band The Yellow Melodies’ eighth album is a cheery, sunny collection declaring their love of things pop

Gun Outfit

Out of Range
Gun Outfit’s postmodern cowboy music evokes vast desert utopias and Western frontier mythology

Self Esteem

Your Wife EP
Rebecca Taylor’s Self Esteem debut EP is an empowering letter of resignation on behalf of all side chicks everywhere

Brainiac 5

We're Ready
First-rate new album of older and recent material from reunited psych-punks the Brainiac 5 which sounds shockingly fresh

Burning Ferns

Bullet Train/Fuses Blow
Heartstoppingly superb power pop on new double A-sided 7 inch single from Welsh band Burning Ferns

Pinetop Sauna

Pinetop Sauna
Prolific Norfolk singer-songwriter Nick Worrall reunited with three members of his high school band to finally record a proper debut album as Pinetop Sauna

Jonathan Segel

Latest solo double album from Camper Van Beethoven’s Jonathan Segel which is freeform, varied, and sometimes difficult

Warm Digits

Wireless World
Newcastle and Manchester-based Warm Digits tackle societal uneasiness and ecological disasters by throwing an apocalyptic techno dance party

Filthy Friends

Fantastic debut album from unlikely super group Filthy Friends which has members from R.E.M., Sleater-Kinney, King Crimson, Young Fresh Fellows and Fastbacks

Nik Barrell

Growing Peaches in Oxfordshire
Determinedly cheerful new album from Brighton-based singer-songwriter and musician Nik Barrell which we didn’t even know we needed

Jaime Wyatt

Felony Blues
West Coast singer-songwriter and former prisoner Jaime Wyatt provides a woman’s take on the outlaw country genre on her mini-album 'Felony Blues'

Left Lane Cruiser

Claw Machine Wizard
Latest album from Left Lane Cruiser which proves a rootsy, blues rock, Everyman stomp from the American Midwest

Taos Humm

Flute of the Noodle Bender
Debut album from Bristol trio Taos Humm which proves to be a surreal, colourful blast of noise and general oddity


Running the Voodoo Down
Extraordinary double CD compilation which traces America’s late 1960's explosion of funk, psychedelic rock, soul, and jazz over twenty-three stunning tracks


Killers of the Deep
Reunited pre-punk supergroup Sharks leap from out of the wreckage and onto the dance floor, picking up with their new album from where they left off in 1974


Dreamy and artful 80's dark new wave on first-rate debut album from Montreal-based act Heat

Winter Mountain

I Swear, I Flew
Cornwall’s Joe Francis evokes classic heartland Americana on his second Winter Mountain album

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