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Massy Ferguson - Great Divides

  by Kimberly Bright

published: 22 / 10 / 2019

Massy Ferguson - Great Divides
Label: North and Left
Format: CD


Classic American roots rock on firth album from Pacific Northwest country outfit Massy Ferguson

The sobriquet Massy Ferguson conjures up expensive agricultural equipment by the US.-based manufacturer of the same name, which isn’t surprising given the Pacific Northwest country-rock band’s history. Frontman and bass player Ethan Anderson grew up in a religious Pentecostal family in a rural area outside of Seattle, where he listened to country and folk artists but was well within the reach of the city’s grunge and hard rock bands’ influence. Massy Ferguson’s music veers very much toward simple but powerful country-rock and roots music, making it hard not to compare the songs on 'Great Divides' to young mournful Springsteen ('Drop an Atom Bomb on Me', 'Maybe the Gods', 'Don’t Give Up on Your Friends') and early ‘80s REM ('Can’t Remember'). Certainly the unadulterated jangly guitar work from Adam Monda suggests Peter Buck as well as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Mike Campbell. Ethan Anderson excels at storytelling. The part spoken-word 'Momma’s in the Backseat' tells the story of a teenager on the edge of adulthood but still kid enough to feel comforted by a 'Star Wars' blanket. The main character’s poor impulse control is obvious, and the plot’s climax is an unexpected fight. After one of the passengers in the car was punched in the face through an open window, I was worried that someone was going to be dead by the last verse. Luckily not. 'Can’t Remember' is about Anderson as a drunk 21-year-old trying to chat up a Seattle cocktail waitress (now his wife). With such a cute backstory, the song should be somewhat more upbeat than it is. 'Don’t Give Up On Your Friends', 'Wolf Moon”' and 'Saddest Man' continue the theme of mature, blue-collar epics. For fans of Americana who like a dose of introspection, existential musings, and meaningful life review, 'Great Divides' from the musicians who describe themselves as “The People’s Band” should fit the bell.

Track Listing:-
1 Can't Remember
2 Drop An Atom Bomb On Me
3 Maybe The Gods
4 Rerun
5 Saying You Were There
6 Don't Give Up On Your Friends
7 Momma's In The Backseat
8 Saddest Man
9 Wolf Moon
10 The Want That Sound

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