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Lisa Torem


Los Angeles composer and arranger John Philip Shenale is associated with Grammy-nominated artists: Tori Amos, Jane’s Addiction, Tracy Chapman and Billy idol. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ‘Night of Hunters,’ he shares excerpted highlights of his five-decade career.

John Philip Shenale
Ashley Reaks
Nani Noam Vazana

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ‘Night of Hunters’ L.A. composer/arranger/producer John Philip Shenale discusses his role in the intricacies of Tori Amos’s classically-based album, and more.
Harrogate multi-talent Ashley Reaks just released ‘Winter Crawls,’ which includes a host of well-known guests, superb imagery and one-off instrumental work. He updates Lisa Torem with the back stories.
Lisa Torem speaks to vocalist, songwriter and instrumentalist Nani Noam Vazana, who is touring internationally in support of fourth studio album, ‘Key Haber,’ a tribute to the Ladino language

Black Duck
Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band
Brian Ray

Black Duck is a rising star of a band hailing from Chicago. The trio’s guitarist, Bill D. MacKay, talks to Lisa Torem about their self-titled debut, influences and songwriting.
Lisa Torem finds that a press event held during a rehearsal break reveals the true spirit of the All-Starr Band, helmed by iconic drummer/singer-songwriter Ringo Starr, prior to their 2023 US tour.
Lisa Torem discusses the production decisions and various tracks of the new Zombies’ album, ‘Different Game’ with founding member, songwriter and arranger Rod Argent.
In a second interview, Lisa Torem catches up with guitarist/songwriter/producer Brian Ray, acclaimed for his solo work, as well as with Paul McCartney, Etta James, and The Bayonets, who have recently released dynamic new singles.

Tommy James
Debbie Benjamin Koller and Aret Sakal
Jay Bergen
Linda Gail Lewis

Guitarist, front man and songwriter Tommy James, with The Shondells, and as solo artist, is one of the greatest influencers of the 21st century. With Lisa Torem, James chronicles early times, principles of songwriting and news about his life story detailed in a film and musical.
Chicago DJ Debbie Benjamin Koller and Chicago DJ/Windy City Soul Club founder, Aret Sakal share insights regarding the Northern Soul phenomenon in an exclusive interview.
Lisa Torem speaks to Jay Bergen about his ‘under-the-radar’ memoir, ‘Lennon, Mobster and The Lawyer’, which is a fascinating account of John Lennon’s commitment to the courtroom when battling two lawsuits, with Bergen as his attorney.
Rockabilly queen Linda Gail Lewis talks to Lisa Torem about the remastered ‘Early Sides: 1963-1973’ and studio work with Van Morrison, Robbie Fulks and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Mames Babegenush
Felix Cavaliere
Howard Emerson
James McMurtry

Copenhagen’s award-winning sextet Mames Babegenush is a Klezmer band which has put an exciting twist on this traditional genre. They’re currently touring and have recently recorded their sixth album.
American singer-songwriter-organist Felix Cavaliere, who founded The Rascals in the 1960s, shares his deep knowledge of the music industry, talks about his memoir and more.
Fingerstyle guitarist and composer Howard Emerson, who toured with rocker Billy Joel and folksinger Eric Andersen, talks Lisa Torem through selects from his extensive solo discography.
Austin, Texan singer-songwriter James McMurtry talks to Lisa Torem about his first album,in six years ‘The Horses and The Hounds’, and songcraft, politics, early influences and why he never could play like Johnny Cash.


Lisa Torem recollects meeting, interviewing and enjoying Chicago-based saxophonist Mars Williams’s music and endearing personality over the years.

Jerry Lee Lewis
Jann Klose
Andrew Môn Hughes, Grant Walters and Mark Crohan
Laura Shenton

Lisa Torem recalls the positive effects that Jerry Lee Lewis had on her musical career and why he should be forever remembered.
Lisa Torem profiles the extraordinary new single and video 'Sugar My' from singer-songwriter Jann Klose.
Lisa Torem examines a new book 'The Bee Gees in the 1960s’ which examines their early career.
Lisa Torem is impressed with Laura Shenton's well-researched and informative book about progressive rock band Curved Air's early history in the 1970s.

Live Reviews

Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band
Herb Alpert and Lani Hall
Peter and Jeremy

Lisa Torem enjoys an uplifting set of classic covers and their own material from RIngo Starr and His All-Starr Band.
Lisa Torem enjoys the diversity of the set list when Herb Alpert and Lani Hall draw from a lifetime of classic, plus new arrangements from recent release, ‘Wish Upon a Star.'.
Peter Asher: A Musical Memoir of the 60s and Beyond’ returns to Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music with Asher plus partner folk artist Jeremy Clyde, formerly of Chad and Jeremy. Lisa Torem reviews.

Favourite Albums

Tommy James and the Shondells
Jefferson Airplane
Third Rail

Lisa Torem enjoys a new compilation from unrivaled American singer-songwriter Tommy James which includes distinctive recordings from his long-standing solo career.
Lisa Torem finds that this Jefferson Airplane live album, which was recorded at the Fillmore East in New York in 1969 and features hits and fillers, exemplifies the Summer of Love experience.
Lisa Torem finds that the Third Rail’s 1967 only album ‘ID Music’ is somewhat dated, yet a fine period piece for those with fond memories of an earlier time.


In her ‘Raging Pages’ book column Lisa Torem assesses legendary singer-songwriter Graham Nash’s 2014 memoir ‘Wild Tales’.
Author Geoffrey Feakes takes a deep dive into the 1970s, when keyboardist/composer Rick Wakeman was at the height of his creative career, in the Sonicbond DECADES series. Lisa Torem in her 'Raging Pages' book column examines it

Suzi Quatro
Frank Sinatra
Richard Barone

In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem leafs through a new and fascinating biography of rock pioneer Suzi Quatro
In her ‘Raging Pages’ book column Lisa Torem examines James Kaplan’s book ‘Frank: The Voice’, which explores the first forty years of Frank Sinatra’s complicated life
In her ‘Raging Pages’ book column Lisa Torem enjoys the depth and precision of Richard Barone’s latest book, ‘Music & Revolution: Greenwich Village in the 1960s.’
Lisa Torem finds Jeff Fitzgerald’s new book about Donovan’s work in the 1960s an enjoyable read.


Meredith Moon
Ceili Rain
Linda Gail Lewis
Jann Klose

Evocative and sensitive second album from Canadian folk artist Meredith Moon
Forceful first album in almost a decade from Syracuse-based Celtic rock band Ceili Rain
Heartfelt tribute to her late brother, Jerry Lee Lewis, on new album from singer/pianist Linda Gail Lewis
Empathic and socially-conscious pop on latest album from New York-based singer-songwriter Jann Klose

Julian Lennon
James McMurtry
Pulsar Ensemble

Evocative and heartfelt seventh album from Julian Lennon
First new album in seven years from singer songwriter and guitarist James McMurtry which features killer stories and raucous guitar
Enjoyable album from one-man Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist The Poppermost which sheds a bright light on the British Invasion and 1960s American bands
Excellent second album from five-piece Italian band Pulsar Ensemble who create a sci-fi world and bring it to to life with nine, disparate compositions

Joe Bonamassa
Earl Slick
Damn Truth

American guitarist Joe Bonamassa, refusing to rest on his laurels despite the Covid-19 pandemic, reunites with his vast number of fans on a new DVD of livestream filmed in Nashville.
Fantastic five CD compilation from Cherry Red of the early recordings of bossa nova artist and pioneering 50’s composer Carlos Antonio Jobim
Versatile latest album from Brooklyn guitarist Earl Slick, who has played with Bowie, Lennon and Jeff Beck, which will please devout blues fans and more.
Explosive psychedelic rock on first-rate album from undiscovered Montreal-based band The Damn Truth

Nature's Neighbor
Joanna Connor
Ace of Cups

Well-researched three CD box set which provides to the listener with a compelling sonic history of 1970's rock's lesser-known acts as well as also its legends
Eclectic twelfth album from Chicago-formed band Nature’s Neighbor which reflects upon the current pandemic
Extraordinary album from Joanna Connor, which, produced by Joe Bonamassa, pays tribute to the Chicago blues club scene
Fantastic psychedelic-influenced second album from 1960’s-era all-female band Ace of Cups

Robin Trower, Maxi Priest, Livingstone Brown
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters
Kevin Godley
Lawrence County

Memorable collaboration between guitarist Robin Trower, singer Maxi Priest and bassist/producer Livingstone Brown
Fantastic collection of reworked classics, original songs and live tracks from blues veterans Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters
Singer/musician/producer Kevin Godley’s new album creates original lyrics and music against instrumental tracks sent in by fans.
New album from Nottinhamshire-based sextet the Lawrence County is full of great vocal and instrumental solos and original ideas

My Girl The River
Mandoki Soulmates
Soul Asylum
Andrew Gold

Revealing and beautiful second album from My Girl The River’s , the project of American-born but British-based vocalist/guitarist Kris Wilkinson
Enthralling double album from prog rock supergoup and collective Mandoki Soulmates which is a cultural and musical revelation
Fantastic twelfth album from American alernative band Soul Asylum which serves up a ton of variety
Andrew Gold’s legacy is given its due in a new project rife with 16-original songs; some done as solo demos and a few more with a full band

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