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Julian Lennon - Jude

  by Lisa Torem

published: 5 / 10 / 2022

Julian Lennon - Jude
Label: BMG
Format: CD


Evocative and heartfelt seventh album from Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon’s seventh studio album, ‘Jude’, which stands as a follow-up to ‘Everything Changes’ was co--produced by Lennon himself and Justin Clayton. The title references Paul McCartney’s own ballad, ‘Hey Jude’ which the former Beatle wrote to console the young Julian (nicknamed ‘Jude’) during a time of personal loss; in fact, that younger version of Lennon also appears on the cover. Lennon has worn many hats over the course of his forty-year career. As a philanthropist, he has raised funds and awareness for the White Feather Foundation and The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship For Girls, and his socially-conscious films have been featured at Cannes. ‘Save Me’ begins with Julian’s evocative breathy vocals. He pleads for help. While Lennon leads off, the following verses are graced with electronic ambience and haunting harmonies. ‘Freedom’ is jumpstarted with the insistent sound of a clicking clock (or something similar.) Sung earnestly in first-person, Lennon’s gently rising vocals speak of a liberating love. The electronic melodic line closely follows his exalted melody. An arpeggiated outro follows. ‘Every Little Moment’ lies in contrast, with a tempo that goes for the jugular. “Can’t you see the war is over?” he sings. The bridge, on which Lennon subscribes to a deeply romantic message, is followed by a striking electric guitar solo. ‘Not One Night’ is based around bright acoustic strumming. The pretty, minor-tinged melody is shored up by a conventional chordal structure and embellished with dreamy strings. Throughout Lennon’s plaintive words reveal unabashed vulnerability. ‘Love Don’t Let Me Down’ is a relatable ballad with a positive spin. Lennon sings convincingly: “Open your heart and you’ll go far,” and finally, “love don’t let me down.” While his singing on the entire album is unpretentious and genuinely heartfelt, he’s at his best here. ‘Round and Round Again’ is a tranquil study beginning with, what sounds like a gentle thrush of ocean waves. “I’ve had enough of sadness and tears,” he asserts, against jangly guitar licks and light percussion. Midway, the electric guitar makes a more aggressive appearance before the riveting chorus repeats. “I’ll be the whisper in your dreams,” he promises in ‘Love Never Dies’ against masterful strings. Lennon’s voice continues to evoke a litany of passionate imagery. ‘Breathe’ takes a markedly different turn; the initial message hints at depression: “There’s nothing left inside of me,” but it is followed by an action plan for “a brand-new start” and suddenly the world grows sunny: “I want to breathe/I want to fly away into the stars so I can spread my wings.” ‘Lucky Ones’ comes full circle, with an accompaniment more consistent with ‘Save Me’ than the other tracks. “I feel changes coming, so strong. It might not be forever…” On ‘Lucky Ones,’ the songwriter finds himself armed with aspirations for a ‘new revolution.’ The acoustic piano in ‘Stay’ is juxtaposed with military drumming. Between the electronic passages, Lennon reaches out mercifully to a puzzled, but valued lover: “Every time you look away, I’ll be beside you” he insists, on an alluring album that explores human emotions with the utmost sensitivity. The stunning, noir closer, ‘Gala ft. Paul Buchanan & Elisa Lauper’ relies on Lauper’s gentle French iterations and Buchanan’s emotion-packed voice.; Lennon’s dreamy assertions run consistently parallel. With ‘Jude,’ Lennon holds nothing back, and because of that choice, we listeners have everything to gain.

Track Listing:-
1 Save Me
2 Freedom
3 Every Little Moment
4 Not One Night
5 Love Don't Let Me Down
6 Round And Round Again
7 Love Never Dies
8 Breathe
9 Lucky Ones
10 Stay
11 Gaia

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3085 Posted By: Al Cooley, USA on 22 Sep 2022
It’s my favorite Julian Album. Every song is awesome

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