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Mark Rowland


Sea Power guitarist Martin Noble talks to Mark Rowland about the band’s new album ‘Everything Was Forever’ and the challenges of finishing an album in lockdown.

Hamish Hawk
Vinita Joshi

Hamish Hawk’s latest album, ‘Heavy Elevator’, is making an impression and gaining national airplay. He speaks to Mark Rowland about his need to mix things up, making songwriting an everyday habit, and managing expectations.
Vinita Joshi, the owner of indie label Rocket Girl, talks about the 20th anniversary of its first release, and a new commemorative book, CD, seven inch and flexi disc which are all being released to celebrate this anniversary.
Mudhoney leader Mark Arm chats about the Seattle grunge pioneers thirty years as a band and forthcoming album 'Digital Garbage'.

Pere Ubu
Thomas Newman
Cosmo Jarvis

Mark Rowland chats to long lost 70's Detroit garage rock outfit Death about their sudden emergence from obscurity to cult act and their recently released third retrospective
Mark Rowland talks to David Thomas, the front man with influential alternative rock act Pere Ubu, about his band’s new ‘dance’-influenced album, ‘The Lady From Shanghai'
Mark Rowland chats to American film composer Thomas Newman about his soundtrack for the new James Bond film, 'Skyfall'
Mark Rowland chats to London-based singer-songwriter and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis about his low budget new film, 'The Naughty Room', which is about to receive its first television showing

Laetitia Sadier
Meat Puppets
Monroe Transfer

Ex-Stereolab front woman Laetitia Sadier speaks to Mark Rowland about the strong and angry political nature of 'Silencio', her new solo album
Mark Rowland speaks to Curt Kirkwood, the front man with seminal country/ psychedelic/punk rockers the Meat Puppets, about his band's unusual songwriting influences and style of recording
Epic and dramatic-sounding seven-piece London-based group the Monroe Transfer talk to Mark Rowland about about their entirely instrumental and unclassifiable brand of rock
Catriona Sturton, the bassist with the now disbanded Canadian indie group Plumtree, chats to Mark Rowland about the renewed interest in her group after it provided the inspiration for the 'Scott Pilgrim' comic books and film

A Certain Ratio
Television Personalities
Yo La Tengo

In our second interview with him, Mark Rowland speaks to Jez Kerr, the bassist with pioneering Mancurian post-punks A Certain Ratio about his group's first album since the 90's, 'Mind Made Up', and Sum Ratios, his new offshoot group which consists of several ex-members of the band
Mark Rowland speaks to Ira Wolf Tuton, the bassist with New York-based art rock band Yeasayer, about his band's acclaimed second album 'Odd Blood' and how it has both translated and also developed on stage
Mark Rowland speaks Dan Treacy, the front man with influential C86/punk group the Television Personalities about his return to making music, his much publicised mental and physical health battles, and the band's new album which is due out next year
One of the most innovative bands of the last 25 years, Yo La Tengo have just released their latest new album, 'Popular Songs'. Mark Rowland speaks to the band's front man Ira Kaplan about it and adaptable and constantly changing nature of his band


Dinosaur Jr

Mark Rowland examines Dinosaur Jr's four 1990's albums, which have just been re-released in expanded and remastered editions on Cherry Red.

Green River
Ryan Adams
This Mortal Coil
Television Personalities

Mark Rowland examines the career of grunge pioneers Green River, whose 1987 EP 'Dry as a Bone' and 1988 posthumous album 'Rehab Doll' have recently both been re-released.
With the recent allegations against Ryan Adams, Mark Rowland says that it is finally time to stop forgiving our rock stars for their abusive behaviour.
This Mortal Coil’s three albums are being remastered and reissued in new deluxe editions on CD and vinyl. Mark Rowland, a This Mortal Coil novice, digs into their back catalogue.
With the first four Television Personalities LPs set for a reissue, Mark Rowland takes a look at their legacy

Live Reviews

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Pere Ubu
Passion Pit

Mark Rowland at the Roundhouse in London watches Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and electronic artist Alva Noto play a show of tense, but enormous emotional impact to promote 'Summvs', their firfth collaborative album
Mark Rowland watches an enjoyably different and visually striking show from Pere Ubu in which they merge music, theatre and animation at a gig to promote their 'Long Live Pere Ubu' album at Blackheath Halls in London
Mark Rowland discovers Massachusetts-based electronic band and former bedroom act Passion Pit to have an increasingly comfortable stage presence at a gig at ther KOKO in London

Favourite Albums

Pere Ubu

In our 'Re: View' section, in which our writers look back on the albums from the past, Mark Rowland reflects on English art rockers the Cardiacs' recently reissued 1996 album. 'Sing to God'
In the latest in our 'Re : View' section, in which writers look back at albums from the past, Mark Rowland writes about 'The Roots of Rap, a flawed, but funky 2005 compilation of early rap hits
For our 'Re : View' slot, in which we look back on old albums, Mark Rowland writes about Pere Ubu's 1976 classic debut album 'The Modern Dance', which has recently been reisssued


In his 'Bandcamp Explorer' column Mark Rowland examines some of the best music that is currently available on Bandcamp from the Ukraine.
Mark Rowland in 'Bandcamp Explorer' examines the best releases on Bandcamp of recent metal recordings.

Bandcamp Explorer
Bandcamp Explorer
Bandcamp Explorer
Mark Rowland

In 'Bandcamp Explorer' Mark Rowland looks at some of the best releases on Bandcamp of the last year.
Mark Rowland in 'Bandcamp Explorer' goes on a continent-by-continent trip around the world.
Inspired by own search for a fuzz pedal for his own band The Volunteered, Mark Rowland in 'Bandcamp Explorer' looks for the best fuzz-influenced bands on Bandcamp.
In her series 'A Life in Music', in which she talks to Pennyblackmusic writers about the personal impact and influence of music on them, Cila Warncke, discusses with Mark Rowland his changing musical tastes, the importance of solid music journalism and the hypocrisy of rock mythology.


Wave Pictures
Albert Hammond Jr

Superb 60's-influenced pop on fourth album from Malojian, the project of Northern Irish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Scullion
Upbeat second album this year from acclaimed Lonodon-based indie pop outfit the Wave Pictures
Enjoyable if slight slice of glossy power pop on third album from Strokes guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr
Rediscovered proto-punk band Death release their first album of new material in nearly forty years

Grey Hairs
Michael Feuerstack
Golden Dogs
Danny Schmidt

Impressive early Grunge-influenced debut album from Nottingham-based band, Grey Hairs
Slow-paced but atmospheric third album under his own name from Canadian singer-songwriter, Michael Feuerstack
Energetic but unfocused fourth album from Toronto-based power pop band the Golden Dogs, who have been affected by major line-up changes
Evocative but flawed seventh album from Texan-based singer-songwriter, Danny Schmidt

Wild Billy Childish and CTMF

Fabulous garage rock/punk the second with his current band CTMF, from Medway-based cult artist Billy Childish
Catchy Pavement-inspired pop on debut EP from California-based band, the Gromble
Excellent retrospective from underrated New Zealand–based indie pop band the Chills, which compiles together three BBC sessions which they recorded for John Peel between 1985 and 1988
Impressive second album, compiled largely from his previous recordings, from psychedelic-influenced Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Frank Maston

Jim Keaveny
Sole and DJ Pain 1
Emma Ruth Rundle

Laidback Dylan-influenced fifth album from Texas-based nsinger-songwriter, Jim Keaveny
Engaging soundtrack to Belle and Sebastian singer Stuart Murdoch’s forthcoming cinema film, which features new versions of songs from his 2009 project of the same name
Old school and political rap with modern beats on enjoyable album from American rap artist Sole and successful producer DJ Pain 1
Atmospheric and dark 90’s-influenced album from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and Red Sparowes guitarist, Emma Ruth Rundle

Secret Cities
Mega Emotion
Eat Lights Become Lights
Tony Dekker

Eclectic but intelligent latest album from epic-sounding American outfit, Secret Cities
Engaging mix of synth-pop and indie rock on tape only debut EP from Bearsuit offshoot, Mega Emotion
Repetitive but enthralling electronica on fourth album from London-based instrumental project, Eat Lights Become Lights
Melancholic and spiritual 70’s-Californian folk-influenced solo album, recorded in an Ontario church, by Canadian singer-songwriter and Great Lakes Swimmers front man, Tony Dekker

American Werewolf Academy
Leisure Society
Mount Moriah
Shotgun Jimmie

Unsatisfactory fifth album from Dallas alternative rock band, American Werewolf Academy
Excellent third album for much acclaimed but still under-the-radar folk pop outfit, the Leisure Society
Heartfelt and powerful second album from North Carolina-based folk duo, Mount Moriah
Ramshackle, but catchy and endearing seventh solo album from Canadian musician, Shotgun Jimmie

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