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Mark Rowland - Interviews

Sea Power

Sea Power - Interview

Sea Power guitarist Martin Noble talks to Mark Rowland about the band’s new album ‘Everything Was Forever’ and the challenges of finishing an album in lockdown.

Hamish Hawk

Hamish Hawk - Interview

Hamish Hawk’s latest album, ‘Heavy Elevator’, is making an impression and gaining national airplay. He speaks to Mark Rowland about his need to mix things up, making songwriting an everyday habit, and managing expectations.

Vinita Joshi

Vinita Joshi - Interview

Vinita Joshi, the owner of indie label Rocket Girl, talks about the 20th anniversary of its first release, and a new commemorative book, CD, seven inch and flexi disc which are all being released to celebrate this anniversary.


Mudhoney - Interview

Mudhoney leader Mark Arm chats about the Seattle grunge pioneers thirty years as a band and forthcoming album 'Digital Garbage'.


Death - Interview

Mark Rowland chats to long lost 70's Detroit garage rock outfit Death about their sudden emergence from obscurity to cult act and their recently released third retrospective

Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu - Interview

Mark Rowland talks to David Thomas, the front man with influential alternative rock act Pere Ubu, about his band’s new ‘dance’-influenced album, ‘The Lady From Shanghai'

Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman - Interview

Mark Rowland chats to American film composer Thomas Newman about his soundtrack for the new James Bond film, 'Skyfall'

Cosmo Jarvis

Cosmo Jarvis - Interview

Mark Rowland chats to London-based singer-songwriter and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis about his low budget new film, 'The Naughty Room', which is about to receive its first television showing

Laetitia Sadier

Laetitia Sadier - Interview

Ex-Stereolab front woman Laetitia Sadier speaks to Mark Rowland about the strong and angry political nature of 'Silencio', her new solo album

Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks to Curt Kirkwood, the front man with seminal country/ psychedelic/punk rockers the Meat Puppets, about his band's unusual songwriting influences and style of recording

Monroe Transfer

Monroe Transfer - Interview

Epic and dramatic-sounding seven-piece London-based group the Monroe Transfer talk to Mark Rowland about about their entirely instrumental and unclassifiable brand of rock


Plumtree - Interview

Catriona Sturton, the bassist with the now disbanded Canadian indie group Plumtree, chats to Mark Rowland about the renewed interest in her group after it provided the inspiration for the 'Scott Pilgrim' comic books and film

A Certain Ratio

A Certain Ratio - Interview

In our second interview with him, Mark Rowland speaks to Jez Kerr, the bassist with pioneering Mancurian post-punks A Certain Ratio about his group's first album since the 90's, 'Mind Made Up', and Sum Ratios, his new offshoot group which consists of several ex-members of the band


Yeasayer - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks to Ira Wolf Tuton, the bassist with New York-based art rock band Yeasayer, about his band's acclaimed second album 'Odd Blood' and how it has both translated and also developed on stage

Television Personalities

Television Personalities - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks Dan Treacy, the front man with influential C86/punk group the Television Personalities about his return to making music, his much publicised mental and physical health battles, and the band's new album which is due out next year

Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo - Interview

One of the most innovative bands of the last 25 years, Yo La Tengo have just released their latest new album, 'Popular Songs'. Mark Rowland speaks to the band's front man Ira Kaplan about it and adaptable and constantly changing nature of his band

Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu - Interview

Pere Ubu frontman David Thomas speaks to Mark Rowland about the problems he and his band faced making their latest album ‘Long Live Pere Ubu’, which is a musical adaption of Alfred Jarry’s absurdist drama, ‘Bring Me the Head of Ubu Roi’

Luke Morris

Luke Morris - Interview

Luke Morris, the producer of the new 'All Tomorrow's Parties' film talks to Mark Rowland about its making and the initial reaction towards it

Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks to damaged musical genius Daniel Johnston about his forthcoming album, 'Is and Always Was'. which has been produced by Paul McCartney producer Jason Falkner, and his long musical history


Wavves - Interview

San Diego act Wavves began as a bedroom project before becoming a live act. They recently had to cancel a European tour after the stress and health problems of front man Nathan Williams came to a public head at the Primavera featival. A few days before the incident, he spoke to Mark Rowland


Miscellaneous - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks to Turin-born, but London-based musician Alessio Natalizia about his bedroom project Banjo or Freakout and forthcoming debut alabum

Simon Reynolds

Simon Reynolds - Interview Part 1

In the first part of a two part interview, both of which we are running consecutively, music journalist Simon Reynolds chats to Mark Rowland about his critically acclaimed books on post punk, 'Rip It Up and Start Again' and 'Totally Wired'

Simon Reynolds

Simon Reynolds - Interview Part 2

while in the second part he talks about the changes in music journalism over recent years

Certain Ratio

Certain Ratio - Interview

Mark Rowland talks to Jez Kerr, the bassist with Mancurian post punks A Certain Ratio about his group's years on Factory Records from the late 70s to the mid 80s, and the massive influence of New York on their sound

Remember Remember

Alternative comedian and actor Adrian Edmondson has recently formed the Bad Shepherds, a band that plays folk versions of punk songs with a group of acclaimed fok musicians. He chats about the beginnings of his new project with Mark Rowland

Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu - Interview

Pere Ubu frontman David Thomas has recently opened Hearpen, a download site for Pere Ubu albums and related projects. He talks to Mark Rowland about why his dislike of the MP3 audio market has forced him to open it and his musical career

No Age

No Age - Interview

At a gig in London, Mark Rowland speaks to one-time Wives member and drummer and guitarist Dean Spunt about his new band No Age, and their second album ' Nouns' which has just been released on Sub Pop

Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks to former Pavement front man Stephen Malkmus the night after playing a show to a packed audience in London about both his latest band the Jicks and their recently released compplex latest album, 'Real Emotional Trash'

Silver Jews

Silver Jews - Interview

Despite having first formed in 1994, Nashville-based alt.country band the Silver Jews only played their first gig three years ago. Frontman David Berman talks to Mark Rowland about why his group just started touring so recently and their new album, 'Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea'

Wedding Present

Wedding Present - Interview

The Wedding Present have just released their latest album, 'El Rey'. Front man David Gedge talks to Mark Rowland about it, an eighteen month period living in Los Angeles and his recent return to Britain


Slint - Interview

One time Slint guitarist, David Pajo has since gone on to play with artists such as Tortoise and Will Oldham, had instrumental projects and currently plays with Dead Child, an old school heavy metal band. He speaks to Mark Rowland about the many different strands of his career

Adam Green

Adam Green - Interview

Adam Green speaks to Mark Rowland about his fifth solo album and the sudden, late interest in is former band the Moldy Peaches after they featured heavily on the 'Juno' soundtrack

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis - Interview

Mark Rowland talks to New York-based musician and comic book artist Jeffrey Lewis about his new covers album, '12 Crass Songs', which re-invents the anti-authoritarian rants of 70's anarchists Crass as a collection of indie-folk songs

Vic Godard

Vic Godard - Interview

Influential punk band Vic Godard and the Subway Sect's debut album was inexplicably pulled by manager Bernie Rhodes and never released. Now Vic has re-recorded it with the band's present incarnation under the title of '1978 Now'. He speaks to Mark Rowland about his decision to go back to the past

Billy Childish

Billy Childish - Interview

At a concert in London, Mark Rowland speaks to controversial singer-songwriter Billy Childish about his new album 'Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall', his rejection of technology, his interest in painting and a recent show at the Royal Albert Hall


Bearsuit - Interview

Bearsuit have been making gradual dents on mianstream culture with their distorted indie pop. Mark Rowland talks to the group about their forthcoming third album, ikts recording and and appearing on Top Shop's music video screens

Original Silence

Original Silence - Interview

Original Silence is an improvised alt rock/jazz formed by Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, and which also features Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and producer Jim O' Rourke. Mark Rowland talks to him about it, and 'The First Original Silence', the band's debut CD

William D Drake

William D Drake - Interview

Experimental songwriter and former Cardiacs keyboardist William D Drake released two albums, 'Briny Hooves' and 'Yew's Paw' on the same day earlier this year. He talks to Mark Rowland about the joys of committing commercial suicide

Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain - Interview

Dan Sartain has been receiving a lot of acclaim for his brand of garage blues/punk rock. Mark Rowland chats to the Alabama-based singer-songwriter, who has recently signed to One Little Indian, about his recording career to date, and his dissatisfaction the current music scene


Wire - Interview with Colin Newman

Wire’s career spans 30 years, and has extended from punkish early albums to electronic, melodic records in the 80's to more taut recent records. Mark Rowland talks to Colin Newman from the group about the re-release of the band's early catalogue with extra live recordings and their continued impact

Manicured Noise

Manicured Noise - Interview

One of the lost great post punk acts of the late 70's, Manchester-based band Manicured Noise have recently had all their recordings put together on a compilation 'Northern Stories 78/80'. Guitarist and latter singer Steve Walsh talks to Mark Rowland about the revival of his group

Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu - Interview with David Thomas

One of the most seminal albums of all time, Pere Ubu's 1977 debut album 'The Modern Dance' has just been re-issued. Mark Rowland speaks to frontman David Thomas about the group's formation and its recording


Miscellaneous - Interview

Recorded on cheap instruments including a vintage Casio, indiepop trio the Research released their debut album 'Breaking Up' earlier this year. Frontman Russell talks to Mark Rowland about it and why the band try to reject twee comparisions

Go Team

Go Team - Interview with Ian Parton

The Go ! Team's mix of old school hip-hop, soul and funk, Sonic Youth style guitars and cheerleader samples have drawn them increasingly big audiences over the last year. The band's songwriter and leader Ian Parton speaks to Mark Rowland

Chris Brokaw

Chris Brokaw - Interview

Chris Brokaw is a man of many parts and has played in such critically acclaimed acts as Codeine, Come, New Year and Consonant. He talks to Mark Rowland about some of his different bands and his recently released fourth solo album, 'Incredible Love'


Miscellaneous - Interview

Quirky indiepop punks the Secret Hairdresser have been around in one incarnation or another for several years. Guitarist and singer Jason chats to Mark Rowland about the groups latest line-up, dubious venues and the bands recent return to the studio.

Immortal Lee County Killers

Immortal Lee County Killers - Interview

Now in their third incarnation the Immortal Lee County Killers have just released a new album 'These Bones Will Rise to Love You Again'. In London Mark Rowland chats to singer Chetley Weis about it and the jazz greats.

And What Will Be Left Of Them

And What Will Be Left Of Them - Interview

And What Will Be Left of Them ? are from Worcester and play upbeat, danceable, punky indie-pop. Mark Rowland chats to them about playing gigs, their unusual influences and their latest EP


Charlottefield - Interview

Brighton-based band Charlottefield's music is an abstract and unqiue take on post-punk and post-rock. At a gig in London, Mark Rowland talks to them about their new debut album 'How Long Are You Staying'

Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart - Interview

At a press conference in Regent's Park, folk star Devendra Banhart and his band chatted to journalists and music writers about thir new album 'Cripple Crow.' Mark Rowland reports back on a very unusual evening


Miscellaneous - Interview

Formed out of the ashes of Cat on Form and Lady Muck, drums and guitar art duo rockers Blood Red Shoes have just released their debut EP. Members Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter chat to Mark Rowland

Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr - Interview

About to reform, Dinosaur Jr were one of the great guitar acts of the 89's, but fell apart in spectacular fashion after recording three classic albums. Frontman J Mascis talks to Mark Rowland about their traumatic break up and getting back together

Billy Childish

Billy Childish - Interview

Musician, poet , artist and underground legend Billy Childish has played in various bands over the years including the Pop Rivets, thee Headcoatees and the Buff Medways. Mark Rowland chats to him about his persistant refusal to play the media game


Miscellaneous - Interview

Carlisle-based band SecondtoLast are just about to release their debut EP on Lockjaw Records after 5 years together. The group talk to Mark Rowland about keeping drummers and escaping the trappings of the often pretentious hardcore scene

Gibby Haynes

Gibby Haynes - Interview

Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes has recently formed a new band. He talks to Mark Rowland about why he has decided to put together the new group, Gibby Haynes amd His Problem, and its self-titled debut album

Bad Religion

Bad Religion - Interview

Now in their 24th year together, hardcore punk outfit Bad Religion are back with a new album, 'The Process of Belief'. Mark Rowland talks to bassist Jay Bentley about how after all this time they keep things fresh, and their recent hip hop influence

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