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And What Will Be Left Of Them - Interview

  by Mark Rowland

published: 21 / 10 / 2005

And What Will Be Left Of Them - Interview


And What Will Be Left of Them ? are from Worcester and play upbeat, danceable, punky indie-pop. Mark Rowland chats to them about playing gigs, their unusual influences and their latest EP

I have recently realised, probably far too late, that myspace is genius. Although in general it is still a place for spotty little emo kids to write about how they’ve been wronged by their parents, it is also a great place to find new music. So many bands have myspace sites now, signed or unsigned, and why not? It’s free, and if you’ve got your songs in MP3 format, people can hear them online. Since I’ve been using myspace, I’ve got into loads of bands I would have never known about if it wasn’t for myspace. And What Will Be Left Of Them? Are one of the best bands I’ve come across so far. A young band from Worcester, vocalist Red White, vocalist/guitarist Blue Peter, keyboard player Matt Pooler, drummer Chris Wemyss and bassist Joe Beech specialise in upbeat, punky indie-pop that you can dance to, with catchy, half chanted boy/girl vocals and a tight, slightly funky rhythm section. The band has had a few singles and EPs released on the Filthy Little Angels label, including a free download single of two fantastic tracks, ‘Hi Fi Low Life’ and ‘4 Years to be an Artist’, both of which can be found on the band’s website and their myspace site. ‘Hi Fi Low Life’ will also appear on a special Pennyblackmusic compilation which will appear early next year. Here’s some more about the band in their own words. Their answers may be short and a bit cheeky, but they definitely give a good idea of what the band is about. Plus they’re quite funny, and you can’t really go wrong with that. PB : First off, I just need to know when and how you got together? BP : A year and a half ago we were drunk in Gonzo’s, a nightclub in Worcester, and Red told us we were forming a band. So we did... JB : I just told Pete I liked the Pogues and play bass... next thing I knew I was in his band. MP : I'd known Pete since school and he asked me to join a band with him. That band wasn't very good but he still asked me back for this one. RW : As Pete said, we were going to be a band. End of! CW : Pardon? PB : Your new EP's out in October: What can listeners expect from it? BP : More of the same poppy nonsense. Vaguely disguised tales of blowjobs and drunkenness. MP : Four tunes of the finest And What Will Be Left of Them punk pop. RW : Plus some violent love. PB : How does this record differ from your previous singles and EPs? BP : It has a different cover and different songs on it. MP : Hopefully the songs are even better. CW : It’s got a bit more of a disco feel to it. PB : Where did you get the idea to include a sticker with the artwork for the EP? BP : The label we’re on www.filthylittleangels.com told us to! RW : Wow! I want a sticker. What’s it of? BP : I don’t know yet. CW : Stickers, greeeeeeaaat! PB : Where did the idea for a free download single come from? BP : Again it was Filthy Little Angels’ idea. I thought it was a good way for a totally unknown band such as ourselves to reach a lot of people very quickly. MP : We were unsure which songs we wanted to use at first, and the whole idea as well, but we have had really good feedback so it’s definitely been worth it. CW : What better way to peddle your wares than by putting FREE after it?! PB : You seem to play a lot of shows and have got some good feedback about your live sets: what can people expect from an And What Will Be Left of Them gig ? BP : A shambolic mess, some great drumming, a lot of pop songs, some swearing, some drinking, and a really really good time. JB : Pete's nipples. MP : People let themselves go and come and have a dance. It's great fun and everyone has a great time. So don't be a wallflower dance, damn you ! Dance ! CW : STDs. PB : Any particularly memorable shows? BP : A year ago, we had a massive stage invasion while playing a home gig at The Mars Bar in Worcester. That was the first time I thought “hang on, we’re doing something right here.” A lot of my equipment ended up broken that night but it was worth it. JB : I'd say London at the Luminaire with Misty's Big Adventure. We got to play with some really cool bands and it was a pretty great night. MP : I could say the Birmingham Bomb Scare gig evacuation just because it scared the shit out of me but any gig where the crowd dance and have fun and we play with some brilliant bands - and there have been quite a few of those. Gorlitz in East Germany was fantastic - a huge crowd of kids that just wanted to go mad. CW : Gorlitz was a bit like being in a James Bond film. RW : You’ve all mentioned my favourite gigs... Bath is always fun for post-gig activity. PB : Who or what would you say was And What Will Be Left of Them's biggest influences? BP : Whatever I’ve last heard that’s poppy really. I have a very short attention span MP : Norwegian death metal - my best keyboard work comes from there! RW : Matthew’s keyboard. CW : We don’t have any... I think... PB : What first inspired you to play music in the first place? BP - I wasn’t inspired I was told I was in a band by a schoolmate. He told me I was on bass. I’ve been in bands ever since. JB : It seemed like an easy way to get chicks without having to dress well, smell nice or have much to say so in a word... erm... breasts? MP : Tell me where I’m going wrong then Joe! RW : I shit you not - singing 'Ticket To Ride' to my life-size teddybear when I was four with my dad on guitar. CW : Where I’m from it’s either fuck your auntie or play a banjo, so I just went to bed. PB : Who are your current favourite bands and artists? BP : Misty’s Big Adventure, Angels Fight The City, the Hot Puppies, Little Man Tate, We Start Fires, the Loves, the Rocks. MP : Blurt (not new but still great), Misterlee, Bib. RW : The Pups, Little Man Tate, the Editors, the Blood Brothers, the Buck Brothers. CW : Forward Russia. PB : What's next for And What Will Be Left of Them after the EP is released? BP : Hopefully a Xmas song or two and a shitload of new gigs. MP : Check your local listings - we're bound to be playing near you. CW : Struggle on... PB : What's your ultimate goal for the band? BP : Make some more records, play some more gigs, reach a lot more people. Perhaps indulge in a light ale! RW : Lots of ale! CW : Play Oxford Service Station! MP : Have some fun! JB : Amen! PB : Thank you. The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Bob Stuart and originally appeared on his website www.underexposed.org.uk

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And What Will Be Left Of Them - Interview

And What Will Be Left Of Them - Interview

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