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Heist/Idiot Son

Heist/Idiot Son - (With The Volunteered and Simon Bromide), The Water Rats, London, 10/9/2022

We preview the next Pennyblackmusic Bands Night which will take place with Heist, Idiot Son, The Volunteered and Simon Bromide at The Water Rats in London on the 10th September 2022.

Stuart Moxham

Stuart Moxham - (With Jeremy Thoms and Roy Moller), Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, 8/10/2022

We preview our forthcoming Edinburgh Bands Night which will feature Young Marble Giants' Stuart Moxham, The Cathode Ray and New Leaf's Jeremy Thoms and singer-songwriter Roy Moller.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney - Turns 80!

Nick Dent-Robinson leaves no stone unturned when commemorating Paul McCartney’s 18th June birthday, by chronicling the octogenarian’s unprecedented number of accomplishments.

Georg Purvis

Georg Purvis - Little Feat On Track: Every Album, Every Song

The 'On Track...'series is a great resource for any fan. Nicky Crewe find that the latest book from Georg Purvis takes us through the 50 year career of Little Feat with all its twists and turns

Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop - Blur On Track: Every Album, Every Song

Spencer Robertshaw finds a new Sonicbond book on Blur v,ery much woth reading

Jann Klose

Jann Klose - Sugar My

Lisa Torem profiles the extraordinary new single and video 'Sugar My' from singer-songwriter Jann Klose.

Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker - Good Pop Bad Pop - An Exhibition of Objects and Keepsakes of Jarvis Cocker

Steev Burgess visits an exhibition of Jarvis Cocker's memorabilia at The Gallery of Everything in London to celebrate the publication of his new book 'Good Pop, Bad Pop' and has a chance meeting with the man himself.

Peter Adams and Matt Pooler

Peter Adams and Matt Pooler - Britpop

Despite there already being a mass of books on Britpop, Fiona Hutchings finds the latest book in Sonicbond Publishing's 'Decades' series to be compulsory reading.

Music Festivals

Music Festivals - Profile 2022

Nick Dent-Robinson highlights some of the best music festivals of 2022.

Tommy Gunnarsson

Tommy Gunnarsson - The Smiths and Morrissey: Every Album, Every Song

Pennyblack’s own Tommy Gunnarsson takes on The Smiths and Morrissey’s entire back catalogue. in his first book Fiona Hutchings rolls up her sleeves and dives in.

John van der Kiste

John van der Kiste  - 1970: A Year In Rock. The Year Rock Became Mainstream

Will a book about twelve months in music work or will there be too much waffle? Fiona Hutchings finds out.

Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard - Not Fade Away

With the realisation that his favourite artist Cliff Richard may never tour again,Bob Nicholson looks back on some of the highlights in his lengthy career.

Bill Wyman

Bill Wyman - The Quiet One

Nick Dent-Robinson assesses Oliver Murray's nostalgic documentary, which now available on DVD, is a film biography of Rolling Stones founding member and bass player Bill Wyman

As Years Go By

As Years Go By - Time Catching Up with Ageing Rock Stars

With the news that Marianne Faithfull has moved into a retirement home, Nick Dent-Robinson reflects on the growing amount of ageing rock stars.

Gary Brooker

Gary Brooker - 1945-2022

Nick Dent-Robinson pays personal tribute to Gary Brooker, the frontman with Procol Harum, who died in February.

Andrew Môn Hughes, Grant Walters and Mark Crohan

Andrew Môn Hughes, Grant Walters and Mark Crohan - The Bee Gees in the 1960s

Lisa Torem examines a new book 'The Bee Gees in the 1960s’ which examines their early career.

Laura Shenton

Laura Shenton - Curved Air in the 1970s

Lisa Torem is impressed with Laura Shenton's well-researched and informative book about progressive rock band Curved Air's early history in the 1970s.


Pennyblackmusic - Writers and Photographers' Albums of the Year 2021

Our writers and photographers reveal their albums of the year.

How Music Journalism Can Fight Misogyny

How Music Journalism Can Fight Misogyny - Comment

In light of Marilyn Manson's downfall, Cila Warncke asks what music journalism can do to fight misogyny.

Mike Hipple

Mike Hipple - Lived Through That: 90s Musicians Today

Anthony Dhanendran finds fascinating Mike Hipple's new book 'Lived Through That: 90s Musicians Today' in which he talks to and photographs an assortment of 90's indie musicians.


Beatles - Get Back

In the first of two articles on the new Beatles documentary 'Get Back', Nick Dent-Robinson finds astonishing its previously unseen footage and enjoys its evocation of a Britain and the world that has now disappeared.


Beatles - Get Back

Lisa Torem, in the second of two articles on the Beatles' new epic documentary, that you’d be wise to watch Get Back,’ where the Beatles exhibit patience and utter genius.

Richard H. Kirk

Richard H. Kirk - 1956-2021

Denzil Watson pays personal tribute to Cabaret Voltaire frontman Richard H. Kirk, who died unexpectedly in September.

Alan Lancaster

Alan Lancaster - 1949-2021

Julie Cruickshank pays tribute to Status Quo's original bassist and co-founder Alan Lancaster who died in September.

Baxter Dury

Baxter Dury - Chaise Longue

Fiona Hutchings finds that Baxter Dury's new memoir about his childhood and father Ian Dury promises but does not fully deliver

Tanya Pearson

Tanya Pearson - Why Marianne Faithfull Matters

Nicky Crewe finds that Tanya Pearson's new book is a fascinating insight into Marianne Faithfull’s life and career by a writer who isn’t afraid to bring her own experience to the exploration of the myth and reality of Faithfull’s story and legacy.

Lee "Scratch" Perry

Lee "Scratch" Perry - 1936-2021

Maarten Schiethart looks back on the life and career of Jamaican producer and musician Lee "Scratch" Perry who died in August.

Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts - 1941-2021

Nick Dent-Robinson pays tribute to Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts who died on August 24th.

Idiot Son

Idiot Son - (With Morton Valence, The Volunteered and Simon Bromide), Water Rats, London, 29/1/2022

We preview the next Pennyblackmusic Bands Night which will take place with Idiot Son, Morton Valence, The Volunteered and Simon Bromide at The Water Rats in London on the 29th January 2022.

Aztec Camera

Aztec Camera - Profile

Aztec Camera’s five albums for the WEA label are being compiled in a massive nine disc box set 'Backwards and Forwards', with four discs of extras! But even though he enjoys it, Tommy Gunnarsson misses their amazing debut album, 'High Land, Hard Rain'.

Lucy in the Sky....

Lucy in the Sky.... - Pop StorIes

Nick Dent-Robinson gives a thumbs-up to Annie Nightingale’s ‘Hey Hi Hello’ – a 'rewarding read' which includes 'fascinating back-stories spanning her five decades of interaction with the biggest names in music and culture.'

Blues and Gospel Train

Blues and Gospel Train - Manchester, 7th May 1964

Neil Swift investigates the groundbreaking, one-off Granada TV showcase 'Blues and Gospel Train'.

Per Nilsen

Per Nilsen - Iggy and The Stooges On Stage 1967-1974

Adrian Janes examines Swedish academic Per Nilsen's new book which provides a gig-by-gig account of The Stooges' chaotic career.

Doug Hoekstra

Doug Hoekstra - Ten Seconds In Between

John Clarkson examines Nashville-based singer-songwriter and author Doug Hoekstra's haunting new collection of short stories.

Michael Stuart Ware

Michael Stuart Ware - Pegasus Epitaph: The Story of the Legendary Rock Group Love

Nicky Crewe reviews Michael Stuart Ware’s must-read for fans of Love and their music, written by one who was there and who has lived to tell the tale with insight and understanding.

Lewes Ripple

Lewes Ripple - Profile

Kimberly Bright examines The Lewes Ripple, a community of musicians from the small town of Lewes in Sussex, who after a planned week-long multi-venue festival was cancelled there due to the pandemic, have set up an inventive YouTube channel to promote their music.

Folk/Country/Americana in Liverpool

Folk/Country/Americana in Liverpool - Profile

Steve Kinrade profiles the growing Folk/Country/Americana scene in his native Liverpool.

Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard - Vs Elvis Presley

Bob Nicholson reflects on the parallels and contrasts between the careers of original rock and rollers Cliff Richard and Elvis Presley.

Attila the Stockbroker

Attila the Stockbroker - Heart on My Sleeve: Collected  Works

Fiona Hutchings generally finds poetry a bit hit or miss and now she has Attila The Stockbroker in her sights.

Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson - Beeswing

Nicky Crewe finds that the eagerly anticipated memoir from Fairport Convention co-founder Richard Thompson is a beautifully written and evocative reminder of a memorable time in his life.

Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson - Take It to the Limit 10th Anniversary Edition

Nicky Crewe reads this rollicking tale of The Limit, the legendary Sheffield club.

Reg Meuross

Reg Meuross - Six Cd Set

Including discs which have been out of print for some time, a new six CD set of Somerset singer-songwriter Reg Meuross’s output from 1996 until 2013 brings all of his work together. Malcolm Carter reviews.

Doug Hoekstra

Doug Hoekstra - 'Wintertime' Video Premiere

Pennyblackmusic is proud to premiere the video for 'Wintertime', the third single single from Nashville-based singer-songwriter and writer Doug Hoekstra's forthcoming first album in ten years, 'The Day Deserved'.

Production Crew Confront Covid

Production Crew Confront Covid - One Year On

Last April Cila Warncke for an article at Pennyblackmusic spoke to several people who worked in production and behind the scenes in music about the devastating impact that the Coronavirus crisis was starting to have on them. A year on she revisits them and others in the same situation to find out where they are now.

Keith How

Keith How - 1950-2021

Nicky Crewe pays tribute to her friend and Pennyblackmusic writer Keith How who died unexpectedly in January.

Stephen McLaren

Stephen McLaren - 'Put Me On The Television'  Video Premiere

Pennyblackmusic is proud to premiere the video for 'Put Me On The Television', the debut single from Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Stephen McLaren's forthcoming dream-pop second album 'They Don’t Put Any Money in Your Pocket'.


Miscellaneous - Crosby, Stills and Nash: Every Album, Every Song

Nicky Crewe finds that Andrew Wild's new book in Sonicbond Publishing’s 'On Track' series is a definitive guide to Crosby, Stills and Nash not forgetting Neil Young’s contributions.

Gerry Marsden

Gerry Marsden - 1942-2021

Nick Dent-Robinson reflects on the career of Gerry Marsden, the frontman of the record-breaking 1960s Mersey Sound band, Gerry and the Pacemakers, who died in January.


Miscellaneous - The Clash: Every Album, Every Song

Nick Assirati sets out to make the music of The Clash accessible to newcomers and/or younger fans. Fiona Hutchings investigates whether he succeeds.


Nirvana - Songlife

Malcolm Carter examines 'Songlife', a new vinyl box set from 1960's pop/psychedelic act Nirvana, which combines five albums plus a previously unreleased musical.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - A Delicate Sound of Thunder

Recorded during their longest ever tour, a reissue of 1988 concert film The Delicate Sound of Thunder sees Pink Floyd attempting to adapt their pioneering psych/ prog rock for a new generation. Richard Lewis reviews


Miscellaneous - Albums of the Year 2020

Our writers and photographers list their favourite albums of the year.


Miscellaneous - Profile

Maarten Schiethart highlights some of his favourite 7 inch and 12 inch releases of the year.

Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard - Taking Risks

Bob Nicholson explores the misguided perspective that rock icon Cliff Richard is ‘risk adverse’.


Common - Let Love Have The Last Word

Chicago-raised rap artist, Common, lays bare his spiritual growth in his sophomore book, ‘Let Love Have the Last Word’ in 'Raging Pages'.

Toots Hibbert

Toots Hibbert - 1942-2020

Maarten Schiethart reflects upon the life of pioneering reggae artist Toots Hibbert, who died in September.

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