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American Werewolf Academy - Out of Place All the Time

  by Mark Rowland

published: 18 / 12 / 2013

American Werewolf Academy - Out of Place All the Time
Label: Damnably
Format: CD


Unsatisfactory fifth album from Dallas alternative rock band, American Werewolf Academy

Dallas alt-rock band American Werewolf Academy are a bit of a rock melting pot, with elements of folk-rock, punk and classic rock in their music. As a result, the band has a distinct sound that brings to mind many bands that came before them, mainly alternative bands with a reverence to those that have come before – Guided by Voices, the Lemonheads Husker Du and the Replacements. For the most part, it works. The most successful moments on ‘Out of Place All of the Time’ are when it’s at its more restrained: ‘Miserable Living’, ‘Edge of the Bed’, and the verses of ‘Freebeard’. It is overall, however, a bit of a mixed bag, and might have benefitted from fewer songs. A couple of tracks, including the opener ‘Happy Anniversary, Your Majesty’ feel very throwaway, and on the evidence presented on the rest of the album, the band can do much better.

Track Listing:-
1 Happy Anniversary, Your Maj
2 Miserable Living
3 Freebeard
4 Edge of the Bed
5 You Vipers Will Kill Me
6 Hard Kisses
7 I Was Released
8 This Thing
9 Young. Wild. Free.
10 Bad Things
11 Do You Remember?

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