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Maston - The Opal Collection

  by Mark Rowland

published: 18 / 11 / 2014

Maston - The Opal Collection
Label: Stroll On Records
Format: LP


Impressive second album, compiled largely from his previous recordings, from psychedelic-influenced Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Frank Maston

Maston is the solo project of Frank Maston, who released his debut album, ‘Shadows’, last year. Before ‘Shadows’, Maston released two EPs through his Bandcamp page, which were subsequently removed when he was signed. Some of those tracks appeared on ‘Shadows’. The rest have now been released as the Opal Collection. Maston’s sound is best described as modern psychedelic - like Grizzly Bear or Animal Collective, an artist that follows the principles of the 60s psychedelic movement without replicating its sounds. In Maston’s case, this means reverb-heavy guitars, unconventional percussion, textural keyboards and Maston’s gentle croon. Opener ‘Gold Leaf’ is almost a cross between Grizzly Bear and ‘Feels’-era Animal Collective. but although those bands are clear influences Maston’s sound also takes in twangy surf music (‘Wigwam’) Eno-esque keyboard driven instrumentals (‘Pearl Diver’, ‘Meteor Shower’) Beatles-influenced guitar lines (‘The Companion’). ‘The Opal Collection’ is made up of songs and instrumental tracks, but for the most part stays on the tuneful, more poppy side. Considering it’s basically cobbled together from spare tracks, it works surprisingly well as a singular entity, almost feeling like one long piece with several movements, rather than a collection of disparate songs.

Track Listing:-
1 Gold Leaf
2 Meteor Shower
3 Over the Falls
4 Wigwam
5 Well
6 Pearl Diver
7 The Companion
8 Potemkin
9 Wish
10 Engrams
11 Fool

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