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Mega Emotion - Fake Feelings Ep

  by Mark Rowland

published: 7 / 5 / 2014

Mega Emotion - Fake Feelings Ep
Label: Mega Emotion
Format: Tape


Engaging mix of synth-pop and indie rock on tape only debut EP from Bearsuit offshoot, Mega Emotion

Mega Emotion is the new project of Bearsuit members Lisa Horton, Iain Ross and Jan Robertson, which builds on the synthier direction of their recent years. The guitars haven’t gone from the mix completely, however – Mega Emotion straddle somewhere between synth-pop and indie rock (particularly the Pixies). The band’s first official release, a limited edition red cassette and digital download EP, sets its stall out with ‘BRAINS’, which takes the quitet/loud dynamic of post-Pixies alt. rock and applies it to slightly mournful electro-pop, bursting into sporadic noise for its chorus. 'City in Shapes' is a Kraftwerkian slice of synth pop that holds the guitars back for the most part. ‘Luck Dragon’ brings the noise – both synths and guitars are loud and dirty, followed by ‘Suck Gold’, which sounds like Bearsuit covering a Sleigh Bells song. It shows a lot of promise, and the potential to perhaps reach a wider audience that Bearsuit, with a bit of luck and more tunes like these.

Track Listing:-
1 Brains
2 City In Shapes
3 Luck Dragon
4 Suck Gold
5 Brains (Radio Edit)

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