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Gromble - The Gromble EP

  by Mark Rowland

published: 18 / 11 / 2014

Gromble - The Gromble EP
Label: The Gromble
Format: CDS


Catchy Pavement-inspired pop on debut EP from California-based band, the Gromble

It’s not a great name, but California-based five-piece the Gromble can write a pop tune. Opener ‘Desole Pt.2’ is reminiscent of poppy post-Pavement -groups such as the Spinto Band, clean guitars, fizzy synths and a vocal hook that sounds very ‘modern indie’. So, the band is not doing anything massively original, but the songs are strong and catchy, and there are enough surprising elements in the later songs to suggest that the band may do some developing over subsequent recordings. There’s a mellow, Beatles-ish element to ‘Creepy Jr’, a ‘Lucy in the Sky’ sort of vibe. ‘Don’t Stand a Chance’ goes from gentle acoustic guitar and strings to full-on rock via synth pop, while closer You Don’t Know’ brings back the Beatles vibe, albeit with an electronic beat.

Track Listing:-
1 Desole, Pt. 2
2 Slam
3 Creepy Jr.
4 Don't Stand a Chance
5 You Don't Know

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