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Lisa Torem - Interviews

Earl Slick

Earl Slick - Interview

New York guitarist Earl Slick has recently completed the eleven-track, all-instrumental 'Fist Full of Devils,' will be touring the UK in November and has a memoir project ready for publication. Lisa Torem catches up with him to find out the details.


Zombies - Interview

Colin Blunstone, the frontman with The Zombies, talks to Lisa Torem about their plans for a worldwide stream on September 18th, an upcoming album and how their classic hit ‘Time of The Season’ is being used to promote the launch of the new Chelsea FC kit.

Damn Truth

Damn Truth - Interview

Lee-la Baum, lead singer of the Montreal-based The Damn Truth, discusses the setbacks and rewards of creating their third album, ‘Now or Nowhere’, during the pandemic,as well as their future plans.

Robin Trower

Robin Trower - Interview

British guitarist/songwriter Robin Trower speaks to Lisa Torem about his collaboration with vocalist Maxi Priest and producer/bassist Livingstone Brown on ‘United State of Mind’.

Joanna Connor

Joanna Connor - Interview

Guitarist Joanna Connor speaks to Lisa Torem about her new Joe Bonamassa-produced album, ‘4801 South Indiana Avenue’, the Chicago club scene and her blueprint for balancing artistic work and family.

Kevin Godley

Kevin Godley - Interview

10cc and Godley and Crème's Kevin Godley talks to Lisa Torem about his new interactive album project, ‘Muscle Memory,’ which asks pertinent questions about these unsettling times.

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan - Interview

Originally published in Examiner.com in 2016, Lisa Torem talks to multi-platinum selling Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan about her most recent LP ‘Shine On’ and her role in co-founding hugely successful all-female touring festival Lilith Fair.

Allison Moorer

Allison Moorer - Interview

Singer-songwriter, Alabama-born Allison Moorer talks to Lisa Torem about her new album ‘Blood’ and her memoir of the same title.


Zombies - Interview

Lisa Torem catches up with Zombies co-founder Colin Blunstone about their upcoming UK tour and much more.

Graham Gouldman

Graham Gouldman - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to award-winning British songwriter Graham Gouldman about his upcoming UK tour and new album, ‘Modesty Forbids’, his first full studio album in eight years.

Pete Berwick

Pete Berwick - Interview

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Pete Berwick’s triple-threat status is fully explored in his first Pennyblackmusic interview with Lisa Torem.


Beat - Interview

Frontman Dave Wakeling reminisces on the 40th anniversary of the Beat’s fiery debut ‘I Can’t Help It’ and updates Lisa Torem about the band’s ambitious 2020 tour.

Michael Dorf

Michael Dorf - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks with American music entrepreneur and venue owner Michael Dorf about operating the City Winery, and his new memoir, 'Indulge Your Senses'.

Brian Downey

Brian Downey - Interview

Former Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey talks to Lisa Torem about his years with the band, and touring again with his current band Alive and Dangerous.

One Man Bannister

One Man Bannister - Interview

New Zealand singer-songwriter One Man Bannister tells Lisa Torem about his new interpretation of a classic Beatles record.

Earl Slick

Earl Slick - Interview

New York guitarist Earl Slick talks to Lisa Torem about performing with former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, and his experiences working with David Bowie and John Lennon.

James Williamson

James Williamson - Interview

Former Stooges guitarist James Williamson speaks to Lisa Torem about several new projects that he is presently involved in, including a remake of 1960s girl-group classic, ‘Leader of The Pack’.

Bill German

Bill German - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to Bill German, who spent seventeen years as a journalist during the heyday of the Rolling Stones, during which time his ‘zine, 'Beggars Banquet', became a “must-have” bible for many of the group's fans.

Adele Koltun

Adele Koltun - Interview

Oregon drummer Adele Koltun's youthful enthusiasm for playing live is contagious, even though she learned the instrument later in life. 'Crash' Koltun talks to Lisa Torem about overcoming fear and finding passion, whatever one's age.

John Mayall

John Mayall - Interview

On the heels of new album, ‘Nobody Told Me’, and looking forward to an extensive UK tour in November with new guitarist Carolyn Wonderland plus Greg Rzab and Jay Davenport, Lisa Torem finds that British blues legend John Mayall has much to talk about.

Charlie Young

Charlie Young - Interview

Imagine finding yourself suddenly responsible for bringing to life the captivating music of some of the earliest American recording artists. Charlie Young tells Lisa Torem how he did that and more with his 'Unheard of Jazz' podcast.

Tony Visconti

Tony Visconti - Interview

Seminal producer Tony Visconti talks about working with drummer Woody Woodmansey with Holy Holy, recording with David Bowie in the studio and his legacy.

Lani Hall

Lani Hall - Interview

Singer/producer Lani Hall discusses her evocative book 'Emotional Memoirs and Short Stories', her international singing career and what keeps her current

Kevin Armstrong

Kevin Armstrong - Interview

British guitarist/songwriter/producer Kevin Armstrong’s new album, ‘Run’ is rife with exciting tracks. He talks about the new release as well as working with legends such as Brian Eno, David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

Dhani Harrison

Dhani Harrison - Interview 2016

Dhani Harrison, son of the late George Harrison and Olivia Harrison, has formed several bands and most recently released a solo album. In this 2016 archival interview he spoke to Lisa Torem before a show in Chicago.

Mud Morganfield

Mud Morganfield - Interview

Mud Morganfield, AKA Muddy Waters Jr., speaks about performing at the upcoming London Blues Week this coming January at the 100 Club and his latest album 'They Call Me Mud' with fellow Chicagoan Lisa Torem.

Woody Woodmansey

Woody Woodmansey - Interview

Drummer Woody Woodmansey speaks to Lisa Torem about Holy Holy’s upcoming UK tour, his compelling memoir and working in the studio with David Bowie.

Lucas and King

Lucas and King - Interview

Lucas and King, the award-winning 60's-influenced duo which consists of vocalist Bo Lucas and guitarist Hayleigh King, discuss with Lisa Torem their just released eponymous debut album.

Joe Milliken

Joe Milliken - Interview

Music journalist Joe Milliken, author of a new biography about The Cars’ Ben Orr, talks to Lisa Torem about the book and the process behind writing it.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown - Interview

Executive Producer Matt Brown talks to Lisa Torem about 'On Big Shoulders', his fascinating album project which takes as its theme the city of Chicago.

Ashley Reaks

Ashley Reaks - Interview

In our third interview with him, Lisa Torem speaks to experimental artist and multi-instrumentalist Ashley Reaks about his latest album, ‘The Earth Swan Sings Again'.

Michael Bruce

Michael Bruce - Interview

Founding member of the original Alice Cooper Group and guitarist/keyboardist Michael Bruce currently performs with his self-named band. He speaks to Lisa Torem about his recently reissued memoir, ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’.

Rita Coolidge

Rita Coolidge - Interview

Rita Coolidge tells Lisa Torem some pre-production back stories, talks about her appreciation for guest artists and explains why true love remains a timeless endeavour

Tomiko Dixon

Tomiko Dixon - Interview

In her first Pennyblackmusic interview, Chicago-based singer/songwriter Tomiko Dixon unveils her artistic inspirations and desire to explore experiential themes, whilst carrying on the legacy of her grandfather, Willie Dixon

Bacon Brothers

Bacon Brothers - Interview

On the eve of a North American tour Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon of Americana act the Bacon Brothers talk to Lisa Torem about their new self-titled ten-track album.


Zombies - Interview with Colin Blunstone

Colin Blunstone’s solo band will perform this April in the UK, as he concurrently continues his role as front man of the Zombies. He chats with Lisa Torem at a sold out show at City Winery, Chicago.

Jann Klose

Jann Klose - Interview

International singer-songwriter Jann Klose talks to Lisa Torem about the making of new studio album, ‘In Tandem,’ which celebrates the art of collaboration and the personnel that enabled the project to crystalize.

Neal Smith

Neal Smith - Interview

Drummer/percussionist/songwriter Neal Smith discusses with Lisa Torem his early influences, the 2017 UK reunion of the original Alice Cooper group, solo milestones and the alchemy of true friendship.

Bob Shiel

Bob Shiel - Interview

Bob Shiel talks to Lisa Torem in a wide-ranging discussion of his entertaining and well-researched book documenting 61 Bob Dylan albums.

Dennis Dunaway

Dennis Dunaway - Interview

Founder member and bassist for the original Alice Cooper Group, Dennis Dunaway chats to Lisa Torem about his contribution to Cooper’s recent Paranormal LP and his well-received memoir ‘Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group'.

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Interview

Canadian-born songwriter/performer and activist Buffy Sainte-Marie,speaks to Lisa Torem about her new album ‘Medicine Songs’

Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to Jethro Tull frontman and solo artist Ian Anderson about Jethro Tull's forthcoming 50th Anniversary upcoming UK tour, his favourite autograph and the curse of collaboration.

Renee Rosen

Renee Rosen - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks with Chicago-based author, Renee Rosen, about her latest novel, 'Windy City Blues', which is set in 1950s and 1960s Chicago.

Michael Bruce

Michael Bruce - Interview

Michael Bruce, multi-instrumentalist and co-songwriter of the original Alice Cooper Group, talks to Lisa Torem about his early 1970s work with the band, songwriting, solo ventures and playing on Cooper’s 2017 album 'Paranormal'


Tautologic - Interview

Ethan Sellers, Chicago-based, co-founder of Chicago prog rock group Tautologic, elaborates with Lisa Torem on the making of new album, ‘Re:Psychle’, on which often-marginalised people are given a voice.

May Pang

May Pang - Interview 2

John and May once experienced something so surreal and other-worldly that the very subject still inspires intrigue. “The UFO was an experience. There wasn’t much to do after that except to know tha

May Pang

May Pang - Interview 1

May Pang recalls her rise as a music executive, explores the art of song plugging and demystifies her relationship with John Lennon, and more with Lisa Torem in an exclusive two-part interview.

Dweezil Zappa

Dweezil Zappa - Interview

American guitarist/composer/actor Dweezil Zappa chats to Lisa Torem about his forthcoming UK tour and his father Frank's legacy

Janis Ian

Janis Ian - Interview

American singer-songwriter Janis Ian talks to Lisa Torem about 'The Essential 2.0', her new double CD of remasters which spans her entire career.

Albert Hammond

Albert Hammond - Interview

Multi-award winning performer and songwriter Albert Hammond rose to the challenge of releasing 'In Symphony', in which he reimagines some of his best known songs with the help of an orchestra. He speaks with Lisa Torem about fulfilling a lifelong dream and more

Cindy Smith Dunaway

Cindy Smith Dunaway - Interview

Designer Cindy Smith Dunaway talks about creating costumes for the Alice Cooper Group, her upcoming book and more with Lisa Torem

Mark Farner

Mark Farner - Interview

Guitarist/singer-songwriter Mark Farner, former front man of Grand Funk Railroad and solo artist, discusses his musical legacy and desire to connect with veterans and Native Americans

Garland Jeffreys

Garland Jeffreys - Interview

The legendary Garland Jeffreys and his band will soon release his third album in six years. He chats to Lisa Torem about the songs, the guests and his early influences.


10cc - Interview

In his second Pennyblackmusic interview, award-winning British songwriter Graham Gouldman discusses with Lisa Torem 10cc’s upcoming UK tour and songs that fired up his youthful imagination

Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson - Interview

American producer, arranger and guitarist and foremer Johnny Winter manager Paul Nelson talks with Lisa Torem about 'Badass Generation, his band’s debut album

Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega - Interview

Lisa Torem talks to New York singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega about author Carson McCullers, the new album which she inspired and her upcoming tour

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