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Poppermost - Hits to Spare

  by Lisa Torem

published: 18 / 10 / 2021

Poppermost - Hits to Spare
Label: TLAK
Format: CD


Enjoyable album from one-man Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist The Poppermost which sheds a bright light on the British Invasion and 1960s American bands

The Poppermost consists of one of Glasgow’s finest multi-instrumentalists, Joe Kane, who operates out of home-studio, 'Fabbey Road'. To be clearer, Kane does it all; he plays rhythm guitar and blues harp, bass, lead guitar and even provides all of the percussion. Educated Beatles fans already know that it was John Lennon who told his mates, that with ambition, they would rise to the “poppermost” of their careers, hence the fun moniker. But Kane comes to this project as a seasoned veteran, having built up quite the track record prior to this recent recording and having broken ground with Joe Molland’s, Badfinger, as well as with drummer Alan White, famous for his expert drumming on ‘instant Karma’ and comical lyricist Neil Innes. ‘Hits to Spare’ is a delightful 14-track CD, which fans of the Beatles, the Kinks, Elvis Costello, the Turtles, well, you get the message, will adore. While the tracks are primarily similar in terms of being light and fun, they each stand out because of their distinctive melodies and effects. ‘Eggs and Chips’ is the opener and a trip to the promised land of the British Invasion, complete with clanky guitar and innocent harmonies. ‘Yes, it’s True’ begins with the thought: “life is for the living.” Sung with passion, lyrics centre on loyalty and commitment. The vocal ending involves an unexpected 6th chord, something Beatles producer George Martin found unsettling, but the fans loved. On ‘One of Those Gerrlls,’ the upshot is, “Some guys would leave you broken and blue,” but “he’s” not that kind of guy. Yet, the subject is no doormat either, as we see from a line that follows: “Wise up or I’ll be splitting from you.” The song also has a charming blues harp solo. ‘Can’t Take That Away’ has a sing-song melody, crisp rhymes and clever guitar licks. ‘Call to Me’ is a more slow-moving ballad featuring beautiful harmonies and a melodic guitar solo which is reminiscent of George Harrison’s early flavorings. ‘Goodnight Georgia Peach’ may be a take-off on the old American standard, ‘Sweet Georgia Brown.’ The guitar solo here registers as the most rock and roll-esque of the lot. The vernacular includes the phrase, “Let it all hang out,” a throwback to American 1960s iingo. There’s even a “woo” to bring rekindle fond memories of the sacred mop tops at the height of the British Invasion. ‘Cry for Another’ smacks of optimism. “Every day I ask for a glimmer of sunlight”: the words come out fast and furiously, as do the drum fills. There are jack flash harmonic changes and a bottom-heavy solo to boot. ‘Hits to Share’ is a clever peek into the record promotion industry. “Everybody wants a piece of the pie,” indeed. This track is followed by the playful, upbeat and nostalgic ‘In and Out.’ Another snap-your-fingers track is ‘Laziest Fella in the Realm.’ The instrumental hook of ‘Park and Ride’ casts a cool glance back at The Beatles’ ‘Day Tripper.’ Nostalgia comes to the fore once more on ‘What a Wonderful Love,’ where “we dance and twist all the night away.” The closer, ‘Well, I Will’ is anchored by a penetrating riff and serpentine vocals. There’s also a faint appearance by an organ and the shake of a tambourine. Like so many acts, that are still reeling in the throes of this pandemic, Kane has drawn into the well and come out stronger. That said, The Poppermost’s new release, ‘Hits to Spare’ gives us all a much-needed lift and a greater appreciation for the lively music that preceded the acts’ singular brand of ingenuity.

Track Listing:-
1 Egg & Chips
2 Yes It's True
3 One Of Those Gerllss
4 Can't Take That Away
5 Call To Me
6 Goodnight Georgia Peach
7 Cry For Another
8 Hits To Spare
9 In & Out
10 Get It Down
11 Laziest Fella In The Realm
12 Park And Ride
13 What A Wonderful Love
14 Well I Will

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