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Rossall - Last Glam in Town

  by Kimberly Bright

published: 22 / 12 / 2020

Rossall - Last Glam in Town
Label: Tiny Global Productions
Format: CD


John Rossall releases a solo album of emergency glam rock designed to cheer up the entire clobbered planet

John Rossall was a founding member, saxophonist, and trombonist for The Glitter Band, one of the best glam bands of the ‘70s, with seven UK Top 40 singles between 1974 and 1976. Prior to that he was a member of the Mike Leander Showband and a founder of the Boston International. 'The Last Glam in Town' is his first solo album, recorded at last with the help of a small army of friends: John Robb, longtime collaborator Mark Standley, Robert Lloyd of The Nightingales, Alan Merrill of The Arrows (who contributed 'Equalizer'), and his touring band. The Glitter Band have unfortunately suffered from the fallout of you-know-who’s many scandals and incarcerations. There is an unspoken embargo on playing their hits like 'Angel Face' (co-written by Rossall), 'Let’s Get Together Again' and 'Goodbye My Love' on the radio, yet fans still turn out to see John Rossall and other former members play them live. Considering that they parted ways with Gary in 1973, it is hardly fair to make the sins of the former singer be visited on the rest of the band. Rossall left to start a solo career in 1974. The band’s history is admittedly complicated, but it has existed in one form or another since 1972, through name changes, breakups, and lawsuits. There have been legal hassles similar to those of Sweet and other bands with competing reunited line-ups and disputes over the use of the name. Despite these challenges the indomitable Rossall has continued to tour for nearly fifty years. 'The Last Glam in Town' is unapologetic fun, full of bad jokes, hard rocking, solid tunes with big, shout-along intros and choruses, familiar guitar licks, handclaps, tribal dual drums, fierce bass, and hair band harmonies. It could have been recorded at any point between the early ‘70s and now. The only cover song is an enjoyable take on The Honeycombs’'Have I the Right'. The brass is a wonderful touch on most of the tracks, especially 'Glitterbomb', but on 'Never Say Forever Again' the saxophone sounds like John Zorn committing war crimes in a tornado. 'Blackpool Rocks', a tribute to Rossall’s father Bob, who played in Blackpool’s Empress Orchestra, sounds exactly like an early Glitter Band song. A sly remake of The Glitter Band hit 'Let’s Get Together Again (Again)' is an excellent end to a strong album. Rossall’s team of supporters have done very well by him, showcasing his strengths without losing any of the original glam sound. As a side note, 'Equalizer' might be one of the last songs Alan Merrill ever wrote before his unexpected death earlier this year.

Track Listing:-
1 Fear Of A Glam Planet
2 Never Say Forever Again
3 Get Go Girl
4 Got My Groove
5 Have I The Right
6 Equalizer
7 Neon Lights
8 Blackpool Rocks
9 Glitterbomb
10 Let's Get Together Again (Again)

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