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GospelbeacH - Let It Burn

  by Kimberly Bright

published: 24 / 12 / 2019

GospelbeacH - Let It Burn
Label: Alive Naturalsound
Format: CD


Shimmering Southern Californian classic rock on long-awaited latest album from GospelbeacH

GospelbeacH’s latest album 'Let It Burn' is thoroughly enjoyable, classic rock wayfaring by way of Laurel Canyon with surprising hints of Tom Petty, the Grateful Dead, and T. Rex. Founder, singer, and guitarist Brent Rademaker has had a lot going on in his life and environment, not least of which was great swathes of his state going up in flames on more than one occasion. He and the band have nevertheless created an impressive release, among break-ups, family deaths and all. It’s devastating that such a wonderful album should be somewhat overshadowed by the suicide of returning original guitarist Neal Casal in August, whose contributions to these songs are fantastic. 'Bad Habits' turns from ruminating on one’s fault to an upbeat chorus with a slight Harry Nilsson vibe, and Byrds-Fleetwood Mac harmonies abound on the sneering 'Baby (It’s All Your Fault)'. There is hippie nostalgia on 'Unswung' and glam rock on 'I’m So High'. 'Dark Angel' is a brilliant stand-out track that is the most reminiscent of early Petty. 'Let It Burn' is as inherently Californian as Sunset incense from P.F. Candle Company in Los Angeles. If you like sunny American rock from the ‘60s and ‘70s, maybe into the ‘80s, the band’s previous albums and Rademaker’s earlier bands Beachwood Sparks and Further are worth checking out. This album does indeed burn, with a slow, steady heat.

Track Listing:-
1 Bad Habits
2 Dark Angel
3 I'm So High
4 Baby (It's All Your Fault)
5 Get It Back
6 Fighter
7 Unswung
8 Good Kid
9 Nothing Ever Changes
10 Let It Burn

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