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Alive Naturalsound


Andre Williams (2012)

Forceful latest album from septagenarian Chicago-based R and B musician, Andre Williams

Black Diamond Heavies (2007)

Every Damn Time
Raw rock 'n' roll and punk-inspired debut album from American duo the Black Diamond Heavies which brings new life and energy to the blues

Bloodhounds (2015)

Let Loose!
Fantastic debut album from Los Angeles-based group the Bloodhounds, who, using acoustic instruments, combine together R&B, punk and Latin rock

Bloody Hollies (2007)

Who To Trust, Who To Kill, Who To Love
Sleazy, slightly tongue-in-cheek and thoroughly enjoyable gutter pounk rock 'n' roll on new album from American-based group the Bloody Hollies

Bloody Hollies (2012)

Yours Until the Bitter End
Furious combination of garage, punk, blues and rock on fifth album from Buffalo, New York-based band, the Bloody Hollies

Buffalo Killers (2007)

Buffalo Killers
Ambitous-sounding garage rock on first album from the Buffalo Killers, the new band of Zachary and Andrew Gabbard from Thee Shams

Buffalo Killers (2011)

Beautiful-sounding, but unchallenging retro country rock on third album from Ohio-based band, Buffalo Killers

Buffalo Killers (2012)

Dig. Sow. Love. Grow.
Versatile combination of blues rock and psychedelia on fourth album from Ohio-based trio, the Buffalo Killers

Datura4 (2019)

Blessed is the Boogie
Fantastic potential breakthrough third album from Western Australian psychedelic-blues act Datura4

Doris Duke (2013)

I'm a Loser
Superb reissue of 1969 album from Georgia-born soul singer Doris Duke, which while considered by many to be the greatest Deep Soul album of all time, has remained little heard after its original label Canyon went bust

GospelbeacH (2016)

Pacific Surf Line
Warm and sunny Californian folk rock on debut album from super-group, GospelbeacH

GospelbeacH (2017)

Another Summer of Love
Classy new record from West Coast revisionists GospelbeacH who celebrate summer with an impressive second album

GospelbeacH (2018)

Another Winter Alive CD
Appealing collection of outtakes, unreleased and live recordings from Californian rockers GospelbeacH

GospelbeacH (2019)

Let It Burn
Shimmering Southern Californian classic rock on long-awaited latest album from GospelbeacH

Handsome Jack (2014)

Do What Comes Naturally
Fantastic blues/soul rock on second album from Buffalo, New York-based group, Handsome Jack

Hollis Brown (2013)

Ride on the Train
Infectious country-blues and soul on debut album from New York-based group, Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown (2014)

Gets Loaded
Unnecessary and pointless remake of the Velvet Underground’s final album ‘Loaded’ from New York rockers, Hollis Brown

Jack Lee (2016)

Bigger Than Life
Fascinating and essential compilation which combines together both the solo albums released by Jack Lee, the singer and guitarist in legendary power pop trio the Nerves, in the 1980s

John The Conqueror (2013)

John The Conqueror
Breathtaking blues on debut album from Mississippi-based trio, John the Conqueror

John The Conqueror (2014)

The Good Life
Upbeat combination of southern rock, punk, blues and soul on second album from Mississipi trio, John the Conqueror

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires (2012)

There is a Bomb in Gilead
Unique Southern country rock on debut album from Alabama-based group, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

Left Lane Cruiser and James Leg (2012)

Unsettling and deranged, but oddly compelling collection of blues covers on joint album from punk blues duo Left Lane Cruiser and Black Diamond Heavies vocalist and keyboardist James Leg

Lightnin' Slim (2013)

High and Low Down
Gritty final album from Louisiana blues legend Lightnin’ Slim, which, recorded in 1974 and the year of his death, has just been re-released

Lonesome Shack (2014)

More Primitive
Superb lo-fi and stripped-down blues on breathtaking third album from Seattle-based trio, Lonesome Shack

Nathaniel Mayer (2009)

Why Won't You Let Me Be Black?
Poignant and brief final album from soul giant Nathaniel Mayer, who after years of living in relative obscurity had his career start to go through a revival shortly before his death last year

Outrageous Cherry (2010)

Seemingly Solid Reality
Compelling merging of 60's psychedelic rock and indie pop on latest album from Detroit rockers, Outrageous Cherry

Paul Collins (2014)

Feel the Noise
Exhilarating power pop on new solo album from former Nerves and Breakaways drummer-turned-guitarist, Paul Collins

Radio Moscow (2011)

The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz
Superb third album from Akron, Ohio-based blues rock band Radio Moscow, who take the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Cream and completely refresh them

Radio Moscow (2014)

Magical Dirt
Fiery retro-rock on excellent fifth album from American 70’s revivalists, Radio Moscow

Raw Spitt (2013)

Raw Spitt
Definitive reissue of 1970 eponymous debut album from Raw Spitt, the pseudonym for New York-based soul musician Charlie Whitehead, which was produced by the legendary Swamp Dogg and which comes with five extra tracks

Sandra Phillips (2013)

Too Many People in One Bed
Excellent reissue of soul artist Sandra Phillips' Swamp Dogg-produced little-heard only album, which was originally released in 1970

Scott Morgan (2010)

Scott Morgan
Fine combination of garage rock, prog, soul and blues on debut solo album from former Sonic's Rendezvous Band singer Scott Morgan

Swamp Dogg (2015)

The White Man Made Me Do It
Excellent new album from often controversial soul artist Swamp Dogg, which comes with a 'best of' compilation from his back catalogue

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (2001)

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant are four sharp dressers from Japan playing rock’n’roll that echoes all the right kinds of music — early Who, The Damned, Blue Cheer and pub rock. They’ve been colonising th

T-Model Ford (2010)

The Ladies Man
Sprightly-sounding blues on new album from T-Model Ford, who was in his 70s before he started playing music

Trainwreck Riders (2007)

Lonely Road Revival
Flawed, but promising debut album from shambling San Francisco-based indie rock quartet, Trainwreck Riders

Trainwreck Riders (2009)

The Perch
Off-kilter, but welcoming country pop on third album from San Francisco-based group, the Trainwreck Riders

Waves of Fury (2013)

Wonderful debut album from Somerset-based five-piece Waves of Fury, who combine together a 50's rock and roll sound with 60's Motown influences

Wolfmoon (2013)

Uneven but ultimately appealing first ever reissue of 1969 Swamp Dogg-produced and written Southern soul/funk from Richmond, Virginia-based singer, Wolfmoon

ZZ Hill (2013)

The Brand New ZZ Hill
Excellent reissue of classic 1971 album from late Texan-born soul singer and legend, ZZ Hill

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